"Otinum" or "Otipaks" - what is better for children with otitis?

Ear disorders usually occur with high fever and severe pain. Such pathologies should not be ignored. In the absence of treatment, the ailment can go to a more serious stage and lead to complications. Very often in the office of the otorhinolaryngologist the question is: "Otinum" or "Otipaks" - what is better for the child? "This is exactly what will be discussed later. A comparative analysis of these medicines will be conducted for you. At the end of the article, you will find out what means to buy - "Otinum" or "Otipaks" for children.

otinum or otypax which is better

Comparison of the cost of drugs

When a person faces the question of what to choose - "Otinum" or "Otipax" when otitis, first of all attention is paid to the price of medicines. Quality also plays an important role. However, much depends on the cost of the drug.

The price for ear drops "Otynum" is about 200 rubles. For this amount you can buy 10 milliliters of the finished product packed in a dark glass. If you want to prefer the medicine "Otipaks", then you will have to pay about 300 rubles for it. However, the amount of this drug is more - 15 milliliters.

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Necessity of using

formulations If your baby complains of ear pain, then it should be shown to his pediatrician or otorhinolaryngologist as soon as possible. After all, only a specialist will be able to conduct a thorough examination and determine the severity of the course of the disease and its nature. Often with such diseases, drops "Otofa", "Otinum" or "Otipaks" are prescribed.

Komarovsky is a famous pediatrician. His advice is enjoyed by many parents. What does he say about this? The doctor informs that in addition to the main treatment, which is carried out in the ear, it is necessary to conduct additional correction. It consists in the use of antibacterial drugs, remedies for the removal of edema, medicines treating the runny nose. All these formulations should be prescribed exclusively by a doctor. After all, we are talking about the health of your baby.

otinum or otypax for children

Composition and effect of

preparations "Otinum" or "Otipaks" - what is better in composition? Perhaps even a specialist can not answer this question. This is equivalent to comparing two popular brands of cars and figuring out which one is better. The effect of these drugs is approximately the same, but the composition is different. Both medicines have their pros and cons.

The active ingredients of Otypax are the phenazone and lidocaine. Also, the preparation contains additional components, but they are not so important. Lidocaine is a powerful anesthetic. He relieves pain and other unpleasant sensations in the ear, as a result, the baby begins to feel much better. Phenazone is an anti-inflammatory substance. However, its effect is not so pronounced.

What about "Otinum"?There is a substance called choline saliciate. It has antiviral and antiseptic activity. The medicine perfectly copes with the inflammatory process. However, he will take off the pain a little worse than the previously described means.

otinum or otipax in otitis

Contraindications to the use of

formulations Before determining, "Otinum" or "Otipax" - which is better, it is worth mentioning the contraindications to the use of formulations. At once we will make a reservation that the medicine "Otipaks" is recognized as safer and has a smaller list of contraindications.

So, both of these drugs can not be used for damage to the tympanic membrane. Medications are not prescribed for hypersensitivity to the components. Drops "Otinum" is not recommended for use in bronchial asthma and during pregnancy. Also, this medication is not prescribed for patients with certain diseases of the eyes, kidneys and liver. The use of salicylates that are part of the "Otinum" drops is prohibited during lactation due to the potential danger to the child.

otinum or otypaks komarovsky

Method of using medicines

Which tool is more convenient to use, "Otynum" or "Otypaks"?What is better according to consumers? Parents of small patients claim that Otipax drops are much more convenient in treatment. After all, their use is less than once a day. It is worth noting that most of the children have a negative attitude towards burying drugs in their ears.

The drug "Otinum" is injected 2-3 drops into each ear passage up to four times a day. The medicine "Otipaks" is prescribed by 2 drops in the ears twice a day. In especially difficult situations, the last medicine can be applied three times a day.

otinum or otypax for infants

"Otinum" or "Otipaks" for babies - what to choose?

When it comes to the health of children, parents try to choose for treatment only the best compositions. So, the drug "Otinum" is more affordable. Its price is lower than that of the analog. This medication not only relieves pain, but affects the focus of inflammation. However, the described drug is quite dangerous. It is very rarely recommended for the treatment of nursing infants. More often this compound is assigned to older children.

"Otypaks" is often used in pediatric otorhinolaryngology. This compound is more safe and tested. He perfectly repairs the pain syndrome, which causes considerable discomfort to the child. As a result, the baby begins to sleep and eat normally. But it is worth remembering that for the removal of inflammation and elimination of microbes at the same time will have to take additional medications. After all, "Otipaks" is able to cope with pathology on its own at an early stage of development.

otinum or otypax in the treatment of otitis in children

A brief summary of the results of

You learned about two modern preparations for otitis treatment. It is worth noting that the choice is always for the consumer. However, children should not be treated independently. If the correction is incorrect, the baby may experience a complication such as perforation of the tympanic membrane or deafness. That is why, before making a final choice, it is worth asking for advice to a pediatrician specializing in this disease. Often, the replacement of these two drugs is chosen "Otofa".These drops are made on the basis of an antibiotic, but they can not cope with the pain.

Take care of your kids' health and choose only good and proven drugs for them!