The drug "Molekine" for lactation: reviews. Lactation tablets "Molekine"

After the birth of a child, serious changes take place in the female breast. It begins to produce milk. This food is for the baby, it is considered the best and the best suitable food. However, some representatives of the weaker sex are faced with a shortage of breast milk. It can happen for a variety of reasons. In this case, you should consult a specialist and get an overview of the drugs to increase lactation. The medic can correctly choose the means that will help in your individual case.


This drug belongs to the homeopathic. The manufacturer assures the consumer of the safety of the product and the absence of side effects. However, during the period of breastfeeding, it is necessary to consult a doctor before using this or that medicine, since the negative effect can affect the baby.

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What components contain lactation tablets "Molekine"?The reviews say that the preparation contains only natural combinations. Instructions for use indicate the following substances: sacred vitex, meadow chamber and burning nettle. There are no additional ingredients. The drug is available in the form of small white granules, which are placed in a pack of 10 grams.

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Indications for the prescription of homeopathy

Reviews of homeopathic granules "Molekine" report that the drug can be used to treat inflammatory diseases in the mammary glands. However, doctors do not officially confirm this information. Many doctors are also inclined not to trust homeopathic compounds.

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Instruction for use indicates that the drug is prescribed for hypolactivation. That is, the granules should be used to increase the amount of breast milk. Also, pills are taken to extend the duration of natural feeding.

What about contraindications and the potential for adverse reactions?

The drug "Mlechin" for lactation reviews in its majority is good. Representatives of the weaker sex who used granules, reported that the composition does not cause any negative reactions. However, it is worth noting that the body of each woman is individual. Despite the manufacturer's assurances, there are isolated cases when the medication provoked the development of an allergic reaction.

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Nothing is written in the contraindications section. Doctors say, this is due to the fact that homeopathic remedies do not undergo thorough checks, as they are not a medicine. However, the drug should not be used with increased sensitivity to its components and progressive diabetes.

Method of using "Molekine" tablets

Depending on the complaints, the period of starting the use of the drug may be different. For primiparous women, it is advisable to take the composition immediately after birth. This will help to properly adjust the lactation. If the representative of the weaker sex already has a successful experience of breastfeeding, then you can take the pellets only when there is a lactation crisis( a decrease in the amount of baby food).

How is the drug "Molekine" prescribed for lactation? Comments from consumers report that there is no individual approach to using the tool. It is prescribed according to the general scheme, according to the instructions. So, the granules are taken 5 times twice a day. It is preferable to make the same time interval between the use of "Molekine" tablets. If the first dose you took at 8 am, then try to use the second at 20 hours. The duration of use is not limited. It is allowed to drink granules throughout the lactation period with small interruptions.

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Special feature of the drug is that the round tablets should be kept in the mouth until completely dissolved. It is recommended not to eat half an hour before and after manipulation.

Reviews of doctors

The drug "Mlekon" for lactation reviews of doctors is very controversial. Not all representatives of modern medicine trust homeopathic medicines. Some doctors believe that these medicines are a placebo effect.

However, most doctors are still inclined to believe this remedy. They say that the components of the drug help provoke the production of prolactin( a hormone of lactation) in a natural way. So, the meadow chamber favorably influences mammary glands. It has an antimicrobial, antiseptic and analgesic effect. Stinging nettle is a storehouse of vitamins and nutrients. It has a laxative, diuretic, antioxidant effect, and also stimulates the production of milk and increases the frequency of its tides.

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A sacred vitex is needed for every representative of the weaker sex in the recovery period. It promotes the normalization of the hormonal background, and also has a sedative effect.

Consumer's opinions

Homoeopathic granules "Moleco"( for lactation) reviews are exceptionally good. Women report that thanks to this drug they were able to fully and for a long time to feed their child. It is impossible not to mention the attractive price. The cost of one package of the drug is only 150 rubles. While many other means to enhance lactation are at times a great price.

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Women claim that granules are very convenient to take. They have a pleasant taste and quickly dissolve in the mouth. Strengthen the action of the drug helps a balanced diet, a good sleep and a sufficient amount of fluid.


That, it seems, is all that can be said about the composition of "Molekine".Reviews, description of the drug are presented to your attention in the article. If you have difficulties with lactation, then do not self-assign this tool. Use first a doctor's consultation. Only by his permission, take various medications. I wish you success!