"Golden Horse" for men: reviews, instruction, price

Feel the male power and make sexual sensations more vividly help the biological supplement "Golden Horse".It will effectively restore male potency at any age, increase the duration of sexual intercourse, give a good charge of energy.

Composition, form of release

The composition of the preparation "Golden Horse" is completely natural. One tablet contains a seahorse extract - 40 mg, a ginseng root - 40 mg, leaves of a sore - 10 mg, an orthosiphon stamen - 5 mg, kedzhibeling - 5 mg. Additional components are components such as starch, lactose, sucrose, calcium carbonate, talc, gelatin, methylene blue, magnesium stearate, blue shiny, sodium benzoate.

The drug has two forms of release. These are bottles of 100 and 20 tablets. Each tablet contains 700 mg of active substance.

Pharmacological action

The drug "Golden Horse" refers to biologically active additives. Successfully eliminates sexual dysfunction, recommended for urolithiasis and organic impotence. Effective with general malaise and fatigue. Its pharmacological action is characterized as a tonic, diuretic and stimulating potency.

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BAA does not contain hormonal and narcotic substances, and its composition is 100% natural. Thus, the seahorse has a restorative property, which is especially important with a decrease in potency. Ginseng and soybean are plant aphrodisiacs. Stimulate sexual desire and sexual endurance, make the sensation of orgasm more intense. In addition, the root of ginseng contains essential oils, B vitamins, pectin, panaxoside and other equally useful substances. It has tonic and adaptogenic properties. Strengthens, rejuvenates and revitalizes. Osot short-eared includes such elements as flavonoids, vitamin C, terpenoids, coumarins. It is characterized by anti-inflammatory, choleretic, diuretic and toning qualities. It restores the reproductive functions of the body. It is used for various inflammatory diseases, feverish manifestations, thirst.

The silkworm is curly, or kedzhibeling, saturated with lysing components. It is endowed with diuretic and hypoglycemic properties. Used to remove small stones from the kidneys. Prevents the occurrence of renal colic and relieves seizures. Orthosiphon stamens is a diuretic. Its diuretic effect is aimed at removing urea, uric acid and chlorides from the body. Stimulates the functions of glomerular filtration, normalizes the work of tubules. It is used for kidney diseases in acute and chronic form, edema, cystitis, urethritis, cholelithiasis, cholecystitis, cardiovascular diseases( i.e., where the disease is accompanied by severe edema) means "Golden Horse".The price of the drug makes it affordable for all layers of the population. And this is his huge advantage.

"Golden Horse": instruction

golden horse for men reviews

A tool for enhancing potency will color the sexual life with new colors. Strengthen sexual opportunities, reduce the break between sexual intercourse. The drug increases sexual ability in men of any age. Helps to revive lost strength.

"Golden Horse"( the instruction says that before using the drug should consult a doctor) is drunk 1-2 tablets twice a day during meals. Tablets can be taken for several hours( 1-3 hours) before sexual intercourse. The drug takes 10-25 days. As a rule, one package is enough for a full course of treatment. It is not recommended to use dietary supplements before bedtime.

In a vial with tablets is a bag with a substance that absorbs moisture, which can not be ingested.

Indications and contraindications

golden horseback instruction

Natural remedy "Golden Horse" is indicated for impotence, erectile dysfunction, loss of sexual strength, frigidity. Used to strengthen the potency and sexual desire. Prolongs sexual intercourse and increases sexual stamina, eliminates premature ejaculation, normalizes libido. Makes an orgasm more vivid and full. Prevents the onset and development of prostatitis.

It is recommended for prevention and in complex therapy of urolithic and cholelithiasis. Increases physical and mental activity, gives strength, tone and energy to the body, helps to overcome fatigue and depression.

Biologically active additive is contraindicated in hypersensitivity to drug components, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, with pronounced atherosclerosis, malfunctions in the central nervous system, such as increased excitability, sleep disturbance. It is forbidden to take the drug for pregnant and lactating women, children under the age of 12 years. The drug should not be taken before bedtime.

Side effects of

"Golden Horse"( reviews say that the drug gives the result immediately) has no side effects. The drug is not a medicine, but before using it, you should consult a doctor.

During the reception of the remedy there is a change in the color of urine, it acquires a green and blue tint.

Advantages of using the preparation

golden horse for men price

The drug for men "Golden Horse" has proved to be very successful on the market. The price for it is quite low compared to similar analogs. This is one of its advantages. The other should include:

  • prolongation of sexual intercourse;
  • increase in the number of sexual acts;
  • reduced recovery time between sex;
  • increased libido and orgasmic sensations;
  • restoration of potency due to internal reserves of the body;
  • enlargement of the penis as a result of the process of erectile tissue expansion and stimulation of blood circulation;
  • increase in tone, energy, endurance and performance;
  • natural composition.

In addition, the drug with long-term admission is not addictive, well absorbed by the body and does not give side effects.

The cost of the product

golden horse reviews

More than once proved its effectiveness in the intimate sphere "Golden Horse" for men. The price of the drug, depending on the point of sale, varies. So, 20 tablets of funds for potency will cost buyers 300-350 rubles, and 100 tablets - in 1000-1200 rubles.

In addition, the "Golden Horse" for men, the price of which is very acceptable, should be stored after purchase in a dry, well ventilated place and be inaccessible to children. The temperature regime of storage should not exceed 30 ° С.
The shelf life of the bioadditives is three years.

The drug is sold through:

  • pharmacy network;
  • stores of intimate goods;
  • special departments of the trading network;
  • online shopping.

"Golden Horse" for men: reviews

golden horse price

The most different reviews received the drug for men. Some argue that the result after taking the pill is noticeable after a few minutes. Others note vivid sensations of orgasm, prolonged sexual intercourse, an extraordinary charge of strength and energy. They say that sleep improves, work efficiency improves, fatigue goes away. They also talk about the pleasure that men delivered to their wives, girlfriends and a very different quality of sex. A prolonged exposure to the drug for 48 hours is noted. The drug is praised and said that it is not inferior to the vitamin-mineral complex. It is argued that women for the normalization of libido also accept the "Golden Horse" for men.

Reviews negative indicate an ineffective effect of the remedy, even after a monthly course of daily intake. Consider it a placebo and a pacifier. Someone negatively speaks about the blue dye in the composition of the tablet, but someone does not like its long-lasting effect( up to 48 hours).

In general, the drug "Golden Horse" helps, makes an intimate life more intense, bright, and men - more confident in themselves and their abilities.