The drug "Ambroghexal"( tablets): instructions for use

A drug such as "Ambrohexal"( tablets), belongs to the category of mucolytics and expectorant drugs. The therapeutic effect is the dilution of sputum and the improvement of its excretion from the respiratory tract. The active substance is ambroxol.


Tablets differ in their rounded shape, have beveled edges and a white hue. On one side of the capsules there is a dividing notch, due to which they can be broken into two parts. This is very convenient if there is an order to drink "Ambrohexal" in half of the tablets. The package contains only 20 pieces in 2 blisters. Ambrohexal tablets The drug "Ambrohexal"( tablets, 30 mg) in addition to the main active substance ambroxol hydrochloride in this concentration contains the following auxiliary components:

  • 2 mg magnesium stearate;
  • as much colloidal silicon dioxide;
  • 4 mg sodium carboxymethyl starch;
  • 10 mg of corn starch;
  • 50 mg calcium hydrophosphate dihydrate;
  • 102 mg of lactose monohydrate.

What does the drug give?

At reception many are interested, what pharmacological action renders "Ambrogheksal"( tablets).The instruction says that this mucolytic and expectorant drug gives such effects:

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  • through the serous cells of the bronchial mucosa increases the production of liquid sputum;
  • is initiated by synthesis with the help of enzyme cells, they also break down the internal molecular bonds of mucopolysaccharides that are at the base of sputum and reduce its viscosity;
  • , along with it, displays various foreign components that provoke cough and inflammation;this occurs, as the movement of the cilia of the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract increases( mucociliary clearance);they include viruses, aggressive chemical compounds, allergens, bacteria and dust.

Ambrohexal( tablets) has the ability to accelerate the period of transformation of dry cough into a productive, slowly reduces its intensity. Its concentration in the human respiratory system, which is capable of providing therapeutic effect, is formed about half an hour after ingestion and persists for the next 10 hours. Then ambroxol( active ingredient) is inactivated in the liver and is split into metabolic products that are excreted in the urine through the kidneys. The period during which half of this substance is excreted is 12 hours.

Indications for use

The doctor prescribes the tablets for cough "Ambrohexal" in case of a disease of the lungs or the respiratory tract, accompanied by a thick sputum, the removal of which is problematic( often the patient also suffers from a dry cough).The list of such ailments is as follows:

  • pneumonia( pneumonia), occurs due to the presence of different bacteria;
  • infectious bronchitis( chronic or acute course) - it inflames the bronchial mucosa, which is provoked by bacteria or viruses;
  • bronchiectasis, which is a pathological chronic process, characterized by a partial expansion of the bronchi and bronchioles( places of accumulation of viscous sputum);
  • tracheitis - inflammation in the mucosa of the trachea, resulting from infection and other causes;
  • bronchial asthma( atopic bronchitis) - this pathology is of an allergic origin, bronchial narrowing in it, and thick sputum accumulates in their lumen;
  • cystic fibrosis - this disease has a hereditary nature, it differs in its severity( it is characterized by the production of viscous sputum);
  • obstructive chronic bronchitis - most often provoked by a long irritation of bronchial mucosa by smoking and the influence of various chemical compounds.

Ambrohexal tablets instructions First of all, after taking the medicine, the protective function of the respiratory tract is improved.

When can I not take Ambrohexal( tablets)?

The instruction for this preparation contains information on possible contraindications to its use.

Treatment can aggravate the condition of the patient if taken in such cases:

  • In the first trimester of pregnancy. The active substance tablets - ambroksol - through the placenta penetrates into the body of the unborn child. Possible negative effects have not been clinically studied yet, so it is better not to risk taking the drug at this time.
  • With ulcer or erosive pathology of the gastric mucosa or 12 duodenal ulcer. Ambrohexal components can lead to cell damage in the ulcer or erosion.
  • When individual intolerance of the drug as a whole or its individual components( may manifest as general symptoms, for example weakness or headaches, skin rashes occur).In any of these cases, treatment is canceled, and in the future the remedy can not be taken.

In addition, "Ambroghexal"( tablets) is not recommended to drink in the second and third trimester of pregnancy, as well as during lactation. In case of emergency, the doctor can make an exception and appoint them. This should be done only when the expected benefit exceeds the negative impact on the health of the unborn child. In other cases, the doctor in case of need can safely appoint a patient "Ambroghexal".

Instructions for use

Tablets for cough have their own characteristics in terms of dosage. To drink them it is necessary entirely, sometimes it is necessary to divide in two. To chew the tablets is not necessary, after intake they should be washed down with plenty of drinking water.30 mg of the active substance contains the drug Ambroghexal( tablets).Instruction for use provides the following dosage depending on the age of the patient and the features of the pathological process in the respiratory system:

  • children from 2 to 6 years - half a tablet once a day( 15 mg);
  • from 6 years to 12 - the same twice or thrice a day;
  • adults and children from 12 years after the start of therapeutic treatment, the first three days to take one piece up to 3 times a day;in the following days, 1 tablet is given twice in the mornings and evenings;if the expected effect does not occur, or there is a rapid individual metabolism of ambroxol in the liver, then the maximum dose of the drug is up to 2 pieces 2 times a day.

"Ambrohexal" in the form of tablets has a very high dosage range for the treatment of the disease, so the doctor can adjust the number of receptions depending on the severity of pathologies or individual nuances of a person.

Can children be given?

Babies are most often prescribed by the doctors as a syrup. But in the form described, "Ambrohexal"( tablets) for children can be given after 2 years.

Ambrohexal tablets for children In the form of syrup, the dosage is as follows:

  • up to two years give the drug twice a day for 7.5 mg;
  • 2-5 years - the dose is similar, but you need to drink the medicine three times;
  • 5-12 years - 15 mg three times a day;
  • 12 and older - the first 3 days prescribe 3 times 30 mg each, then twice at the same dose.

Before you give the product to a child, make sure that the box contains instructions for use. Syrup should be drunk after eating. And in the treatment should be in parallel to drink liquid in a large volume( warm water, tea and juices will do).This enhances the mucolytic effect of Ambrohexal. The time of therapy depends on the severity of the child's illness and can be determined by the pediatrician. Without his recommendation, the drug should take a maximum of 5 days.

Possible side effects of

The active substance of the drug - ambroxol - is transferred predominantly well. But in some cases, there are side effects. These include:

  • The appearance of an allergic reaction both directly to the key component of the drug, and to any of the secondary. It can take the form of skin rashes and itching. If the reaction is more pronounced, then urticaria develops( a rash against the background of swelling, reminiscent of a burn out of contact with the nettle) or Quincke's edema( affects the skin and subcutaneous tissue around the face and the outside of the genitals).In some cases, there is anaphylactic shock, which is a severe form of allergy, which provokes a progressive drop in blood pressure and loss of consciousness.
  • Dysfunction of the digestive system. This is accompanied by vomiting, nausea, bloating and dryness of the mucous membranes. Occasionally, pains of a spastic nature may appear.
  • Side effects from the nervous system, which are characterized by a violation of taste.
  • After taking the drug, the general condition worsens, may be accompanied by weakness, fever, headaches.

How to take Ambrohexal Tablets There have also been cases in which severe skin lesions, such as Stephen-Jones syndrome, developed after the application of Ambrohexal. But such phenomena are connected not with the use of medicine, but with the underlying disease. If you notice any of the above symptoms, stop taking the medication and consult a doctor immediately.

Features of the use of medicine for cough

It is necessary to carefully study how to take Ambrohexal( tablets) in order to prevent complications, and by all means get a specialist consultation.

Before starting treatment with this drug, it is necessary to take into account such peculiarities:

  • as mentioned earlier, to give the drug to pregnant women or nursing mothers, and also to children only with the consent of the specialist in certain situations;
  • to reduce the negative effect of tablets on the mucous membranes of the duodenum and stomach, they should be taken only after eating;
  • during the treatment with Ambrohexal it is necessary to drink as much liquid as possible, this will greatly facilitate the procedure for dilution of sputum;
  • therapeutic period with the use of this drug lasts about 5 days on average, if a dry cough does not stop and sputum congestion in the bronchi continues, the specialist can prolong it at his own discretion;
  • tablets can be successfully combined with other medicines, for example, they are able to increase the concentration of antibiotics in the sputum, and this allows you to get rid of the bacterial infection as soon as possible;
  • is inadmissible combination of "Ambrohexal" with cough suppressants that oppress it, it provokes congestion in the bronchial tree and lung sputum;
  • if there is a renal or hepatic pathology on the background of the underlying disease, the specialist should check the functional activity before prescribing the drug;
  • this drug does not affect either the speed of the reaction of a person or attention - it can be safely used by those who work in areas where rapid reaction and increased attention is important.

Ambroghexal tablets 30 mg Ambrohexal tablets are dispensed without prescription in pharmacies. But this does not mean that before you start treatment, there is no need to get advice and doctor's advice in this regard.

Possible consequences of overdose

The drug "Ambrohexal" has a wide range of possible dosages, as well as not too much toxicity. That is why with him there is practically no chance of having problems when exceeding the specified number of tablets. But if the concentration of the drug in the blood greatly increases, then there are such phenomena as:

  • diarrhea;
  • is a nervous stimulation;
  • dryness of mucous membranes of the respiratory system and digestive system.

If the patient has noticed at least one of the listed symptoms, then he will need to rinse the stomach and intestines urgently, as well as conduct detoxification therapy.

Shelf life and approximate cost

The drug in the form of tablets can be stored for a maximum of two years. To this end, you need to choose a place protected from light, the air temperature in which does not exceed the mark of 25 degrees. Be sure that packing with it is not available for children.

Tablets for coughing Ambrohexal 20 pieces of tablets of 30 mg on average in pharmacies cost about 100 rubles.

Analogues of

As mentioned earlier, the active substance of this drug is ambroxol. It is also the main component of such tools as:

  • "Lazolvan";
  • Ambroxol;
  • "Flavamed";
  • "Ambrogen";
  • "Medox";
  • "Bronhoksol" and others.

"Ambroghexal": reviews

Tablets, according to patients, are very good in the treatment of bronchitis and other diseases, in which the key symptom is cough.

Ambrohexal Tablet Reviews He suffers many, both children and adults. In some cases, coughing is not even accompanied by fever and other symptoms. Most note the incredible efficacy of this drug.

Do I need a prescription?

The prescription for the purchase of "Ambrohexal" from a doctor is not required, but it is better to consult with him regarding the appropriateness of using this particular drug, because with each patient the situation is always different.

As we can see, these pills are a very effective solution that allows you to rid yourself of such an unpleasant symptom of a cold as a cough as soon as possible.