We treat rheumatism in children

Because of the excessive accumulation of uric acid salts in the blood, there are significant inflammatory problems with the connective tissue of the body. This disease is called rheumatism. In children, it occurs most often. The average age of patients does not exceed 15 years. But kids under 3 get this ailment in very rare cases.

Rheumatism is often preceded by diseases such as tonsillitis, scarlet fever or pharyngitis. Also, the cause of this ailment may be a predisposition in the hereditary plan to such a disease.

Rheumatism in children. Picture of the disease

Usually the disease is accompanied by the defeat of the cardiovascular system. And over time, problems are only exacerbated. To a great extent suffer and joints.

Rheumatism in children begins in 2-4 years. Among the symptoms are:

  • Fever. Swelling of the joints and their painful condition. First, suffer major knee and hip joints. Their shape is greatly altered. That is, rheumatism of the legs first develops.

Already after the defeat of the joints, there is still a weakening and muscle atrophy. If you do not take any treatment, in an advanced version of the disease, even bone tissue changes significantly. This is especially evident on the radiograph. All changes in the joints and bones lead to the possibility of the appearance of dislocations.

Just a few days in children with rheumatism, lymph nodes increase. They are non-natural seals, very painful. During treatment, of course, they decrease.

The liver and spleen in the patient with rheumatism also increases( on average 2-3 cm).The heart suffers from internal organs. Doctors say that patients suffer from tachycardia or myocardial dystrophy.

How to treat rheumatism?

Children suffering from rheumatism are placed in a hospital. The course of treatment lasts at least 2 months. And should be provided with adequate nutrition.

First of all, prescribe medication. Among many drugs prescribe antirheumatic drugs. Be sure to prescribe analgin and acetylsalicylic acid. The dose is selected individually by the doctor. Today they use also Metindol and Voltaren ointment. These drugs are often combined with hormonal drugs.

If a severe course of the disease is observed, then the specialists prescribe Brufen, Chlorokhin or Delagil. Necessarily in complex therapy patients take vitamins.

With a positive tendency towards recovery, therapeutic massage and gymnastics are prescribed. Patients should also go to physiotherapy. If necessary, a special surgical correction is possible.

After hospital treatment patients are sent to a sanatorium under the supervision of a cardiologist. After all, only with the timely help of patients can you avoid the occurrence of heart disease. The prognosis for rheumatism in children is very favorable, if in time to notice the development of the disease. Otherwise, the consequences can be very serious.

Rheumatism in children. Prevention measures

There are no vaccinations that could protect children from rheumatic fever. However, in order to protect children from this disease, you need to temper the body of children, provide the child with a full and balanced diet. Do not interfere with sports. All this will make the child healthy and resistant to various diseases, including rheumatism.

If the baby falls ill with rheumatism, then it is necessary not to delay the disease. And the most important measure that should be taken first is a strict bed rest. There must be access to fresh air. As for food, it should not just be diverse, but also nutritious, light and containing a large amount of vitamin C.