How to apply goose fat from cough?

Treatment of cough, other ailments of the lungs and bronchi should be complex. After all, there are no magic means that give a quick recovery. Goose fat from cough is considered an effective tool that has a complex effect. With him it will not only get rid of the common cold, but also strengthen the body. It is used by adults and children.

The benefits of

The therapeutic properties of goose fat for cough are associated with its balanced composition. The product is enriched with a complex of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. They are necessary for the proper operation of all organs, and they will also be cured of coughing. These complexes have the following action:

  1. Treatment of inflammation and allergies. This function is performed by linolenic and stearic acids. With them, the severity of symptoms decreases, the work of the respiratory system is facilitated.
  2. Elimination of harmful bacteria due to which a cough appeared. This property is carried out by palmitic acid.
  3. The product is consi
    dered to be an antioxidant. Presence of vitamins and useful amino acids in it improve the work of cells and reduce hypoxic manifestations.
  4. Strengthening immunity. This function is performed by arachidonic acid. With it, the immune reactions are restored, the tissues that have been infected or traumatized sooner heal.

goose fat from cough

The vitamins and other valuable elements in the medicine help to strengthen the vessels, to maintain the stability of the cell membranes. Components are needed for normal immunity, which is so necessary for coughing and other ailments of the respiratory system. Useful properties of goose fat for coughing allow for a short time to improve the patient's condition.

Where can I find this product?

Goose fat is found in large numbers in the subcutaneous layers of the bird. Raw, it is solid, but in a vaporized state it is liquid and looks like olive oil, which simplifies its combination with other components.

goose fat curing properties for coughing

This folk medicine has a yellow color. You can buy the product at the pharmacy, where it is sold in special containers. Buying such a tool, you need to look at the composition and shelf life. Although it is stored for a long time and withstands different temperatures, it is necessary to choose a fresh, non-expired product.

You can also make goose fat yourself for cough. For this, it is necessary to separate the subcutaneous fat of the goose carcass. The cut fatty tissue must be heated with a water bath for 3-4 hours. Then the melted product is cooled and used for medicinal purposes.

External application of

How is goose fat from cough applied externally? This is done as follows:

  1. The product is used for grinding. This is a great way of warming, helping to get rid of a wet and dry cough. The rubbing is carried out even to infants, since the remedy is harmless.
  2. For better effect, a little vodka is added to the fat, after which the product is rubbed into the chest or back. Then the processed part of the body should be wrapped in a warm product and just lie down for half an hour.
  3. Goose fat for coughing is recommended to be mixed with beeswax. The finished product is used for grinding. Fat and wax are mixed in a ratio of 4: 1.This results in a homogeneous composition. Fat can be heated a little.

properties of goose fat for coughing

Internal use of

Goose fat from cough is also used for internal use. It is combined with other components. The additive is a lemon decoction or onion. To prepare the product with onions, it is necessary to mix a little fats and a chopped vegetable. There is no clear proportion, everything is added at its discretion. A medication is taken on an empty stomach or for 6 hours after dinner.

To obtain a useful drug from lemon decoction, you need a ripe fruit, which must be checked for 15 minutes. The volume of water should be taken such that about 300 ml of broth came out. After its readiness is added 3 tbsp.l.fat, after which the components are thoroughly mixed. The medicine is taken 3 times a day for 1 tbsp.l.before eating. But on an empty stomach it should not be used, because lemon juice negatively affects the stomach. So it is recommended to take goose fat from an adult cough.

For children

It is useful for children and goose fat from coughing. Parents' reviews confirm the excellent effectiveness of the product. It is used in the form of compresses and rubbing, as well as edible. Outwardly, you can use melted fat. It is applied by rubbing movements on the neck and thorax.

It is allowed to use goose fat when coughing with vodka( 50 g of fat mixed with 2 tablespoons of vodka) if the cold is strong. After the procedure, the child should be covered with a warm blanket. There are more effective ways - ingestion, but most children refuse them.

Nevertheless, the following remedy is to taste:

  1. Fat.
  2. Aloe juice.
  3. Cocoa powder.
  4. Med.

All these components in the same amount must be mixed and put on a weak fire, stirring regularly. The product must be brought to a homogeneous mass. The therapeutic drug( 1 tsp) is added to warm milk( 1 cup).Take it 2 times a day - in the mornings and evenings. goose fat for cough application

It should be borne in mind that for children under 3 years of goose fat, internal use is contraindicated. They can perform compresses and rubbing. For outdoor use, fat is allowed only in its pure form. Add alcohol or vodka is not worth it either.

Where to use?

Goose fat is used in various areas. Most of all, he is in demand in cooking and medicine. The therapeutic effect of the product interested and beauticians. If you consider the medical field, the fat is used when:

  1. Colds, coughs, lung and bronchial diseases.
  2. Purulent inflammation of the skin, psoriasis, eczema.
  3. Thrombophlebitis.
  4. Hemorrhoids.
  5. Tuberculosis.
  6. Pneumonia.

noisy fat and coughing

Due to its medicinal properties, goose fat is used in the fight against female diseases( mastitis, infertility), depression, severe irritability. The product is appreciated in cosmetology, as it protects against:

  1. Dry skin.
  2. Hair loss.
  3. Early aging of the skin.

But with advanced forms of diseases, not only goose fat is used. It is necessary to undergo examination and consult a doctor who will prescribe effective treatment.


The natural product has almost no contraindications and no adverse effects. But all the same, the medicine has some limitations. Do not use the product for those with elevated cholesterol and a tendency to atherosclerosis. Of the other contraindications, the following are distinguished:

  1. People with excessive weight should carefully take the product.
  2. Children under 3 years of age should not be given fat for internal use.
  3. For children from 3 years of age, the dosage should not be more than ¼ tsp a day.
  4. Since 7 years, 1 tsp.product in laziness. But it is necessary to take into account the health of the child: if there are problems with the heart and blood vessels, excess weight or high cholesterol, goose fat should be used only after consultation with the doctor at the dosages prescribed by him.

goose fat from coughing to children reviews

Folk remedies with goose fat are very effective if you correctly prepare them and take them by prescription. It is worth remembering that warming compresses and rubbing on coughing are contraindicated at high body temperature. In any case, you should not abuse self-medication. Preliminary need to consult with a specialist.