How to treat papillomas under the arms, on the neck or on the face?

Statistically, more than 90% of people are carriers of the papillomatosis virus. Practically every person with age because of the weakening of the organism or due to contact with the carrier, the papillomas appear under the arms, on the neck, and even on the whole body. Needless to say, the phenomenon is more than unpleasant. How to treat him - to panic or not to pay attention? Perhaps neither. And to begin with it is necessary to understand, what is it such - a papillomavirus? Papillomas under the armpits

HPV or human papillomavirus is an infection that manifests itself as benign neoplasms on the skin. Papillomas have the form of a small mushroom on the stem, although flat species also occur. Most often, papillomas are formed under the armpits, under the breast in women, on the sides of the neck, on the face, in the genital area. In the latter case, they are called somewhat differently - genital warts, and they are located on the penis in men and on the labia of women. They are transmitted at any contacts, when using general things, as well as through sexual intercourse. How to remove papillomas on the neck

What is the problem - aesthetic or medical? Of course, papillomas under the armpits, in intimate places or on the face of pleasure do not add to life, moreover, they can become a source of real moral suffering. But beyond the outside, one should not forget about the real danger. Every benign formation remains so until rebirth begins due to some kind of scratch, friction, unsuccessful attempt at removal. This happens infrequently, but it happens. Therefore, the question of how to treat the papilloma, and most importantly - whether it is necessary to treat it, first of all it is necessary to ask yourself, and better - to the doctor. You need to treat, and the sooner, the better. They will not wither away, they will not be lost, like other warts, on the contrary, they will master all new spaces.

Modern hardware cosmetology has effective means for solving this problem. Of course, it is important that only a good specialist decides how to remove papillomas on the neck or face. Indeed, today every hairdresser offers services of such a plan. Perhaps the best treatment method is best given to the laser. This is an opportunity to remove the formation quickly and painlessly, leaving no traces on the skin. Easily remove papillomas under the arms, under the breast, on the face with liquid nitrogen. In a word, a doctor should advise, and in each specific case a certain method of removing these annoying outgrowths will be proposed. How to treat papilloma

Traditional medicine, as usual, did not stay aloof from this painful issue. There are the simplest methods, which, of course, do not solve the problem radically as a laser knife, but they can help. The famous grass is clean. Her juice several times a day you need to lubricate papillomas and warts until they are completely eliminated. The dandelion juice has an excellent effect, and the birch mushroom chaga. Another remedy is a usual chemist's castor oil. She needs to persistently, at least three times a day, lubricate the skin with papillomas until they dry up and fall off. But! In no case should you try to cut them off, tie them with a thread like a wart - nothing good will come of it. It is better to think about the causes of papillomas on the body. After all, dormant virus manifests itself in those who have weak immunity. So, you need to strengthen it: take vitamin herbal fees, monitor the diet, lead a healthy lifestyle. It is equally important to observe personal hygiene: do not use someone else's towels and soap, be careful on beaches, in a sauna, in a solarium - wherever possible physical contact with possible carriers of the virus.

And you should not be afraid of papilloma - you will not help with fear. It is better to start treatment at the first sign of infection.