"Perfectil Trichologica": reviews and instructions for use

Incorrect nutrition, inadequate sleep, adverse environmental conditions - all these factors affect the condition of the hair. They become brittle and dull, start to fall out. To correct a situation special shampoos and dear or expensive masks can not. Such drugs have a short-term effect. To affect the condition of the hair, you need to work on them from the inside. For this purpose, the specialists offer Perfectil Trichologica.

Healthy hair is the key to a woman's success!

Based on numerous pharmacological studies, scientists have developed a completely new drug. It combines the optimal set of microelements that are necessary for human health. The probability of counteracting the components of the vitamin complex is excluded. It consists of folic acid, magnesium, zinc. These elements are responsible for beautiful and healthy curls. perfectil trichologic

"Perfectil Trichologica", unlike many analogues, has a specific application purpose. First of all, the drug is recommended for women suffering from hair loss. A positive effect can also be estimated by pregnant women. After all, this category of the fair sex more often than others is faced with the problem of dryness and dullness of hair.

Composition and useful properties

The preparation is characterized by a balanced composition. The vitamins, minerals and plant extracts present in it have a wide spectrum of action:

  1. Group B vitamins and iron contribute to the production of hemoglobin. They improve the metabolism and nutrition of the scalp. These substances accelerate microcirculation in the surface of the surface vessels.
  2. Vitamins E, C, beta-carotene have a pronounced antioxidant effect. They protect the skin from the effects of unfavorable factors. For hair these substances are especially necessary, as they accelerate their growth and prevent alopecia.
  3. Silicon and zinc are responsible for metabolism in connective tissues. These components improve the condition of nails, as well as hair.
  4. Plant extracts of bark of pine, green tea and burdock have a wound-healing effect. In addition, they are responsible for the appearance of hair and skin.

Folic acid, shark cartilage, coenzyme Q10, lycopene, maltodextrin - these substances are also included in the vitamin complex "Perfectil Trichologica".The composition of the drug with a detailed list of dosage components can be studied on the packaging. It goes on sale in a tablet form. In one pack - 60 pills. Perfectil trichologic composition

Recommendations for the use of vitamins "Perfectil Tricholodic"

Instruction informs that this preparation has antioxidant, dermatoprotective and healing properties. Its use prevents hair loss and helps to strengthen their structure. The vitamin complex belongs to medicinal products and "works" at the cellular level. Its components quickly dissolve in the blood. Then the substances enter the follicles. As a result, the cells are fully nourished and constantly updated, which helps to improve hair growth.

The effectiveness of this drug has been proven by numerous clinical trials. Cosmetologists, dermatologists and trichologists recommend "Perfectil Trichologica" in the following cases:

  • to accelerate the growth of hair, nails;
  • treatment of alopecia;
  • skin diseases;
  • increased dryness of hair;
  • slowing down the physiological aging of the skin.

Before using the drug, consult a physician. No matter how sincere the feedback about its use is, self-medication should not be dealt with. The body of each person is very unique. Therefore, the effects of self-administration of vitamins can be most surprising. Vitamins Perfectil trichologic

Dosage regimen

How to take Perfectil Trichologica? Instruction for use warns that the course of treatment should not exceed 30 days. After further examination, the use of the drug can be resumed.

It is important to check the shelf life before you start. The vitamin complex is suitable for three years. Overdue vitamins will not give the desired effect, and in the worst case, they will seriously damage health. The scheme of reception is simple enough: once a day, one tablet after a meal. There is no need to chew the pills, you can drink them with water. It is preferable to take vitamins in the morning, after a full breakfast. If for any reason you prefer to skip the first meal, transfer the "treatment" for lunch. An empty stomach may not respond best to a pill. Perfectil Trichologica user guide

Contraindications and side effects of

Despite the regenerating properties, Perfectil Trichologica has several contraindications to the use. In the presence of hypersensitivity to the components of the complex and hypervitaminosis, the instruction recommends replacing it with an analog. This drug is not recommended for people with allergies to seafood. With extreme caution, it should be taken in combination with other vitamin complexes, biologically active additives.

Information on overdose has no abstract to vitamins. It is not excluded the occurrence of nausea and vomiting, dizziness. If these symptoms appear, you should seek medical help and stop taking the complex. perfection trichologic instruction

The cost of the preparation

Vitamins "Perfectil Trichologica" are an expensive drug. The price for one packing of tablets can vary from 1000 to 1500 rubles. The high cost is due to the rich composition and wide spectrum of action of the components on the whole organism. The drug is used to treat many problems, from alopecia to acceleration of wound healing on the skin.

Opinion of consumers

What do women say about vitamins "Perfectil Trichologica"?Reviews in most cases characterize the drug on the positive side. The body is quickly restored, markedly accelerated hair growth. The first results are noticeable within a week from the beginning of the admission, and the effect persists for several months. If you are tired of painful and fragile hair, ask for help to the vitamin complex "Perfectil Trichologica".

Reviews with negative coloration are usually caused by side effects. Many women note that a few hours after taking the pill appears nausea. However, this symptom does not appear in everyone. perfectil trichologic reviews


The most important mistake of those who suffer from alopecia and tries to cope with this problem by any means is external treatment. In such situations, vitamin therapy is considered to be the most effective. If you choose the right medicine for treatment, you can achieve the desired results and forget about alopecia forever.