How are the lungs arranged and how is the respiratory process carried out?

How are the lungs arranged? This question interests many people. We all know perfectly well that this organ is necessary for us to breathe and consume vital oxygen. However, how does all this happen? Hardly anyone can answer. Well, it is necessary to understand this.

how are the lungs arranged

Breathing process

So, explaining how the lungs are arranged, it is first of all to tell about the implementation of the respiratory process. The air first enters the nasal cavity( through the nostrils), where it is heated to the required temperature and cleared of dust and other particles. Then he finds himself in the larynx. It is a cavity surrounded on both sides by vocal cords. Then the air goes through the trachea, the bronchi and then it goes directly to the lungs.

Well, here, in principle, how the lungs are arranged. Separately, they can be considered as an organ, of course, but it is not without reason that they enter the single respiratory system, in which they are the main component.

how are the lungs of man

Structure of

And now directly about how the lungs are arranged. They are in the chest cavity, in close proximity to the heart. To be precise, on either side of it. Both the heart and lungs are protected by the sternum and ribs, that is, the chest. Below is the aperture. This is the name of the special muscular septum, which has the form of a dome. It is she who separates the thoracic cavity from the abdominal cavity.

But that we had a full opportunity to breathe, more chest volume is needed. To do this, the respiratory muscles are designed, which are located between the ribs. They move apart at the moment when the diaphragm is lowered. Thus, air enters the lungs. And when a person exhales, the diaphragm returns to its usual state, like the ribs that press the lungs. This is how the air is pushed back.

The lightest external ones are like a cone with a downwardly directed base. Each organ is covered with a pleura consisting of 2 layers. Between them, by the way, there is little fluid. All this structure is a kind of protection of the lungs.

how are the lungs arranged briefly

Components of the body

Now it is worth to talk in more detail about how the lungs of a person are arranged. So, their main are the bronchi, which with their branches are similar to a tree. Such a form is not just for them. Bronchi are a "skeleton" for pulmonary soft tissues. Because of this specific species they are called a bronchial tree.

If we talk about how the lungs are arranged, briefly, then we can say: there are only two of them, and each is divided into parts. There are two of them in the left lung, and three in the right lung. Shares are also divided into small cells. They are really miniature - no more than 25 mm in length and 15 mm in width. Bronchi are divided into bronchioles, which, in turn, consist of alveoli. These are tiny "bags".Their structure is connective tissue and fibers that have the ability to contract and stretch. A lot of components, as you can see. By the way, in both lungs there are about 800 million( !) Of notorious alveoli. It is in them that air gets inhaled by a person. But before that, it will go a long way through all the components that have been described above. Through the alveoli, oxygen is found in the blood. And then the reverse process begins - the release of light carbon dioxide.