"Karipazim" for electrophoresis: instructions for use, contraindications and features

Electrophoresis with "Karipazim" is a good method for controlling the intervertebral hernia in the initial stages of its course. This procedure is quite effective and helps to avoid the operation. This technique is widely used in other problems of the spine.

It should be noted that such a procedure has certain contraindications, therefore a qualified doctor should prescribe it.

Peculiarity of the electrophoresis method

Electrophoresis is a procedure in which a small magnetic pulse is emitted. With the use of drugs, this current allows the drug to penetrate the problem area through the skin. The most effective is electrophoresis with "Karipazim" with hernia. With the help of current, the drug is delivered very quickly to the site of the hernial formation, as a result of which the condition quickly improves.

Electrophoresis with

However, it is worth noting that a one-time procedure will not affect the patient's well-being in any way. To obtain the desired result, several sessions are required. They are appointed exclusively by the treating doctor. It is important to take into account the age features, the degree of development of the disease, as well as many other factors. The advantage of this procedure is the total absence of pain.

Electrophoresis with "Karipazim" with a competent approach helps to avoid surgical intervention. The drug positively affects the intervertebral discs and cartilaginous tissue.

Effectiveness of treatment of hernia

Electrophoresis with "Karipazim" with hernia of the spine began to be used relatively recently, but immediately earned positive reviews. This technique allows you to get a very good result and just apply it. You can note the simplicity of the procedure, as it can even be carried out at home. However, you need to have an apparatus for electrophoresis and receive the advice of the treating doctor.

Spinal hernia

In general, the course of therapy is 20 procedures, but after 2-3 procedures, you can notice a significant improvement in the patient's well-being, namely:

  • spasms become less pronounced;
  • painful feelings pass;
  • hernia decreases in size.

After completing the course of therapy, the doctor assesses the patient's state of health. If there is a positive result, then there is no need for additional measures. They are performed only in exceptional cases, but other drugs can be used. There should be a break between treatment courses for at least 30 days.

To ensure a good result from electrophoresis with "Karipazim" with a lumbar or cervical hernia, procedures should be regular. This method is often supplemented by other methods of treatment.

The positive effect of electrophoresis can be fixed by observing a diet that is developed individually.

Indications for the application of the

method Electrophoresis is used as an independent procedure and when performing complex therapy of such pathologies as:

  • osteochondrosis;
  • hernia and protrusion;
  • arthrosis;
  • radiculitis;
  • bursitis;
  • myositis.

Since the drug "Karipazim" helps to dissolve proteins, it can completely eliminate hernial formation. However, it is worth remembering that this medication has certain contraindications that must be taken into account.

Treatment of a hernia with "Karipazim"

Electrophoresis with "Karipazim" with a lumbar hernia is very popular due to the effectiveness of the procedure and its availability. And you do not need to have a medical qualification, since almost any person can cope with this.

The drug for the treatment of hernia

The drug "Karipazim" refers to effective enzyme products, which are made on the basis of biologically active components. All constituent medicines are synthesized from papaya fruits. They help:

  • soften the tissues of the spine;
  • to eliminate inflammation;
  • to increase the production of collagen.

This contributes to the scarring of damaged fibers, and also helps to increase their elasticity and elasticity. In the treatment of herniated spinal cord, electrophoresis with "Karipazim" helps to reduce it in size, resulting in the release of jammed nerve endings, the inflammatory process is eliminated, and soreness also passes.

For optimal results, doctors are advised to additionally use this medication in the form of a gel or cream and apply on the back.

Feature of the drug

The drug "Karipazim" is intended for the treatment of intervertebral hernia. The main substance is an enzyme extracted from papaya juice. In addition, the composition includes other components. The medicine is released in the form of a powder, from which the solution is then prepared.

The main active substance of the drug

When applied, only affected areas are affected and the drug does not affect healthy tissues. The use of "Karapazima" ensures the scarring of the disc and its restoration. In addition, the drug has anti-edematous and anti-inflammatory effects, stimulating the processes of blood circulation and tissue repair. At electrophoresis with "Karipazim" the expressed therapeutic effect is provided. Also, the medicine is not absorbed into the total blood flow and does not have systemic effects on the body.

The price of "Karipazim" for electrophoresis is quite affordable and is approximately 180 rubles per bottle. That is why many patients can afford to perform the treatment procedure themselves.

Technology of the procedure

Electrophoresis with "Karipazim" is carried out with the use of the device. It has in a set of wires of different poles. For the procedure requires a special dense rubber gasket. It is moistened in a prepared solution, and then covered with paper.

Symptoms of a hernia

Prepared gasket should be placed on the affected area and poured into the central part of the drug. Then connect the electrode. To make the drug much more quickly penetrated to the affected area, you need to use 2 more gaskets. They are prepared in a similar way, but this requires a different drug - "Eufillin."It helps to normalize blood circulation and dilate blood vessels.

Fixing the result of

To obtain the desired result during the treatment procedure, you must follow certain rules. It is necessary to undergo medical sessions regularly, since systematicity is important. If the doctor appoints additional procedures, then they must be performed.

Gel Karipazim

For faster recovery, you need to alternate between physical activities and rest. In addition, the importance of taking vitamins.

Contraindications and complications of

Despite the fact that treatment of vertebral hernia with "Karapazima" shows very good results, this tool has certain contraindications. Such a technique is not recommended for such violations as:

  • heart problems;
  • acute infectious diseases;
  • hypertension;
  • fever;
  • oncological diseases;
  • Diseases of the skin.

Despite the fact that the composition of plant components, this medication also has certain contraindications, which include:

  • individual intolerance of the drug;
  • hyperthermia;
  • acute forms of diseases of the spine.

It is undesirable to treat this drug with pregnant women and during lactation.

Patient Reviews

This procedure, like electrophoresis with "Karipazim", reviews from patients receives a wide variety. Those who are just starting a course of treatment say that the pain sensations pass quickly enough, the state of well-being is normalized. However, after some time after the therapy, a reaction to the drug may appear, since the enzyme corrodes the tissues, which is why it can provoke the onset of inflammation and allergies.

Cervical hernia

In addition, with the active progression of the disease, even after the course of electrophoresis, it is necessary to perform an operation.

Reviews of physicians

Doctors' comments regarding the drug "Karipazim" are not particularly good. They say that the agent can provoke inflammation, and also that the results of its application will be minimal. Experts agree that the main effect during the procedure is the electrophoresis itself, not the medicine. In several sessions, muscles relax and release nerve endings.