Tendinosis - what is it? Treatment of tendinitis

A variety of joint diseases in our time is difficult to call a rarity. Tendonosis is considered one of the most dangerous and unpleasant diseases of the joints, so its treatment should be dealt with from the first days of inflammation.

Anyone who respects and follows his or her health should know the symptoms and ways of treating a disease such as tendonitis. What is it, how to deal with it and much more - especially for you in this article.

Tendinosis is what?

Tendonosis and its causes

Tendonosis is a serious disease characterized by inflammatory processes of the muscular ligaments and surrounding tissues.

Especially often, such inflammations occur in football players, bodybuilders, basketball players and other athletes, as well as among the elderly( from 40 years).Sometimes the cause of tendonitis is old injuries and bruises.

In the event that an athlete does not keep a balance between training and rest, the appearance of such injuries is considered normal. With a sharp weakening of immunity, the likelihood of injury is very high, so doctors do not recommend sports. Curvature of posture, strangely enough, can also cause a disease with tendonosis, so we recommend that you follow it.

If you wear uncomfortable shoes, the probability of inflammation of the major muscles of the legs is doubled. Choose not only beautiful, but also comfortable shoes, because you can easily earn tendonosis of the knee joint.

Tendinosis: treatment

Symptoms of tendonosis

Tendonitis( tendonosis) is easiest to cure at the initial stage of the development of inflammation. To do this, you need to know the main symptoms of the disease, which will help you at home to make your own diagnosis.

So, among the symptoms of this disease are the following:

  • discomfort during movement( for example, pain in the shoulder, indicating tendonosis of the shoulder joint);
  • pain during palpation;
  • change the appearance of the skin located on the inflamed joint;
  • incessant pains in the place of injury, intensifying towards the night.

And do you know that one of the most unpleasant inflammations is a hip joint tendinosis, whose treatment can last from one to several months?

Types of tendonosis

Specialists share tendonitis on several of the most common types:

  1. Inflammation of the knee joint.
  2. Inflammation of the shoulder joint.
  3. Tendonitis of the pelvic joint, which, in turn, is divided into three more subspecies:
  • tendonosis of the adductor muscle;
  • of the lumbar muscle;
  • of the escaping muscles.

If you are not an expert, and the question "Tendinosis - what it is" excruciates daily, then this article is especially for you.

It is interesting to know: tendonitis of the shoulder joint is most often due to an incorrect distribution of stress on a person, that is, the irrational use of physical labor.

Tendonosis of the shoulder joint

Treatment of tendinitis

Experts do not recommend self-treatment of inflammation of one or another joint, but many resort to this. Specially for such people, a few of the most famous folk remedies for self-treatment of tendonosis will be presented a little lower.

Of course, it is better to contact a traumatologist with your injury, because the doctor will be able to choose for you an individual course of joint restoration.

And now your attention is offered a few tips that will help to get rid of the tumor faster.

At the first stages of the disease it is necessary to provide the injured part of the body with complete peace. Regularly cool the inflamed joint, and in no case forget to put tight bandages on the injury.

Tendonosis of the knee joint

If the injury was originally started by the patient, you will have to resort to more effective actions. Firstly, it is recommended that you register with physiotherapy. Secondly, the doctor should prescribe to you drugs that will be injected into your body with injections right at the hospital. Be aware that anti-inflammatory drugs will ease the pain in the joint.

Do not forget that therapy at each stage of treatment is prescribed only by your doctor. It turns out that tendonosis, whose treatment takes a minimum of a month, can become a chronic disease.

Tendonosis of the elbow joint

Most often, tennis players and people who have an active role in life suffer from this disease.

Unpleasant sensations in the elbow area occur during periods of severe physical activity. Pain is felt from the outer or inner side of the injured elbow.

If you strongly start this inflammation, a person can not do anything with his hand. Roughly speaking, it will be impossible even to raise the mug.

Wrist tendonitis

This type of inflammation is typical for copywriters, pianists, that is, people who work with the fingers.

Pain in this situation appears only in the place of the injured finger, but it gives closer to the area of ​​the elbow. If there are any serious complications, the motor and sensitive function of a person can be disturbed.

Folk remedies for tendonitis

In essence, tendonosis - what is it? This is an unpleasant disease, as a result of which inflammation of the joint occurs. Of course, this inflammation is not fatal, but sometimes the patient has to suffer a crazy pain. And all this is due to the fact that the person did not go to the doctor on time or did not engage in self-medication.

Therapeutic baths

With the help of baths with salt, not only tendonosis is treated, but even more well-known diseases of the hip joint. For home treatment, you will need one kilogram of salt, two tubers of Jerusalem artichoke, some pine branches and 4-6 grams of turpentine turpentine.

To begin with, chop the tubers of Jerusalem artichoke, add them to hot water with all the other ingredients. Stir well. Wait for the salt to dissolve completely in the bath with water. Take a bath.

After taking a healing bath, apply an iodine screen to the injury site, top it off with honey. Use a film to wrap your arm and bandage it for a while. Perform this procedure every day for 10-20 days. Tendonosis of the hip joint: treatment


You need 50 grams of fresh mint and as many grams of eucalyptus leaves to make ointment from peppermint. Both ingredients must be crushed with a knife. Mix the two dry mixtures, then add 50 milliliters of aloe juice. Stir thoroughly several times.

Injured place should be lubricated 3 times a day until the ointment is finished.

Turnip ointment with honey

So, you need 100 grams of turnips, passed through a meat grinder. To the gruel of turnip you need to add 100 grams of fresh flower honey and 50 milliliters of vodka or ordinary alcohol. tendonosis of the shoulder joint

Mix thoroughly and bring the mixture to a homogeneous state. The resulting ointment should be rubbed 3-4 times a day for a week. If in a week the pain does not disappear, continue treatment.

So, now you know all about tendinosis - what it is, what methods of treatment can be used for this disease.