Spazmolitik "Mebsin Retard": the instruction."Mebsin Retard": indications, contraindications, reviews

For sure, each of us took drugs that belong to the group of antispasmodics. Such tools can contain completely different components. However, all of them are designed to eliminate or reduce muscle spasms, greatly facilitating the patient's condition. instructions mebzin retard

To date, the most popular and inexpensive drug with a similar effect is "Mebsin Retard."Instructions for use, reviews and features of this medication are provided below.

Form of spasmolytic, its packaging and composition

What form is characteristic for the MebSin Retard medication? Instructions for use, reviews report that this product is made in the form of capsules with a content of 200 mg of the main substance. They are packaged in blisters and placed in packs of cardboard.

This preparation contains mebeverine hydrochloride, which is presented in the form of pellets with prolonged action. Also, the medicament contains microcrystalline cellulose, sucrose, mannit( E 421), ethylcellulose and sodium lauryl sulfate.

Features of the drug

What is remarkable about this medication? What does the instruction say about this?"Mebsin Retard" is a drug that is antispasmodic. It has a selective effect on the smooth muscles of the digestive system.

According to experts, this tool quickly eliminates spasm of the sphincter. At the same time, it has no effect on normal intestinal peristalsis and is an anticholinergic synthetic drug.

mebzin retard instruction

Indications for taking capsules

In what cases is the drug we are considering? What does the attached instruction say about this?"Mebsin Retard" is often prescribed for symptomatic treatment of pain syndromes and spasms in the irritated bowel( including persistent diarrhea, constipation, dysbiosis and postprandial discomfort).

It should also be noted that this medication is effective in gastrointestinal spasms, which are caused by organic diseases. In addition, it is used to eliminate dyspeptic phenomena in enteritis and diverticulitis, as well as in other inflammatory processes occurring in the gastrointestinal tract.

One can not help saying that the MebSin Retard drug, the instruction of which is described below, shows itself well in functional disorders of the bile duct and liver.


What contraindications for use does the instruction contain?"Mebsin Retard" practically does not have any prohibitions to use. It is not prescribed only if the patient is hypersensitive to mebeverine hydrochloride. In other cases, this drug is not contraindicated.

Medication "Mebsin Retard": instruction for use

Take this medication only after visiting a doctor. For adults and children from 10 years, this drug is usually prescribed 1 capsule twice a day. In this case, the drug should be consumed 20 minutes before meals. Capsules should not be chewed. They are swallowed in a whole form and washed down with plenty of drinking water.

mebzin retard instructions for use review

If after several weeks the desired therapeutic effect has been obtained, the dosage can be slightly reduced, and then completely cancel the medication.

Side effects of

About which side effects does the patient inform the accompanying instruction?"Mebsin Retard" very rarely evokes such phenomena. Sometimes, against the background of its reception, patients suffer from allergic reactions, which are manifested in the form of skin rashes, angioedema and urticaria.

It should be noted and the fact that taking this medication can cause a dizziness, constipation or, conversely, diarrhea in a patient. At such reactions it is necessary to address to the doctor.

Application of the drug during pregnancy and breastfeeding

When carrying a child, the MebSin Retard medication, the instruction of which was described above, is used with extreme caution and only according to the indications.

As for women nursing a baby, they should strictly adhere to all therapeutic dosages. This is due to the fact that, under the usual scheme of treatment, the active substance of the drug does not penetrate into breast milk, which means it is safe for a newborn baby.

mebzin retard instructions for use

Drug Interaction with Other Drugs

Information on the interaction of the drug "Mebsin Retard" with other medicines has not been established. However, the patient must be warned by his doctor about taking other oral medications.

Overdose with

Medication Overdosage with MebSin Retard may cause symptoms such as excessive CNS excitation.

To eliminate negative reactions, the patient is washed with a stomach and activated charcoal. Symptomatic and supportive therapy is also provided.

Terms of Sale and Storage

This drug is on sale in pharmacies without a prescription. Keep it in a dark place at a temperature of not more than 20 degrees.

Reviews of consumers

Capsules( tablets) "Mebsin Retard"( instructions are included) are often taken with spasms and abdominal pain. According to consumer reports, this medicine helps to quickly eliminate all unpleasant sensations.

tablets mebzin retard instructions

It should also be noted that many women are pleased with the fact that this drug can be used in pregnancy( according to indications) and during breastfeeding.