Treatment and Diagnostic Sanatorium "Obolsunovo" in Ivanovo region: rest on health

Ivanovo region is famous not only for brides, but also for numerous places for active and therapeutic rest. In 250 km from Moscow the sanatorium "Obolsunovo", having the status of the balneological center for the presence of its own highly mineralized water and natural resources, was comfortably housed. It is a real oasis replete with relict trees, blossoming bird cherry trees and tall pines. Complementing all the surrounding beauty is a meandering river with the poetic name Ukhtohma.

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Abundance of vegetation saturates the air with negative ions, positively affecting the health in general. Natural natural factors allow you to come in contact with nature, get the maximum of positive and cheerfulness. After a few days spent in this life-giving place, where there are no exhaust gases from cars and plants, you will completely regain strength and forget about stress. By the way, the sanatorium "Obolsunovo" is conveniently located relative to the Golden Ring of Russia, within 100-150 km.

Living conditions of

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Three residential buildings are presented to your attention: the main building № 1 - from 5 floors, buildings № 2 and 5 - from 2 floors. All rooms have been recently renovated, both in general and buildings. For booking you can choose standard single rooms and two-room apartments. For the newlyweds there is a wedding suite with a splendid view of the local surroundings.

In the rooms you will find a small balcony and a bathroom in individual use. Standard rooms are equipped with coffee tables, TV, refrigerator and a fixed-line telephone with direct connection. The superior apartments have a living room with upholstered furniture, a jacuzzi and a set of dishes.


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Guests staying in the complex visit the dining room. The menu is three meals a day, consisting of balanced dishes. According to the doctor's instructions, special nutrition is prescribed, which is developed by an experienced nutritionist. For tourists in the suites, another room is open.

List of medical services

Children under the age of one year are taken to the health center "Obolsunovo".Sanatorium( Ivanovo region) offers a course of therapy for 6 to 12 days, taking into account living and eating according to individual programs. The complex has its own diagnostic base, allowing the most accurate and rapid conduct of various studies. Indications for treatment are:

  • disorders of the nervous system;
  • of the circulatory system, heart and blood vessels;
  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
  • urological and gynecological pathologies;
  • dermatological diseases.

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Specializes in a dispensary for the treatment of diseases of the spinal cord and the spine. People come to sanatorium-resort treatment after a stroke, who have experienced serious injuries and surgical interventions. Qualified specialists carry out all necessary measures for rapid rehabilitation and recovery of the body.

Sanatorium "Obolsunovo" specializes in balneotherapy using peat mud and mineral water. Hirudotherapy, acupuncture, phyto-aromatherapy and other procedures are used to stabilize the well-being. There are massage rooms, departments of dietology and gastroenterology. Reception is a psychotherapist with a long experience.

healing procedures

Special programs have been developed in the dispensary: ​​Purification, Life Without Pain, Hermes( treatment of urological diseases), Women's Health, Future Mother, Empire of Beauty, and others. For pensioners offers discounts for a full-fledged treatment of the sanatorium "Obolsunovo".Prices from 10 000 to 43 000 for 10 days stay. The price includes double accommodation, meals, profile treatment.

Internal infrastructure and leisure services

In free time, you can take a fascinating walk or bike ride through the forest, pick berries and mushrooms. In the summer you can enjoy swimming in the lake, in winter - snowmobiling, tobogganing, skating, skiing. Sanatorium "Obolsunovo" has a large tennis court on the territory, sports grounds. All equipment( balls, rackets) are leased. At the services of intelligent entertainment: chess, backgammon.

indoor pool

There is a billiard room, an exercise room with an instructor. There are two swimming pools: open, closed, and also a bath. On site there is an ATM, a shop, a cafeteria, a beauty salon, a pharmacy, a post office are open. In the evenings a disco is held. For children's fun is a game room under the strict guidance of the teacher. Every day there are cartoons, interesting contests, funny animations. Your child will not be bored at the resort "Obolsunovo"( sanatorium).

Guest reviews

According to most tourists, the country complex is the best alternative to overseas and expensive resorts. It is a complete immersion in nature, a detachment from gray everyday life. Here you are provided with qualified medical care, friendly and attentive attitude.


Already on the second day you feel a surge of strength, an improvement in your physical and emotional state. The choice of entertainment is great in the Obolsunovo complex. Sanatorium( Ivanovo region) deserves the highest praise and only positive feedback!