Domodedovo Dental Clinic: services

There are many dental clinics in the capital, both private and public. Most Muscovites prefer to apply to private organizations. However, many good reviews can be heard about the Domodedovo Dental Clinic. The state institution provides the whole range of services related to dental treatment.

Basic information

The Domodedovo Dental City Polyclinic provides services in all areas related to the treatment of diseases of the oral cavity. To date, this is one of the largest dental centers in the Domodedovo district. The institution is equipped with modern materials and equipment for qualitative diagnosis and treatment of teeth and gums. The structure of the clinic includes dental, children's, orthopedic and surgical departments. All doctors periodically undergo training to improve their skills.

home-based dental clinic Domodedovo Dental Clinic is an institution offering a wide range of services. This is professional cleaning of teeth, and prosthetics. We also offer services in the field of aesthetic dentistry. There are also

three X-ray rooms here. Thanks to this, it is possible to detect pathologies at an early stage. In 2012, the polyclinic was awarded the title of Innovation Center.

There is also a children's dental clinic 47. The exact address of the institution: the city of Domodedovo, the Central district, Kashirskoye shosse, house 36.

Teeth treatment

Therapeutic dentistry is given the most attention. After all, with caries or pulpitis patients seek help most often. If the therapy is not performed in a timely manner, irreversible processes will begin in the oral cavity, which can lead to the complete loss of several teeth at once.

children Domodedovo Dental Clinic is a place where specialists come to the complex treatment of simple dental diseases. During the first visit, a complete examination of the oral cavity is made. The doctor specifies with what teeth it is necessary to work. In addition, an X-ray examination can be used to identify hidden caries and inflammatory processes of the gums. The clinic also uses innovative diagnostic techniques. A special composition is applied to the teeth, with which the carious cavity is painted in a bright color, becomes more noticeable.

Special attention is paid to the children's dental clinic for small patients. The institution uses the method of contactless dentistry. Thanks to this, the kids do not have fear of the dentist. In addition, sparing anesthetics are used. Therapy is done completely without pain.


Improper or untimely caries treatment can lead to tooth loss. It is very important to restore the dentition qualitatively. Otherwise, you will have to face a violation of the bite, as well as diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. If there is no need for complete removal of the tooth, the technique of microprosthesis can be used. In this case, the tooth defect is eliminated with the help of a filling material.

Domodedovo city dental polyclinic If the molar is lost completely, the patient will be offered to install permanent prostheses. Domodedovo dental polyclinic is a place where high-quality implants can be installed. In this case, specialists are provided with a guarantee for 10 years.


Malocclusion is a result of malnutrition, loss of teeth, or genetic disorders. The problem can develop already in childhood. The earlier the bite is corrected, the more chances to restore the beauty of a smile without loss. Children's dental clinic № 47 offers several options for changing the dentition. Pre-school kids can be fitted with quality plates. Children over the age of 14 are equipped with bracket systems.

children The orthodontist not only helps to correct the bite of the child, but will also give his recommendations. Parents should know what to do so that the baby does not face problems in the future. Especially this information is important at the stage of changing dairy teeth to permanent.

Implantation of teeth

This direction of work of the institution should be given special attention. Domodedovo Dental Polyclinic is one of the few that offers such services at the level with private organizations. Implantation is a unique opportunity to restore a lost tooth in a short period of time. In this case, the artificial molar in appearance will not practically differ from the natural one. At the same time, the chewing function is restored qualitatively.

Implantation of teeth in the clinic is carried out in several stages. The whole procedure can take 3-4 months. If the patient adheres to the doctor's recommendations, complications do not develop. Dental clinic provides a guarantee for its services.