What are the symptoms of thrush in women? Treatment of the disease

Thrush is often considered a non-dangerous disease, as it does not cause serious harm to the body. The correct medical name of the disease is candidiasis. What are the most common symptoms of thrush in women? Treatment of this disease should be carried out under the supervision of specialists. But besides this, it is important to recognize it in time.

How does the disease manifest itself?

The causative agent of the disease is Candida fungus, it is found in different species. It is for this reason that self-medication is ineffective. Even if you know how the symptoms of thrush in women manifest themselves, the treatment should be prescribed by the doctor after the tests and the definition of the fungus species. Sometimes the disease can occur and without pronounced symptoms. Often the first signs appear on the eve of the first critical days after infection. It is an itch and burning sensation in the genital area, and sometimes irritation of the skin can be observed. Pain sensations can increase during urination or intercourse. Slight white curdled discharge is also a symptom of thrush in women. Treatment can be assigned only after diagnosis. Therefore, if you notice any of the signs of candidiasis, urgently consult a doctor and give the analysis.

What you need to know about thrush?

The greatest discomfort of the disease occurs in the evenings, especially if you are warm - take a bath or go to bed. Fungus pathogen can settle in the mouth. In this case, it is not uncommon for the carrier of the disease not to know its status, but for people infected from it, the symptoms appear in a few days. Allocations are not always white and curdled. Sometimes they can be transparent or translucent, have a fairly liquid consistency. In some cases, translucent greenish discharge is also a thrush in women. Photos of symptoms you can find on medical sites, but do not forget that the most reliable option for determining the disease is to consult a doctor. Often, the thrush is marked swelling of the genital organs, their increased soreness. Often discomfort brings even wearing the most common underwear, which was the size before infection.

How is candidiasis treated?

It should not be forgotten that thrush is an infectious disease. Therefore, to successfully cure, it is necessary to destroy the pathogen. Even if there are no longer symptoms of thrush in women, treatment is considered early to be successful before the control analysis. Please note that the fungus-pathogen is rather cunning, some of its varieties have immunity to common treatments. Modern pharmacology offers different types of drugs - antifungal and antimicrobial compositions that can be applied locally or inward. It is impossible to unequivocally answer the question "what remedy for thrush for women is the best."Sometimes for successful treatment it is required to pass several courses. In the presence of a permanent sexual partner, he must also undergo treatment in order to avoid re-infection.