Tablets "Postinor" - an emergency contraceptive

Not always a woman has the opportunity to take care of safe sexual contact. Unfortunately, in practice, violence against the fairer sex is still common. Unprotected sex can lead not only to sexually transmitted diseases, but also to unwanted pregnancy. As a tool for emergency contraception pill "Postinor."The effect of the drug is effective only in the first three days after sexual intercourse, reception at later dates does not work.

What is Postinor?

Tablets "Postinor" refer to postcoital contraceptives, that is, drugs taken in emergency cases. They are categorically forbidden to use as a preparation for contraception without sufficient grounds. The risk of side effects is too great. The effect of the contraceptive is based on the hormonal effect on the woman's body of a synthetic analogue of one of the specific hormones. The essence of it is to prevent the strengthening of a fertilized egg on the walls of the uterus. In medicine, this effect is called an anti-implantation effect. The effect is achieved only if the tablet was taken before the strengthening of the egg. Otherwise, pregnancy does develop. They have tablets from pregnancy "Postinor" and their own name in Latin. In pharmacology, it is used to refer to the active substance underlying the drug. So, active substance in postinore is levonorgestrel. It is an analog of the natural female hormone - progesterone, synthesized in the laboratory.

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How do I use the Postinor birth control pills?

The first 750 mg tablet a woman should take no later than 48 hours after sexual intercourse. Allowed to take the drug within 72 hours, but the effect in this case is not guaranteed. In addition, after 12 hours, you should take a second dose of 750 mg. Tablets "Postinor" can not be consumed more than once in a single menstrual cycle. Some instructions state that their use should be limited to 4 tablets per month.

Tablets from pregnancy "Postinor" - are there any consequences?

Postinor refers to hormonal drugs, so it can be used only in the most urgent cases. Levonorgestrel can cause serious hormonal disorders in the body and other side effects. Among such consequences can be: dizziness, pain in the uterine region, vomiting, disruption of the digestive system, as well as symptoms of malfunctioning of the menstrual cycle and normal functioning of the sexual and endocrine systems. On the forums you can find stories about such consequences as the formation of polyps, deformation of the fetus, infertility.

In addition, the pill "Postinor" has a number of contraindications. They can not be used in case of pregnancy, as well as during the lactation period. Do not use them to treat jaundice and other diseases of organs such as the liver, gallbladder and bile-removing pathways. The drug will be dangerous in adolescence, as well as in the presence of bleeding from the genitals for reasons that have not been accurately determined. Among the contraindications can also be found thrombosis. Gynecologists refer to postinor, as a very dangerous and harmful means, because with its application there is a high percentage of onset of ectopic pregnancy.

Women who take the pill "Postinor", you should know that if you already have a pregnancy, miscarriage is unlikely. However, the pathology of the fetus occurs in most cases. Thus, taking a pill, the patient expose himself to considerable risk and deprives him of the opportunity to change his choice. A full-fledged child can not be given birth after taking the contraceptive. In addition, it should be understood that the negative consequences of using the drug may appear later, for example, when trying to become pregnant again.