From what tablets "Tsetrin"?Instructions for use and reviews about the drug

Antihistamines are prescribed by physicians as an integrated therapy for the treatment of many pathological conditions. Also, similar formulations are also used as an independent agent. In this article we will talk about the drug "Tsetrin"( pills).Indications for use of the drug will be described below. You will be provided with information containing feedback on the drug. Many patients are worried by the question: from what tablets "Cetrin" help? You will also find out about this later.

from which tablets cetrin

Composition and form of manufacture of medicament

What the tablets "Cetrin" help, you will learn further. As you can understand, this composition is made in the form of pills. However, in many pharmacy kiosks and retail outlets, you can also find the shape of the syrup. Most consumers believe that this is a child's medicine. However, this is a delusion. The drug in a liquid form is prescribed mainly to children only because of the convenience of its use. If necessary, this form of release of the drug can be used by adult patients.

What is the active substance in the drug "Tsetrin"( pills)?The doctors' comments are reported, and the instruction confirms that the preparation contains cetirizine hydrochloride. His medication contains up to 10 milligrams. Additional constituents are lactose, corn starch, lactose, magnesium stearate.

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What makes the tablets "Tsetrin"?

This drug can be used to treat various allergic conditions. The drug is also used to prevent such conditions. Let's consider in detail, from what tablets "Tsetrin" can help.

Allergic reaction, accompanied by skin rash and itching, is perfectly suppressed by this remedy. At the same time, the reason for the development of such a state does not matter. Hives can appear due to household chemical agents or after taking some medicine. Tablets from the allergy "Tsetrin" will be effective in all cases.

The drug perfectly copes with an allergic reaction, which is accompanied by lacrimation, increased salivation and sneezing. Often this pathology is accompanied by nasal congestion. The drug "Zetrin" helps to eliminate these unpleasant symptoms quickly and effectively.

Medication is often prescribed in complex therapy for viral and bacterial pathologies of the upper respiratory tract. Almost always, these diseases are accompanied by swelling of the nasal mucosa. The drug helps to quickly relieve breathing and accelerate recovery.

cetin tablets indications for use

Indications for the use of the

formulation In what situations are the "Cetrin" tablets prescribed? What helps the drug, you already knew. The indications reported by the instruction are:

  • dermatitis and dermatosis, urticaria and other allergic skin reactions;
  • is an allergy associated with seasonal changes;
  • complex therapy for the treatment of poisoning and viral diseases;
  • preventive measures.

In some cases, the drug is used in otorhinolaryngology and other areas of medicine.

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Contraindications to the use of the

composition Quite often, patients are prescribed "Cetrin" tablets. From what they help, you already know. However, this information is not enough to start correction. Before using the composition, it is always worth checking out the contraindications. After all, neglecting these data can lead to negative consequences.

The medication is not assigned to expectant mothers, nursing women and children under the age of 6 years. If it is necessary to use antihistamines in these conditions, it is worthwhile to find an alternative and replace the treatment or prevention. Tablets "Tsetrin" children are not prescribed for lactase deficiency. In adults, this condition can be adjusted by additional drugs. With special care and only under the supervision of a specialist, the drug can be used in people with severe renal failure.

How are allergy tablets "Tsetrin" used?

This medication should be taken only according to the individual scheme prescribed by the doctor. However, if the doctor did not give such recommendations, then the drug is used in accordance with the instructions.

The drug is prescribed for one tablet for adults. In this case, the daily dose can not exceed 10 milligrams of the active substance. Children after six years of age are prescribed 5 milligrams twice a day. Primarily take medication in the morning and evening. The form of the syrup can be used in infants after two years. In this case, the dose of the drug is reduced by half.

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Reviews of the medicine, the price of

Consumers report that the medicine is being transferred very well. The active substance of the composition directly affects the receptors without inhibiting the nervous system. That is why this drug has no side effects in the form of drowsiness. It can be used even by people who have to work with increased concentration of attention.

Doctors say that the drug is quite effective. The reaction of the body to treatment is already observed on the second day. Doctors say that you can not independently exceed the dosage of the composition or change the treatment schedule. This can lead to unforeseen consequences.

Patients note that this medication is very convenient to use. After all, there is no longer a need to regularly take many tablets. It is enough to drink a capsule once a day. It is worth noting that doctors recommend that their patients use the medication only in the evening. This scheme will allow consumers to avoid possible consequences associated with an unpleasant reaction of the body to treatment.

The price of this drug is quite attractive. One package of tablets costs approximately 150 rubles. In such a pack there are 20 pieces. Also the manufacturer suggests to purchase a package of the preparation, in which there are 30 tablets. This amount is enough for exactly one month of daily use. This package costs about 200 rubles.

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Instead of concluding

, you learned about what the "Cetrin" tablets help with. Instructions for use of this medication was presented to your attention. You have learned about the main points that are communicated to the consumer in the annotation. However, after buying the drug it is worthwhile to read the instructions again. This will help you avoid the occurrence of side effects, which are expressed by dry mouth, discomfort, headache and other signs. It is worth recalling that if such symptoms occur, you should stop treatment as soon as possible and consult a doctor for advice. Be healthy!