Soft Colored Lenses FreshLook ColorBlends: description, manual and reviews

Today we will analyze what the freshLook ColorBlends color lenses represent. The thing is that this kind of goods has become very popular among buyers. So, we must first understand what we are dealing with. Especially the characteristics of the goods are important for those consumers who need to correct vision. Let's get acquainted with the lenses produced under the brand name as soon as possible.

colored lenses freshlook colorblends

Without diopters

Let's start with the fact that frequently colored FreshLook ColorBlends lenses are found without diopters. So, you can just come to the point of sales, choose the color and purchase this product. This option is extremely popular, especially among teenage cosplayers or just people who want to somehow stand out from the others.

Nevertheless, if you need vision correction, then such color lenses FreshLook ColorBlends will not work for you. Is it really necessary to abandon this product altogether? This is what most customers think. But this is not a true statement. There is a way out of the situation. Only first you will have to visit professional optics salons.

For the view of

It is a question of that the FreshLook ColorBlends color lenses can have diopters. So, they are suitable for vision correction. But you can use them only in certain cases. As many consumers say, this is an option for those who have myopia. For those who suffer from other visual impairments, Ciba Vision FreshLook ColorBlends contact lenses are not suitable. And to look for analogs is useless. They simply do not exist.

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What vision can be corrected with our current product? Almost everyone in the "minus".Diopters can be from -8 to 0 in 0.5D increments. When contacting professional optics salons, you can easily negotiate the manufacturing or ordering of the Freshhead Colorbands lenses with a smaller pitch. So, as you can see, FreshLook ColorBlends color lenses are an excellent choice even in those cases when vision correction is necessary.


Of course, all potential buyers are interested in the possible colors of our current optics. Unfortunately, this is not a very suitable option for those who would like to change the color of the eyes to some incredible or fabulous. Color contact lenses FreshLook ColorBlends represent a small range of spherical products made in natural shades. Nevertheless, these options still look interesting.

What can the line of color lenses FreshLook ColorBlends offer? For example, two shades of blue eyes( normal and diamond), green, brown, turquoise, silver and gray versions. In principle, this is quite enough for modern buyers. If you want to order some pink or purple lenses, you should keep in mind that there is no such line in the FreshLook ColorBlends line.

colored contact lenses freshlook colors

Instruction: how much to wear

Lifetime and wearing rules for color optics are also available. And all the rules have to be respected, otherwise you can harm your own eyes. Color lenses FreshLook Color Blends - optics, which can be worn without removing, about 8-10 hours. This time period varies depending on the sensitivity of your eyes. The exact time will be required to inform your ophthalmologist when consulting. So keep in mind that you will have to watch over time.

With strong eye sensitivity, FreshLook ColorBlends contact lenses are not recommended. If the doctor has allowed you to wear them sometimes, it is best not to bend the stick. Wear lenses for 6 hours, no more. In this case, you can avoid tension or cramps in the eye. In addition, you will not feel any discomfort.

If you are the lucky owner of a beautiful vision and bought soft contact lenses FreshLook ColorBlends without diopters, you can wear them all day. This is about 12 hours. The main thing, remove the lens at night, because they are intended only for day use. Before going to bed, they must be removed without fail. In addition, if the eyes become red or you feel uncomfortable, then immediately stop using this optics.

lenses colored freshlook color blends optics

It is also worth considering the fact that the proposed color lenses FreshLook ColorBlends, reviews about which are mostly positive, should change every month. And this applies to both medical options and routine ones.

Composition and promises of

What does the manufacturer of this product promise us? For example, we are told that the "Freshshock Colorbands" lenses are 55% water. This allows you to ensure your eyes wearing safety, as well as good hydration. In addition, it is worth paying attention to the fact that this product, according to many buyers, protects from burns and ultraviolet radiation.

Plus to all soft contact lenses FreshLook ColorBlends is a hypoallergenic product. That is, it will not cause a negative reaction in your eyes. Unless in case of strong sensitivity there will be irritation. But such events, according to many buyers, are a huge rarity.

In addition, the small thickness of the product( only 0.05 millimeters) allows you to wear the lens for a long time with comfort. You will literally forget that something was stuck in your eyes. And on the cornea, no trace of the presence of lenses will be noticeable. Only the eye color will change to the one you desired. And that's all.

Practice and feedback

As practice shows, buying contact lenses FreshLook ColorBlends can be a bit difficult. But this applies only to those customers who will have to order optics with diopters. It's all about the fact that the goods are sold in pairs. So, in most cases, to put on colored lenses with a corrective effect, you have to buy 2 sets( if the eyesight is different).In principle, special salons make exceptions and select optics individually.

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Also many buyers assure that this option is not suitable for sensitive eyes. All this is due to the fact that colored lenses are more straining eyesight than ordinary lenses. And if you do not see well, all this will affect your health even worse. Plus, you can have eye damage, redness and even burning. Not the best outcome, is not it?


Colored lenses FreshLook ColorBlends, according to customers, have an average cost. It is not very high, but it can not be called low. In any case, this applies to lenses intended for vision correction. The latter cost increases depending on the neglect of the situation.

Nevertheless, in most cases, it can be noted that the color contact lenses FreshLook Colors have a price lower than that of the analogues. And this fact pleases. For a pair of contact soft lenses you will give about 700-800 rubles. Use of optics can be, as already said, a month. And then you have to replace the pair with a new one. An exception can be lenses without diopters. They are allowed to wear up to 3 months, but only if there is no discomfort. So the positive side of the product is present. They are not so little as it might seem.

colored lenses freshlook colorblends reviews

As you can see, the color lenses FreshLook Color Blends are really worthy of attention. You can easily and easily buy them on the Internet, and in specialized optics salons for a reasonable price. One small tip: consult an ophthalmologist before use. And in case of problems( redness, itching, burning, spasms), stop using immediately. Referring to the doctor in this case is a compulsory item. Also, do not choose light lenses for dark eyes. They will not give full effect. For light eyes, you can buy any colors.