Boric acid( alcohol): instructions for use

In medicine, a drug such as boric alcohol, which is a solution in ethanol( 70%) of boric acid, whose concentration can lie in the range of 0.5-5%, is widely used. In order to understand the properties of this medication, you need to examine its active substance in more detail and understand what it is. It's about boric acid.

Boric acid:

characteristics This substance has a crystalline structure, does not possess color or smell, and does not show acidic properties. In medicine, boric acid( alcohol), the instruction for use of which will be discussed in the article, has been used since the 19th century as an antiseptic that does not irritate the tissue, and even sometimes inside with certain gastrointestinal diseases.

boric alcohol instructions for use

Currently, the toxicity of this drug has been proven, and its antimicrobial properties, in comparison with modern disinfectants, are not effective enough. For children and pregnant women, drugs with boric acid are generally contraindicated. However, this substance remains the field of application in which it is widely used to this day. Boric acid is present in many medicinal pastes and ointments, sometimes only as a preservative.

Boric acid, in addition to antiseptic, has an anti-pedicidal effect and a weakly expressed antifungal effect. It is used in prescriptions for foot baths with increased sweating.

Alcohol solution of boric acid with otitis

Very often you can meet recommendations to instill such a drug as boric alcohol in the ear. The instructions for use say that otitis is treated in this way. I must say that at present in official medicine the use of this medication is not very welcome, since it is considered obsolete and less effective than new developments. So this is rather a recommendation of traditional medicine. However, sometimes and the otolaryngologists in the inflammatory processes in the middle ear prescribe such an available remedy as boric acid( alcohol).Instructions for using it is as follows: Bury heated in the palms or in water to a comfortable temperature a solution of three drops in the ear canal of each ear 3-4 times a day. For more than seven days, such treatment is not carried out.

There is another, more sparing, way: soak boric alcohol with cotton-gauze flagella, put it in your ears and leave it for the night. With purulent inflammation, it is better not to use the described drug at all.

It is not necessary to apply boric alcohol for treatment without checking the integrity of the tympanic membrane, otherwise the consequences can be unpredictable: from hearing loss to death. A visit to an otolaryngologist is better still to plan before conducting experiments with drugs.

boric alcohol in the ear instructions for use

Boric Alcohol: Instruction for use for children

As for small patients who, according to statistics, have otitis media more often, then up to one year the use of this drug is strictly prohibited. If the child is older, and in agreement with the doctor decided to use boric alcohol in otitis, the instruction for its use is somewhat different from that for adults. The dosage and the multiplicity of the drug are also reduced: one drop of the drug is instilled in the ear canal of each ear. The procedure is repeated twice a day, after which it is recommended to insulate the ear canal with a cotton strand so that it absorbs moisture residues.

boric alcohol instruction for children

Acid boric( alcohol) Instructions for use against acne

There are situations when even the most expensive remedies are powerless with problematic skin. Perhaps, it is worth trying some simple and affordable recipe for traditional medicine. Sometimes it can be unexpectedly effective. For example, you can buy in the pharmacy such an inexpensive drug as boric acid( alcohol).Instruction for its use asserts that it has an antiseptic effect, which is very likely to be useful in case of acne and increased fatness of the facial skin. Boric alcohol narrows the pores, helps from black points, dries up inflammation, dissolves sebaceous plugs.

Use this tool is not more difficult than a regular lotion. At the expressed fatness of a skin of the face it is possible to wipe its wadded tampon moistened in boric alcohol, and it is possible to apply dot - only on the inflamed places. In any case, after using such a preparation, the skin needs to be moistened. If excessive drying does not apply to anything, you can not use alcohol in its pure form, but dilute it with boiled water in half. Earlier than a week the effect of boric alcohol should not be expected.

Boric alcohol at otitis instructions for use

Contraindications and side effects of

As with any other pharmacological preparation, individual intolerance to boric acid( alcohol) is possible. In addition, this drug is absolutely contraindicated in cases of kidney disease. At pregnancy and feeding boric alcohol is forbidden to application.

The fact that boric acid, and its solutions including, are able to penetrate through the skin and mucous membranes into the systemic bloodstream, accumulate in organs and tissues, causing intoxication, skin rashes, renal dysfunction and even shock. With short-term use of boric alcohol in small doses, no side effects, as a rule, do not happen.