Natural diuretics for edema - the best solution

It should be noted at once that edema is nothing more than the accumulation of fluid in the body, the consequence of which can be a variety of causes. This is a violation in the work of the heart, kidneys, hormonal failure, various types of allergies and other diseases. In the event that the edema occurred as a result of a malfunctioning of any systems or organs, it is necessary to immediately seek medical help from a specialist. But much more often the cause of edema is malnutrition, supersaturated with sodium.

As you know, a good and proper diet should be based on consumption of protein foods, fermented milk products and necessarily greenery of various kinds. Only then the balance of fluid in the body will be ideal, there will be no problems with swelling. It is necessary to exclude from the menu such products, as a ham, cheese, sausage and various kinds of canned food as in them contains the greatest quantity of salts. It is not recommended to consume a lot of tea, much less coffee, it is better to drink clean water. Experts advise drinking about 1.5 liters of fluid a day. The food is settled, but the problem is not solved? Then, for general prevention, cleansing the body of toxins and toxins, and even for weight loss, you can use diuretics for swelling.

If you talk about a list of plants that help get rid of excess fluid, you should start with such a magnificent tool as birch buds. They have an excellent effect on the body with any kind of edema and quickly rid them. No less effective diuretics for edema are parsley, kidney tea, chamomile, adonis grass, black elderberry flowers, rhizome of calamus, pocheyuy mountain mountain flower, crabgrass, strawberry and heather, grassy creeper and parsnip. Often used infusions of grass sporisha and woodmaits.

Popular diuretics for edema are very effective and are a natural, non-harmful way to get rid of the uncomfortable state of the body. Ideal diuretics for facial edema can be made from parsley. It must be thoroughly washed, cut and filled with milk, steamed mixture in a hot oven until the milk is drowned and there is not a thick mass left to take on the spoon throughout the day. This is one of the most powerful and effective means, which can quickly remove swelling.

Swelling is never the root cause. This is a consequence. And, if in the evening you had a good walk, did not get enough sleep, ate harmful and salty foods, in the morning, most likely, there will be swelling. Good diuretics for face swelling are a decoction of birch buds, various kinds of natural tea with leaves of cowberry or currant, and cranberry or cowberry mors. These funds softly act on the body, do not interfere with the work and the usual rhythm of life, and they refresh the skin well, removing swelling. Very good compress of fresh cucumbers or potatoes, superimposed for a few minutes on the face and neck. You can refresh your face with frozen parsley juice or purchase special anti-edema masks from the pharmacy and periodically use them.

Diuretics for swelling should always be on hand, but to make them the best results, you should know a few secrets from the use. In the second half of the day, the body begins to get rid of all the excess, including liquid, and the herbs will be an ideal tool to help him in this. Therefore, take diuretics for swelling after dinner and in the evening. Be sure to take a break between treatment courses. It should be at least two to three weeks, in order to avoid getting used to the body. And do not forget that even the most effective remedy with time begins to act on the body to a lesser extent, and it is best to periodically change its components.