Clarithromycin - suspension for children: composition, indications, instructions for use

Pretty much in demand from parents uses the drug "Clarithromycin" in granules. It is a fairly strong antibiotic that helps cope with a number of diseases. True, it is only necessary to use it under the supervision of a specialist. The children's suspension of clarithromycin is on sale under the name "Clacid".But under the name "Clarithromycin" in pharmacies you can find tablets intended for oral use. When is this drug useful?

clarithromycin suspension dosage

Useful and effective

"Clarithromycin" helps quite quickly to overcome pneumonia, otitis media, herpetic sore throat, that is, severe diseases, often accompanied by complications with incorrectly selected treatment. A really good result with such pathologies is given only by antibiotics, and for children the suspension of clarithromycin, sold under the name "Clacid", is quite in demand.

antibiotic clarithromycin suspension

The drug should be used only if there is a recommendation of the attending physician to this recommendation with constant monitoring of the condition of a minor patient. Correct passage of the course provides not only victory over the disease, but also prevention of complications. True, it should be understood that there may be side effects, there is a suspension of clarithromycin and contraindications. It is important to know them, it is always possible that a sick child is included in the group of those who can use the drug only with special control by the treating doctor.

Features of the preparation

Clarithromycin suspension for children is an effective compound that depresses harmful microorganisms causing upper respiratory tract diseases. When antibiotics are taken to patients, the bacteria can not reproduce, so the symptoms quickly exhaust themselves.

clarithromycin suspension composition

Clarithromycin is an antimicrobial substance from the macrolide group. The suspension of clarithromycin is an antibiotic with extensive efficacy, due to which it shows good results in various diseases. The composition of the drug "Clacid"( trade name of the suspension of clarithromycin) is ancillary components. This makes the therapeutic course even more effective. True, if a child is known to be intolerant of any substance used in the pharmaceutical industry, parents should carefully study the instruction on the use of a clarithromycin suspension for children for the presence of a potentially hazardous ingredient on the list. If you know the facts of an allergy to any medication, you need to inform the doctor about this at the time of prescribing.

How to help?

As can be seen from the manufacturer's recommendations, a suspension of clarithromycin for children can eliminate bacteria from the child's organism, microbes that cause a number of diseases. The agent has a strong anti-inflammatory effect. The suspension of clarithromycin has an immunomodulatory effect and activates the process of sputum evacuation.

This compound can be used from the age of six months. The suspension of clarithromycin is sold in the form of a powder, which must be diluted at home in accordance with the doctor's recommendations and instructions for use. The substance is mixed with pure boiled water, gently shaken and allowed to drink to the sick child.

The medicine is not a pampering!

There is an opinion among non-specialists that a suspension is a syrup, which can be cured by any sore. It's a delusion. The suspension is a particulate medicament suspended in a liquid. That is, a solid crumbles into very small parts, which are then diluted in water( but until dissolved, the powder can not be dissolved), and then drunk.

But the syrup is a concentrated sucrose aqueous solution supplemented with medicinal components. Antibiotic clarithromycin in this form is not available. The price of clarithromycin in the form of a suspension under the trade name "Klacid" in pharmacies for the current year is about 300 rubles. Under the name "Clarithromycin", tablets are given that are approved for use at the age of 12 years and older.

Clarithromycin Suspension: Indications

The drug is always prescribed by a doctor. The doctor determines the duration of the therapeutic course, dosage. At the same time, the patient's age, weight, general condition and diagnosis are evaluated. Usually "Clatid" is prescribed in acute form of otitis media, open type bronchitis and chronic form, with pneumonia, some types of sinusitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis. The drug shows good effectiveness in inflammatory processes that have affected soft tissues. Used for the treatment of certain skin diseases. The price of clarithromycin under the trade name "Klacid", as already mentioned, is about 300 rubles for a package of powder.

clarithromycin suspension

The product can not be used in renal and hepatic diseases. As you can see from the reviews, an allergy, triggered by individual intolerance, may develop in the suspension of clarithromycin in children. When such symptoms appear, they stop treatment and seek help from a doctor.

Side effects of

If the dosage of the clarithromycin suspension is not met, if the patient does not tolerate the drug well, and because of individual characteristics, side effects may occur. The manufacturer warns about the possibility of diarrhea, allergies. After taking the drug in the mouth for a while, an unpleasant bitterish taste remains. With prolonged use, the probability of dysbacteriosis is high. In general, macrolides are considered the most sparing group of antibiotics, which is why they are widely used in the treatment of childhood diseases.

Drugs: compatibility, interchangeability

As clinical trials have shown, clarithromycin-based products are well combined with other medications that eliminate concomitant manifestations of those diseases in which this antibiotic is effective. You can safely combine "Clacid" and antipyretics, drugs from the common cold and cough.

Analogues of the clarithromycin suspension for children on sale are represented by several names, but only the treating doctor, taking into account both the diagnosis and the condition of the patient's body, can choose the optimal variant. Quite often resort to "Klabaksu", "Ecositrin", "Fromilidu".Usually, a change is made when an allergic reaction occurs.

"Clacid": features of the name

This drug is available in several forms and is widely used in modern pediatrics. The drug is effective against parasites that infect human cells. Getting into the human body, the active component affects the metabolic processes, preventing the production of protein in the body of the bacteria, which leads to the gradual extinction of the colony.

clarithromycin suspension for children

The effectiveness of Clacid in the infestation of Helicobacteria, Corynebacteria, Staphylococcus, Neisseria has been proved. The drug shows good results against the hemophilic rod. In addition to gram-negative bacteria, Clacid destroys anaerobic, atypical pathogens and effectively fights against protozoa. Efficacy is due to the accumulation of the active component in the tissues of the body."Clacid" shows the result only when using the full course in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer, the doctor. With the independent use of medication without medical supervision, there is a possibility that bacteria have immunity to clarithromycin.

Suspension: simple but effective

On sale "Klacid" is a powder intended for dilution with water. The result is a liquid with a light aroma of fruit. There are two dosage options: 125, 250 mg. The first option on sale is presented by a vial in volume of 60 ml, the second - 100 ml. In the package there is always an instruction from the manufacturer. You should carefully read it before using the drug to avoid unpleasant situations.

When preparing the bottle with powder, gently shake, add water, again shake. The liquid can be used for 14 days. Remains are utilized. If you need a longer course of treatment than two weeks, you need to buy a new vial. Store the medicine at room temperature, shake well before each use. A kilogram of live weight of a sick child should use 7.5 mg of the active ingredient. The drug is used twice a day.

Dosage features

When treating children under two years of age, the serving should include 2.5 ml of the solution. For patients aged from two to five years, the dosage is doubled - up to 5 ml. When a child is 4-8 years old, the dosage is 7.5 ml. For the treatment of children aged 8-12 years, the solution is given in a volume of 10 ml. In each specific case, the physician can adjust the regimen of reception relatively standard, focusing on the features of the case and the diagnosis.

Usually the duration of treatment is up to two weeks. Typically, the doctor prescribes the drug and asks to come with the child for a second appointment in a few days to monitor the effectiveness of the therapy. This allows you to determine the exact duration of the course in a particular case. In the treatment of more than two weeks, there may be additional side effects, especially dysbiosis.

"Clacid": specific reactions

In rare cases, taking the drug can provoke insomnia, fears, anxiety. There is a possibility of temporary disorientation in the space caused by the release of adrenaline into the blood. Some patients with nausea, vomiting. Can make noise in the ears.

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If a child complains of a headache, a disorder of stools, dizziness, should consult with the doctor in charge. Usually the drug is either replaced, or abolished and treated by the baby in alternative ways.

"Clacid": restrictions on the use of

It was mentioned above that the medicine is well combined with drugs that can eliminate the attendant symptoms. At the same time, there are groups of drugs, at the same time with which the "Clacida" can trigger negative reactions from the body. In particular, when using a number of drugs, "Clacid" negatively affects the work of the heart and leads to a rhythm disturbance. This is possible when combining the drug with Limozide, Astemizolum, Terfenadine and some similar medicines.

With the use of "Clacid" and alkaloids, there is a possibility of toxicosis. The use of Clacid reduces the effectiveness of Rifabutin. It is also necessary to change the dosage of medication when the described agent is combined with "Ritonavir".With the simultaneous reception of Clacid and Triazol, the person becomes drowsy.

And if too much?

With the treatment of Clacid, there is a possibility of an overdose. This is usually accompanied by a breakdown in the work of the gastrointestinal tract. If you suspect an overdose, you should immediately rinse your stomach and seek qualified medical help.

Too long-term course of treatment provokes superinfection, which is characterized by activation of pathogenic microorganisms, which clarithromycin is absolutely safe. In the treatment it is important to regularly take blood for enzymes. At the first symptoms of hepatitis treatment is discontinued.

What to replace: Klabaks

Klabaks is a rather popular antimicrobial agent of wide action. This medication is created on the same active active substance as the "Clacid" described earlier. On sale is presented by tablets. Under the influence of "Klabaksa" proteins in the organism of bacteria can not be synthesized in normal mode, which leads to the death of harmful microorganisms."Klabaks" shows a good result for strains that do not produce beta-lactamase, and for those that are able to produce it.

clarithromycin for children suspension

When prescribing a medicine, it is necessary to take into account the fact that clarithromycin rarely shows a good result against microorganisms that are not afraid of oxacillin, methicillin. In order for the result of therapy to be satisfactory, before the start of treatment it is necessary to take tests and check the sensitivity of microorganisms.

When to apply?

Usually "Klabaks" is prescribed for bacterial diseases, if it was possible to find out that the causative agent is sensitive to clarithromycin. In most cases, these are microorganisms that provoke diseases of the upper respiratory tract: pharyngitis, otitis media. In addition, "Klabaks" is effective against pneumonia, bronchitis. The drug is used for infection of the skin, infection of soft tissues. The drug shows good results in urea-, mycoplasmosis, chlamydia. As an element of complex therapy, "Klabaks" is used for leprosy, toxoplasmosis, antihelicobacter therapy.

How to use?

"Klabaks" is taken orally. Dosage per day appoints a doctor, focusing on the characteristics of the patient's body and the diagnosis. Usually the daily dose is divided into two doses, the tablets are swallowed whole, not chewing, at the same time as food. Duration of admission is determined by the attending doctor.

For moderate to severe diseases, adolescents and adults are prescribed twice a day for one tablet. With peptic ulcer diseases in adolescence, adulthood can be used thrice, the duration of the course is 14 days. Children "Klabaks" usually prescribed, determining the dosage according to the following scheme: per kilogram of live weight - 7.5 mg of the active ingredient. The maximum daily dose of clarithromycin is 500 mg. The duration of the therapeutic course is 7-14 days.

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Special cases of

In cases of kidney diseases, clarithromycin is prescribed in a reduced dosage. If creatinine clearance is 30 mg, the daily dose is not more than 250 mg, but doubling is possible in case of severe infection. In this case, the patient should be under the constant supervision of the attending physician.

"Klabaks" and other drugs

You can not use this medication at the same time with alkaloids, as there is a possibility of toxicosis: under the influence of Klabaks, theophylline in plasma sharply increases in concentration. Also, "Klabaks" can affect the concentration in the plasma of some other medicinal compounds. This imposes certain restrictions on the compatibility with drugs, which include cyclosporine, disopyramide, midazolam, warfarin. The complete list is listed in the instructions for use. If the patient is taking any medications, you need to notify the attending physician about the choice of therapy to prevent negative effects.

If Klabaks is used concomitantly with astemizole-containing drugs, it is necessary to regularly record ECG values. The drug with simultaneous ingestion with digoxin increases the likelihood of digitalis poisoning.