Quantified test for tuberculosis: what is it and where to do it?

A quantified tuberculosis test is a fairly accurate method of diagnosis. Many people in Russia are interested in how this research can be done. Also, it is not superfluous to find out how the procedure is performed, where to apply in order to get the corresponding service. In fact, there is nothing difficult. Especially if the citizen is counting on applying to private clinics. What do I need to know about the quintyferon test? About all the features of the process - more.

Tuberculosis is. ..

The first step is to understand what kind of disease is involved. Perhaps, without additional research it will be possible to manage for an exact statement of the diagnosis? quintyferon tuberculosis test

Tuberculosis is a serious disease that affects many organs in the body. Infection is transmitted by airborne droplets or through the objects used by the infected person. It's easy to get infected, but not cure.

As a rule, tuberculosis does not manifest itself at the initial stage. And only in already difficultly curable forms it becomes noticeable. Therefore, the population is offered a quantiferon test for tuberculosis. But what is this? What information about the procedure should citizens be familiar with?

Test definition

What is it all about? A quantified tuberculosis test is a modern and accurate laboratory blood test that can detect the disease in the body. Of the shortcomings can be identified only that it does not show the type of tuberculosis infection.

What replaces the quantiferon test? Mantoux and Diaskintest. It turns out that this study is an analogue of skin diagnosis of tuberculosis. Unlike the Mantoux reaction or "Diaskintest", this procedure does not imply the introduction of any drugs into the human body. quantiferon test where done

The test is based on the search for a special gamma-interferon. It appears in people who have experienced tuberculosis. But all other citizens in the body do not have these particles.

How to conduct the procedure

How is the research conducted? For patients, everything is simple: they take venous blood, which is then poured into 3 test tubes. Further in the laboratory, gamma-interferon will be searched. The triple search is related to the fact that during any research it is necessary to take into account the probability of a false positive or false negative result. Therefore, the quantiferon test for tuberculosis is notable for its accuracy. The probability of error is, but it is scanty.

Blood is taken on an empty stomach. Both in children and adults. Since the last meal, at least 8 hours must pass. Otherwise, the probability of an inaccurate result is high.

It is not difficult to guess that the patients will have a positive reaction. If a person has not experienced tuberculosis, the test will be negative. This fact needs to be taken into account. Repeated diagnostics can be done immediately after receiving the first results. This advantage is often emphasized. quintyferon tuberculosis test in in vitro

And if the

vaccination Many people are wondering if a false positive result can be obtained during the study if a person has been vaccinated with BCG.Doctors insist that such a vaccination is carried out immediately after birth. And it does not give any false results in research. That is, the quintyferon test for tuberculosis responds only to gamma-interferon. And he, as already said, stands out in the blood of an infected person.

Therefore, do not be afraid to conduct this study if a person has been vaccinated with BCG.Although doctors do not recommend donating blood for analysis earlier than a month after vaccination. This is an additional insurance, which minimizes the error of results.

Problems with delivery of

Interesting quantiferon test? Where to make it? This question interests many citizens. Why?

The fact is that in Russia for mass screening of children and adults for the presence of tuberculosis use a slightly different diagnosis. In 2016, to determine this infection, the population is offered:

  • "Diaskintest";
  • Mantoux reaction;
  • X-ray.

And here is the quantiferon test - no. It turns out that the state polyclinic does not conduct this study. And where then? Where can I go for help if I do not want to inject some preparations with the proteins of tuberculosis under the skin? There is an exit!

Private clinics

Where can I go to carry out a quantiferon test? Where to do this research? It is already clear that in state clinics such a technique is not welcomed. Moreover, it was not recognized as a nation-wide type of tuberculosis detection in humans. Therefore, we will have to look for other places to take the test. quantiferon test in Moscow

Fortunately, modern citizens can easily carry out such research without any problems. It is enough to apply to private clinics. Any private laboratory in a given city offers a quantiferon test for tuberculosis. However, for a fee, you can select any other study. For example, such that it shows the type of infection that exists in the body.

About specific clinics

But where exactly is it more often asked to apply for help in this area? Each city has its own private clinics and laboratories. Therefore, to name any specific places is very problematic. You can pay attention to the largest research centers in Russia. They, as a rule, serve both children and adults.

What is offered to the population? It is possible to conduct a quantiferon test for tuberculosis in Invitro. This laboratory will give the result with maximum accuracy in 3-4 working days. Branches of the organization are opened across Russia. At the moment such a study is proposed:

  • in Moscow;
  • St. Petersburg;
  • Kaliningrad.

But on this possible options for the development of events do not end there. In each city, as already mentioned, you can go to any private laboratory in which you take blood for analysis in principle. And with a high degree of probability it is possible to do the corresponding research there.

In addition, you can contact the following organizations for assistance:

  1. "Hemotest".A quantified tuberculosis test is performed in a week.
  2. Helix. There are branches of the laboratory in many cities of Russia.
  3. "LabTest".Clinic of St. Petersburg, which offers a wide range of services.

This is not the end of the list of laboratories. They can continue indefinitely. It is recommended that you contact the registry of a private medical center in the village for more precise information about the conduct of the quinafferone test. Most likely, practically in each such establishment offer this kind of service. And this is not surprising. In Russia, this study is an exclusively paid opportunity.

Moscow and the

test Quantification test in Moscow is done not only in private centers. There are at least 2 organizations that do not belong to private laboratories, but carry out the specified diagnostics. The quantiferon test for tuberculosis in spb

Where can I go? At the moment, the quantiferon test for children in Moscow( and also for adults) is conducted:

  • at the Scientific Research Institute of Tuberculosis at the Russian Academy of Medical Science;
  • Research Institute of Phthisiopulmonology at the Moscow State University. Sechenov.

It is worth noting that in these places the service is chargeable. And the collection of blood data does not produce the research institute. So, first you need to collect a few( 2-3) tubes of blood from the vein, then take it to the laboratory of these organizations. From the moment of collection, it should not take more than 120 minutes. blood test for the quantiferon tuberculosis test


And where can I pass a quantiferon test for tuberculosis in St. Petersburg? In addition to private clinics, it is possible to take blood for analysis to research institutes. Where exactly?

At the moment, this procedure is carried out in the St. Petersburg Research Institute of Phthisiopulmonology. There is an organization on Ligovsky Prospekt, 2/4.The service is paid, blood is not taken here. Accordingly, it will be necessary to bring the test tubes on their own to the laboratory.

Of course, exclude private clinics, too, is not worth it. But from the state institutions in St. Petersburg only the research institute of phthisiopulmonology provides the studied service on a paid basis. In normal polyclinics, this procedure is not carried out. This must be taken into account by everyone. Now it is clear that it is possible to make a quantiferon test for tuberculosis in Invitro and other research laboratories. They, as already mentioned, are enough in every city.

Pros and Cons of

But what else is worth paying attention to? Why was this so accurate test not recognized as an official method for diagnosing tuberculosis in Russia? And is it possible to believe the information obtained as a result of such an examination of the body?

It is not necessary to be afraid of this procedure. It is not recognized at the state level only because the costs of mass diagnostics are too high. Therefore, in private clinics, the quantiferon test( in Moscow or any other city - it is not so important) costs 1500-3000 rubles on average. Not the cheapest procedure. But it is accurate.

What are the pros and cons of it? Among the advantages are:

  • fast result;
  • high accuracy( up to 99%);
  • no reaction, as on BCG;
  • security;
  • no side effects;
  • no contraindications.

a quantiferon test for children in Moscow

But the shortcomings of the study also take place. These include:

  • high cost of diagnostics;
  • is done mainly in large cities;
  • does not allow to determine which form of tuberculosis takes place.

Is it worth doing this study? Everyone decides this for himself. In any case, the quantiferon test for tuberculosis is an excellent substitute for the reaction of Mantoux and Diaskintest. Many people are trying to take the blood to check the body for the presence of a stick of Koch. Therefore, you can look at the study. Especially if on injections and other injections the body had a negative reaction. It is likely that it is the quintyferon test that will suit a child or an adult.