Cleaning the vessels of the brain. Recipes of traditional medicine

Cleaning of cerebral vessels should be carried out regularly. Not only the level of intellect and memory depends on the state of the think-tank of an organism, but also a multitude of other functions.

Cleaning of cerebral vessels can be done in several ways. The most effective option is the use of a walnut and a circle of pineapple. To prepare the product, clean the nut and crush it. Pineapple is cut into small pieces and added to the nut. The mixture should be placed in a dark glass dish and sent to the refrigerator for a day. Cleaning of the vessels of the brain with this agent is carried out for a month. Every day, the mixture must be prepared fresh. It is recommended to take it four times a day, about thirty minutes before eating.

Another, rather ancient way is the use of hornbeam colors. Cleaning of the vessels of the brain is carried out with infusion. To make it with a glass of water( boiled), a tablespoon of flowers is poured and infused for an hour. Use infusion is recommended three times a day for half a glass. For effective cleansing, the infusion is taken for forty days.

Normal movement of blood to the heart can be hampered by deposits formed on internal vascular walls. As a result, the muscle of the organ experiences a heavy load. Cleaning the vessels of the heart is a primary task that helps the body to cope with its functions. Recipes in this case you can use different.

Cleaning of vessels from cholesterol plaques is carried out with the help of tincture from flowers of Japanese Sophora. To make it, you should pour forty grams( five buds) of sophora with forty-degree vodka. Infuse the fluid for a month in a dark place. Use of tincture on one spoon( tea) three times a day is recommended after eating. Flowers can be poured and boiled water and insist twenty-thirty minutes.

Also used for purification from plaques is a tincture of garlic. It will require three hundred to three hundred and fifty grams of garlic. The teeth are cleaned and crushed to the consistency of gruel. Insist should be on alcohol. Tincture of garlic is recommended to take in small doses.

Regular cleaning of vessels can be performed with dill, honey and valerian root. Dill seed and valerian root are pre-ground in a coffee grinder and on a grater. In a two-liter thermos there are two tablespoons of honey, the same amount of valerian root and a glass of seed. The mixture is poured over with boiling water. Insist should be a day. Use a tablespoon before meals for half an hour.

Purification of vessels is often carried out with juniper berries, juicy tartar and cranberry juice. Juniper berries are taken as a whole. One course involves taking 205 berries. Begin to use them from five pieces, adding one each day until their number becomes equal to fifteen per day. Then the number of berries taken should be reduced daily to one until it becomes five a day.

It is recommended to take cranberry juice for vessels during three weeks. During the first week you need to drink half a glass a day three times, during the second week - half a cup twice. In the third week, the number of juice drinks decreases to one( half a glass) per day.

Purification of blood vessels can also be carried out with bay leaf. To do this, five or six dry leaves are poured with water( about three hundred milliliters), cooked for about five minutes. Next, the broth is poured into the thermos, where it is infused for four to five hours. Daily recommend taking a few sips. The course is three days. This decongestant is contraindicated for pregnant women.