The best analogue of "Cationorma".Reviews and prices

All medicines have active substances. Drugs can be called completely differently, but at the same time include the same composition. In this case they will be considered analogues. Also, some drugs have the same principle of action, have a similar effect, but their active substances are different. Nevertheless, such drugs are also recognized as interchangeable. Today's article will tell you about the analogue of "Cationorma".You will learn about what kind of preparation it is and what means it can be replaced.

analog cationorm

Description of the original medicine

Eye drops "Cationorm" are released in a volume of 10 milliliters. It is worth such a quantity of the drug about 700 rubles. The action of the drug is to moisten the mucous surface of the eye. Apply the drug one drop to 4 times a day. Contraindicated use it only with increased sensitivity to the constituent components, among which are described the following:

  • mineral oils;
  • tyloxapol:
  • glycerol;
  • tris;
  • tsetalkoniya chloride;
  • poloxamer;
  • water.

Drops can be used in conjunction with contact lenses. The drug protects the eyes from drying out, prevents fatigue, visual impairment due to external factors.

The current opinion of

Many consumers praise the Cationorm medicine. They say that the medicine quickly helps to cope with the sensation of sand in the eyes. After its application discomfort and burning sensation disappears. At the same time, one can hear from patients about the high cost of medication. Indeed, eye drops are not cheap. But what can you do if you can not do without them? It's very simple: choose analog "Cationorma".It is recommended that you consult your doctor in advance. Consider the main options by which you can replace an expensive tool.

Preparation "DEFISLES"

cationormal price

Eye drops "DEFISLES" are sold without a prescription. They are available in vials of 10 milliliters, as well as the original remedy. It is worth an average of 60 rubles. As you can see, this is less than 10 times that of the original medication. Do not use these drops for hypersensitivity and burn the cornea.

Reviews say that these drops restore the integrity of the tear film, they moisturize and soften. The drug also protects the eye when it comes to reduced secretion of the eye fluid. The composition of drops contains hypromellose. The disadvantage of the drug, according to consumers, is that it can not be used for a long time and simultaneously with contact lenses. Also, drops blunt vision, which can be fraught with drivers of vehicles.

Drops "Artelak"

oxy instruction price

The next analogue of "Cationorm" is the preparation "Artelak".It costs about 750 rubles for 10 milliliters of drops. This is even more expensive than the original medicine. The composition contains hypromellose and cellulose. It would seem that this is an absolute alternative to the previous( cheap) medicine. But if you listen to the patients' feedback, you can learn a lot of interesting things.

Unlike the drug "Defislez", eye drops "Artelak" can be used for a long time. Also during the treatment, the wearing of contact lenses is not prohibited. Consumers say that, on the contrary, the medicine eliminates the effect of a dry eye during the use of such aids that improve vision. The attention of patients is drawn to the fact that Arlélac drops are not used in children. Also, the instruction recommends to refrain from driving until the visual clarity is restored after the application of the solution( usually up to 10 minutes).

Popular "Vizin - pure tear"

drops of artelac

What else can I choose an analog?"Cationorm" can be replaced by all the famous "Vizin".It is important only to choose the right subtype of this remedy. Once it is a question of a moisturizing effect and the creation of a protective film on the surface of the eye, it is worth giving preference to the medicine "Vizin - a clean tear".It contains mannitol, polysaccharides, sodium hydrogen phosphate and dihydrogen phosphate, as well as water. The standard volume of 10 milliliters costs about 600 rubles.

Reviews about the drops "Vizin - pure tears" say that they can be used for a long time. Plus the medicine is that it does not contain preservatives. But that's why you can not store it for long. The drug is as close as possible to the natural human tear. The possibility of using contact lenses at the same time in the instructions does not say anything. But many consumers use the medicine when wearing them.

"Oxial": instruction

eye drops cationorms

The price of this drug is on average 500 rubles per bottle of 10 milliliters. It contains boric acid and the sodium salt of hyaluronic acid. The drug is designed to remove dryness and irritation, which appear due to external factors. This medication is also used to relieve the condition when wearing contact lenses. The instruction recommends applying 1-2 drops as needed, unless another regimen was prescribed by the doctor.

Reviews of the drug say that it should be used within 60 days. If during this time you did not complete the vial, then the rests should be discarded. This is quite uneconomical, since the price of the drops is high. It is known that medication can not be used simultaneously with other eye preparations. This can lead to a decrease in the effect of a particular substance.

"System Ultra"

Due to the fact that the drug "Cationorm" price is very high, you can purchase a more affordable tool. For example, a solution of Systein Ultra. Its cost is in the range of 150-200 rubles for 5 mono-doses of 0.7 milliliters each. The bottle containing 3 milliliters of the drug will cost you 200 rubles. The composition of the drops contains polyethylene glycol and propylene glycol, boric acid and sodium chloride, hydrochloric acid and water.

Reviews say that this medicine can be used within two months after opening - it's economical, unlike other means. The medicine perfectly moisturizes the surface of the eye, it removes the feeling of dryness. In addition, the drug can be applied directly to contact lenses. This application eliminates discomfort and maintains the pH of the mucous membrane.

eye drops deafisle

Best analog: comparative characteristic of

What is the analogue of "Cationorma" that can be called the best one? If you judge from the feedback of consumers, then all the medicines presented are doing their job well. The "Systemin Ultra" means is considered to be economical, since it can be stored for a longer time than others. If you think that the "Cationorm" price is too high, then buy an inexpensive "DEFISLES".Before you give preference to any drug, be sure to consult a doctor. The doctor will give you individual recommendations, which will help you decide the choice.