A simple way to enlarge the chest and reduce the stomach - exercise for posture

Have you noticed a woman who walks confidently while holding her back straight? Such a woman not only looks great, most likely, she feels much better than many. Why?

How many different illnesses persecute people only because they stopped following their posture and got stoop. Osteoporosis, osteochondrosis, back pain, stiffness. .. All these troubles could be brought to naught if people continued to watch how they keep their backs.

For some, diets and persistent feelings about one's abdomen and waist are becoming mania, but there is a better way - start making easy exercises for posture.

First of all, check how much stoop you developed. Go to the wall or other vertical surface( without the skirting) and press it with your whole body. Make sure that your heels, calves, buttocks, shoulder blades and head tightly touch the wall at the same time. Have you seen the difference between how you stand now and how you normally keep your back?

Now slowly move away from the wall, trying to remember this position. Walk around the room, dance. Most likely, you will feel some tension and even a slight pain in the muscles and in the spine. At the same time, you will see that it is easier for you to walk and even breathe. This simple control exercise for posture needs to be done several times a day, until your body again gets used to the correct position.

Before you start doing exercises for posture, try the old way to correct it. Find the big book and put it on your head. To maintain balance, you will be forced to straighten. With this book on your head you need to walk, crouch and dance - so you will accustom the spine to straighten and strengthen the muscles of the back, neck and shoulders. Remember African women - with what grace they carry weights on their heads, and how they move with a springy, light gait.

A little training, and you will become as slim as they are. The thorax will rise and visually enlarge the chest. And the stomach itself will be drawn - and all this without plastic and diets.

Do not forget about the position of the body during the night rest. It seems that soft cushions and feather beds should create a better rest for a tired back, but it is not. For the posture should be watched around the clock: in the day do not forget to straighten your back and straighten your shoulders, and at night you need to ensure a flat surface of the bed. It is best to deal with this orthopedic types of mattresses and pillows that prevent the curvature of the spine. Ideal for sleeping are relaxing water mattresses. The rule is this: if you feel pain and tension in the back and neck in the evening, then in the morning after awakening these signs should disappear if you could correctly pick up a mattress for sleeping.

Exercises for posture

During the day, you need to periodically recall whether your back is in order. This means that you need to straighten up, as if you hooked on the bottom of the ribs and pulled up. In addition, you need to do very useful exercises for posture, which strengthen the muscles, especially the internal ones.

Try to learn the following techniques for posture:

1. Stand up straight, hands on the belt, legs slightly spread. Use your hands to make circular motions. Forward - 6 times, back - 6 times.

2. In the same initial position, lift each shoulder six times each shoulder.

3. Stay in the same position and sharply raise both arms simultaneously - 6 times.

4. Leave your legs in a position that is shoulder-width apart and connect your hands behind in the lock. Stretch forward, slowly arching your spine and pulling your hands, locked in the lock, back. Repeat 6 times.

5. Standing straight, 6 times do such exercise for posture: raise your right arm and bend at the elbow, lower your left hand and bend it in the elbow. Try to connect both hands. Repeat this exercise by changing the position of the hands.

If you are not hard, you can increase the number of exercises carried out up to 8 times.