Application of birch tar: in medicine and not only

Birch is a symbol of the Motherland, a sad image-hero of folk songs, familiar from childhood. It gives us not only sad memories, but also health, and more. .. Do you remember the birch bark letters? They were used for writing by our old ancestors, and it was thanks to them that the legends of the past, the first stories that had taken flesh from the birch bark, reached us. The use of birch for healers is invaluable: it is not only juice, the extraction of which is considered cruel, but also tar. Application of birch tar is widespread. It is useful in different spheres of life. Today we will talk about tar from the biological and medical point of view.

application of birch tar

Application of birch tar. What is the cause of interest?

Tar is a peculiar substance. It is viscous, viscous, liquid, has a specific smell. However, give up squeamishness if you really need help. Despite its external unattractiveness, it contains salicylic acid, phenols, resins and other no less remarkable substances. The use of birch tar is due to the recognition of its potent antiseptic properties in pharmacology and medicine, its beneficial effect on skin in various diseases is known. In addition, there is an antifungal effect. Tar has found a place in veterinary medicine.

birch tar application for psoriasis

Application of birch tar in medicine: a pair of recipes

Below are the recipes that can be successfully used in the treatment of various ailments.

If your throat is very sore - mix the same proportion of lard and tar and hold for 5 minutes in a water bath. Put this ointment on the neck, cover with a woolen scarf.

For skin diseases, birch tar can also be used. The use of tar in tar is simple, although the disease itself is unpleasant. If you find a strange rash of unknown nature on the body with traces of pimples, consult a doctor. This problem can be tried and solved by tar. To do this, mix it with water and alcohol in a ratio of 4: 3: 3.Handle sore spots on the body with tar( do not overdo it, otherwise risk getting severe burns) and take a bath with the above solution for a short time, a maximum of a quarter of an hour. And this is not the only recipe. If you dig into the literature, you can find a dozen recipes that recommend exactly tar.

This is far from a complete list of diseases defeated by tar. They can facilitate the course of furunculosis, giardiasis, emphysema, scabies, cystitis, pediculosis, tuberculosis, depriving, burns, dermatitis, herpes, hemorrhoids and gynecological diseases.

You can apply a cotton bud of tar on the pimples, but do not overdo it. There is also a special tar soap, washing which will improve the condition of your skin.

application of birch tar in medicine

Application of birch tar in everyday life and not only

Not only physicians are interested in tar. To synthesize organic substances it is used by chemists. And the carpenters process tar to fight beetles. They are molded by ships and roofs. Horse-breeders smear the leather harness with tar for elasticity and softness.

When application of birch tar can be dangerous?

This product is the safest to buy in a pharmacy. It is made from the upper layers of the bark, leaves, and kidneys. And although many prefer to self-engage in the production of tar, it is still better to trust the antiseptic conditions of pharmacology. Do not overdo tar on the body, as it will burn strongly and only exacerbate the situation. Do not use it too often, otherwise you will lose sensitivity to the product.