Individual cap for snoring: instructions for use, features, effectiveness and feedback

Snoring is a very common problem, and the question of how to deal with it, excites everyone - and those who make these loud guttural sounds, and those who hear them all the time. And the second part of people would like to find a solution to the problem as quickly as possible. It's almost impossible to sleep next to a snoring person.

kapa from snoring

When no tricks help - turn a person to one side, close your nose, pinch and manipulate others, you have to look for additional help, otherwise a bad dream will lead to even more serious problems. Do not forget that an aesthetically snoring person looks completely unattractive.

One of the most effective varinaks - a capa from snoring, this device is selected individually after consulting a doctor.

Briefly about the occurrence of the phenomenon

Snoring is a guttural sound that is produced by a sleeping person. It appears when the muscles of the sky, tongue and pharynx are too relaxed, the passage of air through them is accompanied by a strong vibration. Sometimes it is almost not audible, but often there are loud sounds that prevent people from sleeping.

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From time to time every person can snore in a dream, regardless of age. In this case, one should not even ask about the disposal of this phenomenon. However, when it repeats from night to night, something must be urgently decided. The person himself can sleep badly or not sleep at all because of snoring, over time his nervous system weakens, there is chronic fatigue from lack of sleep, and subsequently - depression and stress. Some people have never faced such a problem, for others it is a real torture.

Causes of snoring

Anything that can cause relaxation of the larynx muscles, causes snoring. This is alcohol intoxication or chronic fatigue. Of the other pathological causes,

  • is distinguished by an abnormal nasopharyngeal structure;
  • curvature of nasal septums;
  • obesity;
  • polyps in the nose;
  • congenital anomalies;
  • adenoids;
  • malignant formation;
  • taking certain medicines.

This problem will be solved in any case after the exact cause of its occurrence is established.

Methods of elimination of snoring. Capa

Today there are quite a lot of drugs, both medicinal and mechanical, eliminating annoying sound, among which the most popular was the kapa from snoring.

capa against snoring

If the disease is not a sign of disease and serious health problems, the question is only about eliminating the loud sound. The use of kapa can effectively deal with the problem. This is a special plastic product, worn on the lower jaw and tongue. As noted, a characteristic sound appears due to weakened muscles of the tongue and pharynx. Capa against snoring strengthens their tone, thus preventing the appearance of vibration. It releases air in the larynx.

Such devices are manufactured individually, so their cost will be higher than other means. The use of internal devices has long proved its effectiveness. Before use, you must visit the dentist's office. The doctor, having inspected the oral cavity, in the absence of contraindications, adjusts the kapa.


  • dropping, loose teeth;
  • bleeding gums;
  • bite defect( pronounced).

Before adjustment, the device is disinfected in a special solution, placed in hot water, then cooled. Then the fitting is done. The patient eats the kapa to correct the position of the tender jaw in order to avoid an incorrect bite. After that, the cap from the snoring still remains in the oral cavity until the material hardens. If the bite has been made incorrectly, it is easy to correct due to the flexibility of the product.

kapa from snoring price

The whole procedure takes half an hour maximum, on the same day you can already use the device.

How does the cap work?

There is nothing complicated and dangerous in the mechanism of operation of the device. It pushes forward the lower jaw slightly, opening the airways. This makes it possible to normalize the flow of air to the lungs. And the main task that the kapa performs is to prevent the displacement of the lower jaw in a dream. After the snatch from snoring is established, the patients' reviews are mostly positive. Remember that the procedure should be carried out by specialists.

The product is manufactured in such a way that, with closed jaws, a person can breathe freely through special holes. Swallow a cap in a dream or bite off a piece is impossible.

It is completely safe to use, made of environmentally friendly, durable plastic. It has no smell and taste, its installation does not require surgical intervention. It is important to understand the process that occurs while wearing a kapa, so as not to wait for an instant result. The jaw must get used to a new position, this takes an average of 20-30 days.

Instruction for use

As far as is known, a snoring person is not only a source of unpleasant loud sound annoying and interfering with sleep. Such an ailment can indicate serious pathological processes. Individual snoring from snoring is designed so that it can provide reliable fixation in the mouth without additional devices, devices or straps.

individual cape from snoring

Stand-alone installation:

  • the product is placed in a jar with hot water( 70-80 ° C), holds there for 20 seconds;
  • gently shakes off excess water;
  • with the help of a special cap holder is placed in the oral cavity;
  • on the product is pressed from all sides until the device takes a clear shape of each tooth.

The effectiveness of the

device There are several factors that affect how useful a snipe against snoring is. The effectiveness depends:

  • on the type of the cap;
  • from the causes that caused snoring and apnea.

The dentist appoints a test cap, which is worn by the patient for two weeks. The simplest product is on a silicone base. At the end of this period, a breath test is carried out in the sleep, where the number of breaths / expiratory stops per hour is estimated. If the readings are lowered, then wearing the device will be effective, and then an individual kapa is manufactured.


  • light weight and size;
  • affordable cost.


  • at first feels uncomfortable;
  • reduction of space in the oral cavity for the tongue;
  • soft caps are short-lived;
  • change in the form of the temporomandibular joint.

Silicone products

The most simple and inconvenient. They are used as a test case or when it is not possible to purchase a more expensive product.

Individual, non-adjustable

Are made from individual teeth, accurately repeating their shape. This method reduces the load on the teeth due to uniform pressure and tight fit.

Individual adjustable

The best option, the adjustment function allows you to customize the product at your own discretion for convenience. Such a kapa against snoring reviews has won exceptionally positive. It is the most effective for treatment. Before its manufacture the procedure of neuromuscular diagnosis is performed.

capa against snoring efficacy

This device is considered a relatively new way to get rid of rohnopathy in Russia, but this technique has long proved its effectiveness abroad. The essence lies in the constant use of the intraoral device, which is put directly on the jaw.


When using a device such as a cape from snoring, feedback from users leaves a very inconsistent, but positive opinions still more. Probably, the negative is connected with carelessness of the patients who buy and use the device without consulting a doctor and preliminary examination. After all, only after examination by a specialist you can understand whether there are any contraindications to this method of treatment.

There are opinions among users that this device does not help at all. In most cases, it is noted the inconvenience of wearing it.

Many people share positive feedback, saying that the problem completely disappears in 2-3 weeks, and the kapa itself does not cause inconveniences and discomfort. Describing the negative cases, when used kapa from snoring, reviews of some users mention bleeding gums. If such symptoms are observed, then it is necessary to remove the device, disinfect it in a special solution, wipe it dry and put it on again when the gums stop being ill. If the situation has not improved, then you need to go to the doctor.

Side effects of

Others, on the contrary, note that only this way they were able to escape from the ailment, and inconveniences arise only at the first time. Capa from snoring, as noted by users, is a very necessary device on business trips, on a visit, in nature or on vacation. Of the side effects and discomforts can be the following:

  • slight dryness in the mouth;
  • increased salivation.

This occurs in the first few days, during the adaptation period, and after a week all symptoms disappear.

capa against snoring reviews

Sold device in any pharmacy, you can also buy a kapu in a specialized medical center, in which they will carry out the installation. The average cost of adaptation is 3-5 thousand rubles. If you offer a kapa from snoring, the price of which is lower, this is a sure sign of forgery.