Chitmyl - what is it? How correctly to do citmil?

Who was on the diet, he knows very well that the most difficult thing is not to break. Weight decreases slowly, and around everyone eat sweets and hamburgers, buns and cookies, persuading you that you are already looking great, that you spoil your stomach, that it's time to quit these nonsense and start eating like everyone else. You can give up and give up, but it's better to remember that there is a citmile. What it is? A specially allotted day, when you can afford everything that is so lacking. It can be cola and buns, milk chocolate and cakes, chebureks and much more. However, the next day you need to return to your diet again. How to do it right, we'll talk together. chetmil what is it

How it works

Indeed, many people we have not heard about such a concept as "chetmlil".What is it - we already said: the planned "stall", which you wait in advance to get the desired goodies. Such a planned violation of the diet is very important functions, as a result of helping you stay in shape and, moreover, go to your results. The translation of the word "chetmlil" is interesting. What it is is easy to learn, looking in the dictionary. It turned out from a combination of two English words: cheat( cheating) and meal( meal).That is, the meaning is clear: you change the chosen system, diet, but this is very important.

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citmile day

Physiological function of citmil

You sit on a rigid diet, limit yourself to everything, and, of course, hope that you will quickly get rid of hated kilograms. The first few weeks( months) the weight is actively melting, and then stops. Why is this happening? Because our body very quickly gets used to diets and starvation, changes in diet and healthy food. This habit manifests itself in the fact that the organism and the consumption of substances are reconstructed under the amount of their intake. Thus, the body stops responding properly to a diet, and you do not see any return from hard work.

Of course, behind this are the physiological characteristics of our body. You begin to eat right, consume fewer calories, and the level of leptin, which is called the satiety hormone, also decreases. That is, the feeling of hunger is growing. This is to blame for a strong restriction: the body can lack protein and vitamins, which causes the hunger again. However, not the iron will comes to the aid, but the citmile. What it is? A high-calorie diet, which people with a large body weight can afford every 4 weeks, and people are easier - once every two weeks. So you avoid adaptation to a low-calorie diet and arrange a "swing", which will contribute to weight loss. refid citmil

Psychological function

The day of the chetmile must be pre-registered in your diary. In the life of everyone who adheres to a diet, there are many temptations from which it is difficult to resist. To achieve the desired result, you need to sacrifice something, and this every day brings less and less joy. It is much easier to transfer restrictions, if you know that soon there will be a day when you can please yourself with delicacies. If such a planned "breakdown" is not provided, then soon you will start to carry one candy or a cookie and soon bury the result obtained, as the absorption of sweets will become systematic, on which your diet will end. Chitmyl is a full-fledged meal, tasty and desirable, this is moral satisfaction and a reward for the labors. Thus, you protect your nervous system from breakdowns and avoid the absorption of high-carb products. diet citmil

When you need chetmile

Not always and not with every diet it is necessary. By the way, experts distinguish between two types of boot days: refid, citmil. The first presupposes a predominantly carbohydrate intake, and the second involves fat and protein. First of all, such measures are necessary for low-carbohydrate and low-calorie diets. Very useful are such downloads, when the weight has risen and does not move from place to place for a long time. It is especially important to conduct the chetmile, if you do not have the strength to exercise, the body temperature falls. If the risk of failure is high, then it is better to hold an extraordinary citmile. chetml in bodybuilding


If you know that you have weak willpower, and once you touch the cake, you will not stop without destroying a dozen, perhaps it is worth looking for options for a less rigid diet. Otherwise, you can achieve the opposite effect. Once you try to deceive the body, you will return to the habitual way of life. Therefore, first get acquainted with how to properly do chetml. Otherwise, he can go into overeating, then in the long period of relaxation of the regime, and so until the diet comes to naught.

Chitmyl in case of problems with the gastrointestinal tract

Gastritis and cholecystitis, pancreatitis and other problems with the digestive organs - this is an occasion to consult a doctor, and not to choose the first diet that is found. Especially on the background of prolonged abstinence, the "window of gluttony" causes great problems with the digestive tract, so you need to be very careful. Discuss with the doctor what product you can enter into the diet and how much. That's right: you should know in advance when and what you will add to your diet, and plan any innovations ahead of time.

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The chetmile in bodybuilding was born. Athletes need such "windows" in hard mode to physically and psychologically withstand it. It must be remembered that citmile is not a day of gluttony, but one meal. In other respects, the regime remains the same. You just get a delicious additive to it. It is not advisable to start the day with chetmila, this can lead to the fact that you will eat much more. The optimal time is 16-17 hours. After a normal afternoon snack, you will not be too hungry, and the time to sleep is still enough to digest food. Do not forget to stock up with Mezim or other enzyme preparations.

than you can please yourself

Try to enjoy your meal. Do not eat a coveted hamburger or cake on the run. It is better to arrange a nice dinner and properly eat a dish. It should not be after the citmile resort to compensatory starvation. This is a well-deserved award, after which you will receive a regular meal, the next on the schedule. On the caloric content it is not limited, but reasonable boundaries should be.

Chitmill after training

If you are seriously involved in sports, then small chetmiles can be arranged even during the drying period, between training. For example, without damaging the figure, carbohydrates can be eaten immediately after training, this "carbohydrate window" lasts for an hour. Such food, especially together with proteins, after training helps to restore the energy of the athlete. With the proper use of citmile, you can spur metabolism and achieve good results. But the most important thing is not to break down and turn one meal into a weekly gluttony, from which it's very difficult to get out.