Bond - cigarettes, which could not be

Bond - cigarettes, whose name has long been heard in more than fifty countries. And all the famous James Bond has nothing to do with them.

A simple story of

Each product has its own story. Some appear on the market as a result of scientific discovery or the marketing process of the manufacturer, while others are by chance. Bond - cigarettes, which most likely belong to the second of these groups. The story is simple and uncomplicated.

The famous owner of the company, Philip Morris, had several tobacco shops. The goods enjoyed a good demand, and trade went on as usual. In the shop you could buy everything: from cigarettes that appeared in the middle of the 19th century, to cigars and pipe tobacco. One of the admirers of Morris's products was King Alfred, who at that time ruled Belgium. To somehow express his sympathy, in 1902 he ordered the store to be proud of the royal boutique. And since there was a retail space on the street called Bond Street, the first cigarettes also became known as Old Bond Street.

bond cigarettes

Since then, their triumphal procession around the world began. For many and now Bond - truly royal cigarettes.

World recognition

Philip Morris as the owner of the company did not seek to create some exceptional or unique product. His goal was to convey their products to the broad masses. In fact, "Bond" - cigarettes, which were originally targeted at a simple average person with an average income. They had to be a good combination of excellent quality and affordable price. And it happened. They quickly learned about the new product abroad. Especially popular cigarettes of this brand began to be used in developing countries. For them, "Bond" was the only opportunity to join in something foreign and quality. After all, cigarettes such as Dunhill and Camel people were simply too expensive, but here it was possible to smoke good tobacco for a small price.

Later, somewhere by the 1950s, the manufacturer completely changed the look of the pack. On the shelves appeared "Bond" in the customary for the buyer solid packaging, which further increased its competitiveness in the market.

Some details of

The beginning of the two thousandth years was especially successful for the brand Bond. Cigarettes, photos of which flaunted on bright booklets and did not leave the TV screens, gradually won their audience.

bond cigarette photo

They were recognizable and loved by many. And the reason for such popularity was that in this product the three most important components were most harmoniously combined:

1) Tribute to centuries-old traditions and quality. The status of the manufacturer and decades of technology did not allow it to produce unworthy products. And the royal coat of arms on the package to much obliges.

2) Style. Cigarettes of this brand are distinguished by a wonderful aroma of tobacco and soft smoke, which in the process of smoking does not cut your throat.

3) The price that is available to anyone who wants.

All this together allowed the famous brand to be a recognized leader for a long time. However, after the production license was purchased by tobacco companies of other countries, the situation has changed slightly. For example, the "Bond" of the Russian production quality is noticeably inferior to the original. Perhaps this was the reason that many smokers with experience in due course completely abandoned this type of cigarettes.

The poor choice of

Among the well-known western brands in Russia, Bond is the most popular. Kinds of cigarettes of this brand, however, do not spoil the user with their variety. At first there were only three of them:

1) Bond Street Red;

2) Bond Street Light;

3) Bond Street Super Light.

Later, their series complemented the products of the line of Bond Street Special( Reach, Mild and Fine).True, since 2008 they have already stopped producing.

bond types of cigarettes

To the mass buyer in our country they are better known as:

  • Bond Classic Selection;
  • Bond Special Selection Light;
  • Bond Fine Selection Super Light;
  • Bond One.

Then came the packaging with thin cigarettes:

  • Bond Superslims Gold;
  • Bond Superslims Silver.

In the sale of goods came in blocks of 10 packs, each of which was 20 cigarettes. The difference was only in the characteristic design of the package and the content of the main controlled elements: tar and nicotine. These cigarettes were rightfully considered a premium product. It is a pity that now they can only be remembered. According to informed sources, in 2009 the product was completely discontinued.

Many smokers are familiar with Bond cigarettes. Reviews of these people eloquently speak about the fact that the product is just perfect for its price. In this originally was a chip maker itself. He did not try to compete with the giants, but simply offered the average buyer a quality product. After the fall of the Iron Curtain, our country also received this opportunity. It was considered even to some extent prestigious to smoke tobacco, which the Belgian monarch highly valued. Cigarettes attracted a pleasant aroma and a delicate taste. Anyone could choose the right option for themselves. There was quite a lot of choice for varieties and species.

cigarette bond reviews

However, after the copies appeared on sale, which indicated that the product was manufactured in Russia, the desire of buyers was diminished. Everyone was unanimous that Bond was no longer the same. The taste of cigarettes became empty, and the aroma disappeared altogether. Probably, the reason for everything was low-quality tobacco or inability to process it. But this already speaks more about the level of the company, which took up such a difficult task as the release of a product with a worldwide reputation.