How to properly apply vitamin E in capsules

Now everyone has a rumor of the terms "free radicals" and "antioxidants".In fact, these phenomena are antagonistic to each other. But for human health, the former are a poison, and the second is a powerful antidote. Here vitamin E and is a bright antioxidant, saturating the cells with oxygen, releasing all kinds of toxic substances. And so doctors very often prescribe vitamin E in capsules to patients.

In medicine, vitamin E in capsules is called tocopherol. It is used not only for medicinal, but also for cosmetic purposes. The therapeutic properties of this drug, as already mentioned above, are very broad. Taking vitamin E in capsules, a person accelerates the beneficial oxidative processes in the body, which lead to improved metabolism and intensify the nutrition of cells. Tocopherol protects erythrocytes from toxins, helps strengthen blood vessels and heart muscles, improves blood circulation and prevents the formation of blood clots. The climacteric period in women of Balzac's age, disorders in prostate activity in men and the normalization of the reproductive properties of the body, the critical moments of pregnancy, when the fetus is threatened with miscarriage - all these ailments are treated with the use of vitamin E. Also mention eye diseases, burns and injuries, psoriasis and muscledystrophy - all these different diseases are treated in a complex manner with the inclusion of tocopherol.

This preparation exists in natural and synthetic versions. And in cosmetology, its synthetic analog is used as an effective means for nourishing and moisturizing the skin, preserving its youth and beauty. And individual attention from cosmetologists uses vitamin E for hair as a remedy against brittleness and loss. It is added to all the nourishing masks that treat delicate hair.

Of course, vitamin E for the hair only externally put the effect will not have. Therefore, cosmetologists recommend to combine external application with the internal one and often prescribe vitamin E in capsules when they see special problems in the appearance of a person who bring disharmony into his condition. Capsules are made from gelatin, which dissolves rapidly after ingestion, and vitamin E is evenly distributed through the blood vessels throughout the body without undergoing any significant changes.

If, when taking a drug such as vitamin E, the dosage is wrong, then even a severe form of poisoning may occur, which in the future will be complicated by complex allergic reactions. The fact is that vitamin E is essentially a fat-soluble element with a complex chemical formula. Its assimilation and accumulation should go normalized. Otherwise, there is an overabundance of tocopherol. Therefore, this drug is prescribed by doctors in a complex and very rarely as a separate drug.

Anyone who starts taking vitamin E dosage should be administered strictly individually. Overdosing can lead to various complications, such as diarrhea. Violation of the liver and kidneys and others. Therefore, without the appointment of a doctor, self-medication should not be dealt with. Do not hinder carefully study the instructions to the drug, which always has a detailed description of its properties, methods of application and dosage. And this instruction must be followed with great responsibility, so as not to infest the irreparable harm to health.

In order not to give the body an excuse for the forcible replenishment of vitamin E, it is necessary to eat foods that contain natural tocopherol. Such essential components of the human diet include vegetable oils, animal fats, all dairy and meat products, eggs, sprouted cereals, nuts and legumes.