Trainer Bubnovsky. Exercises by the method of Dr. Bubnovsky

Specially for people who have problems with the musculoskeletal system, developed a multifunctional simulator Bubnovsky. It allows you to strengthen your muscular corset, get rid of pain in the spine, and prevent the appearance of an intervertebral hernia. Simulator of Bubnovsky

The essence of kinesitherapy

Dr. Bubnovsky has developed a special technique for the treatment and prevention of joint diseases, the essence of which is that only movement, active activity can restore the normal functionality of the painful muscles. Kinesatherapy is aimed at overcoming pain in the affected areas. Neither drugs nor injections are able to completely restore normal blood circulation, lymph flow in the muscles of our body. Simulator Bubnovsky allows you to normalize the delivery of all the necessary trace elements, oxygen to the muscle tissues, and restore the mobility of the joints. However, all exercises should be done only after consulting a doctor. Multifunctional simulator Bubnovsky

To show the exercises on the simulator Bubnovsky

This therapeutic technique is well suited for the treatment of osteochondrosis, arthritis, pain in the shoulder joints. Also, the multifunctional simulator Bubnovsky has proven itself in the treatment of such diagnoses as knee arthrosis, cocksoarthrosis. Also, the procedure is shown for violations in the genitourinary system: prostatitis, impotence and even hemorrhoids. It should be noted that this therapy is used during rehabilitation after operations on the spine, other internal organs, suffered heart attacks and strokes. Simulator Bubnovsky recommended for the prevention of scoliosis, bronchial asthma, diseases of internal organs, infertility. There is also a special complex of activities for pregnant women, whose goal is to prevent back pain, varicose veins.

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Bubnovsky trainers for the home

Varieties of this simulator

There are several modifications of this device. Single column( MTB-1) further has two rotation block( top and bottom), and one upper, which is fixed. Through the blocks passes a cable, which, in turn, is attached to a set of goods. Lock your position or lean allow short and long handles. They are located on the vertical and lower rails. There may also be two racks, and four( vertical) racks. The simulator of Bubnovsky MTB-2 is two racks and a bench. Thanks to weighting agents, an anti-gravity effect is achieved, that is, there is no pressure on the spine. Due to the fact that the trainer is equipped with different weights in terms of its weight, you can individually choose the weighting that is right for you. This device is able even to replace the entire gym, if only competently pick up a set of exercises. However, if there is no time or opportunity to attend gyms, you can buy Bubnovsky exercise machines for the home. Trainer Bubnovsky. Price

How much does the

do? For MTB-1, the MTB-1 modification is best for classes at home. The price depends on the set of loads that are included in the kit( 20-100 kg), and on the height of the vertical frame. Also in addition, the assembly may include a Swedish wall. The best option for the home - trainer Bubnovskaya, the price is in the range 68000-90000 rubles. Many sports halls( and medical institutions) complete their premises with more expensive options. Modifications with the Swedish wall will cost about 170,000 rubles. A wider range of exercises can be performed on four vertical supports. This simulator Bubnovsky( the price is approximately 280,000 rubles) is installed primarily in health centers.

What exercises can be performed on the

The main points that distinguish this device are the decompression and anti-gravity system. During training, the human body is in a suspended state. At this time, the muscles and joints relax, stretch. The load decreases several times. This contributes to the disappearance of pain. Due to stretching, the joint of joints also decreases. Because of this, cartilage is less prone to erasure. Exercises on the simulator Bubnovsky quite diverse. Using two hands, you can work well the muscles of the cervical region, shoulders. You can also perform crossed or step-by-step movements with your feet. This strengthens the spine, promotes intensive blood circulation in the pelvic organs. Such exercises specialists recommend for various gynecological diseases. With pains in the back, deflections are effective( standing on all fours).It is worth noting that all exercises are chosen individually. And at the beginning each patient undergoes physical examination from a specialist who evaluates the main compression zones. The full course of treatment consists of 3 stages( approximately 3 months).Between them, a short break is recommended( about a week).Exercises on the simulator Bubnovsky

Features and benefits of Dr. Bubnovsky's technique

The Bubnovsky multi-function simulator is completely safe, some programs are designed specifically for children, pregnant women. The spine with these exercises is unloaded, which is very important for serious diseases, such as a hernia, fractures. Painful symptoms are removed only because of the internal reserves of our body, and not at the expense of medications. A fairly deep dorsal muscle is being developed, and this leads to an increased supply of nutrients and microelements. In addition, when acquiring a simulator for home use, there is no need to attend gyms. It gives an opportunity to study almost all muscle groups: biceps, triceps, press, gluteal tissues, etc. A competently chosen complex of exercises not only beneficially affects the muscles of the body, but also enhances the blood supply of bone tissue. As a result, joints regain their former mobility, tendons and ligaments are strengthened.