Teenage pimples in girls: treatment, reasons

The most malicious opponent of attractive appearance are ugly pimples. They find not only susceptible to changes in adolescents, but also adults. Acne( large clusters of serious inflammation) without timely treatment leaves behind stains that do not heal for a long time, scars. It is known how such troubles affect future girls. Therefore, you need to immediately begin treatment of teenage pimples on the face of girls. Treatment of teenage pimples on the face of girls

Why do they appear?

Approaching menstruation also causes teenage pimples in girls. Treatment in this case is superficial. In addition to the main cause - hormonal bursts and the age-related transformation of the body - there are a number of diseases that lead to the appearance of acne. It includes diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, kidneys, heart, disruption in the thyroid and endocrine glands, metabolic processes. Disturbed nutrition, stress, improper hygiene contribute to the spread of acne. It is curious that out of 60% of teenagers from 13 to 18-20 years old, at whom they appear, acne is more common among girls. Teenage acne in girls treatment

Fatness elimination as causes of

Oily skin is the focus of inflammatory lesions on the skin. Most often it is on her acne acquires a neglected appearance. It is necessary to properly care for oily and combination skin, do not overdry in pursuit of a clean face. Several times a week you need to use special creams, gels for this type, once a week - cleansing pores scrub. As a support to apply a mask of blue or green clay, wash with soothing and refreshing herbal infusions or cold water. Cosmetics should be chosen very carefully, especially if there are teenage pimples in girls. Treatment, reviews about which will be uniquely positive, combines a proper drying and nutrition. It is important not to touch your face with your hands, do not "clog" the pores. Completely get rid of the fat content will not work, because, most likely, this is the result of a transitional age or heredity, only the right care is needed. Teenage acne in girls treatment photo

Areas of location

With dry skin, often flaky and weather-beaten, pimples appear rarely, they can occur on the forehead and chin sporadically. Normal skin, moisturized and healthy in appearance, is also not prone to acne, minor rashes in the same areas. You can see the pores with the naked eye on a shiny combination skin, in which increased salon formation occurs in the forehead and nose area. Severe inflammation, after which there are scars, appear on the entire face, on the shoulder blades and in the decollete area with oily skin. Common are teenage pimples in girls on the forehead. Treatment should be gentle, as the forehead skin is soft and thin. To prevent the spread of the entire face, you need to take the rule of a couple of times a week to clean the skin with a scrub( better homemade) and daily moisturize and apply funds on the basis of alcohol point. A common problem is teenage pimples in girls on their backs. The treatment is perhaps deeper. The skin on the back is coarser, the rashes on it are usually redder and larger due to the wearing of unsuitable clothing, which does not allow to "breathe" and is a breeding ground for bacteria. Daily it is necessary to take a shower with the use of laundry soap and apply to the affected area with a swab of salicylic acid. The means used for the face are also effective. Teenage acne in girls on back treatment

Acne Treatment Techniques

Teenage pimples in girls, whose treatment needs to be done from different angles, do not go without dieting. Ideally, you need to contact a dermatologist, who will find out the cause of acne and the best way to eliminate them. In addition to external skin care, drugs are prescribed inside, hormones, antibiotics. In most cases, you can limit yourself to proper nutrition, home and medicines. The treatment is aimed at reducing the skin's greasiness, purifying the pores and skin, preventing the appearance of gums( clogging "black spots").It should be abandoned cosmetics, so as not to injure the skin again, from the adjacent clothing provoking the appearance of acne on the body, and from a number of products.

Diet with acne: from which it is worth immediately refusing

Teenage acne in girls treatment at home Diet is the most important factor that can almost completely eliminate adolescent pimples in girls. Treatment, therefore, is due to a reduction in the amount of fat, "harmful" simple carbohydrates, insulin, affecting the work of sebaceous glands. It is necessary to enrich the diet with products containing vitamin A: green and yellow vegetables, fish, liver, fruit, eggs. Categorically you can not eat sweet, fatty, fried, floury. If there is no possibility to refuse bread, it is better to replace the usual white with black bread or bread. Much will improve the condition of the skin refusal of tea and instant coffee because of the content of caffeine and chemicals in them. Of course, no fast food, processed meat( sausages, sausages) and carbonated sweet drinks, juices from supermarket shelves. A girl should not develop bad habits: alcohol and smoking harm not only beauty, but also internal health. It is desirable to reduce the number of dairy products, especially cheeses, to switch to low-fat types. Restrictions are too much for a young, growing body, so it is necessary to replenish nutrition with benefits: porridge, fish, poultry or lean animal meat. Such a diet will help not only get rid of acne, but also improve the condition of the body, improve oneself.

Drugs in the fight against acne

It is important to remember how sensitive and changeable the body of a girl is during puberty. Before using any medications inside, you need to consult a doctor. The most effective means for application are "Zinerit", "Skinoren", "Baziron".They are popular and excellent reviews in the fight against acne. Budget antiseptic variants: badyaga, "Dimexid", salicylic acid, "Tsindol", ichthyol ointment. In order to eliminate adolescent pimples in girls without harm, treatment with drugs must be combined with cleansing, moisturizing agents and nourishing skin masks. For effectiveness, you can use dietary supplements, brewer's yeast, vitamins.

Traditional medicine: home masks

You can cut teenage pimples in girls in other ways. Treatment with folk remedies is mainly aimed at drying out the problem skin. The best mask to eliminate acne and post-acne( spots that remain after inflammation): two teaspoons of lemon and one protein are mixed and applied to the skin for 15-20 minutes. It can be used on the second day, and after application, lubricate the skin with aloe juice. Mask-scrub: rub a small piece of household or tar soap on a grater, add water and a half teaspoon of salt. Mixture gently wipe unhealthy areas, rinse after half an hour with a decoction of chamomile. It should be washed with soap several times a week to soothe teenage pimples in girls. Treatment at home provides weekly peeling: mix on a tablespoon of sour cream and coffee. Do not use with subcutaneous pimples. Teenage pimples in girls treated with folk remedies

What are the talkers? Acne Treatment

When typing in the search engine query: "Teenage pimples in girls: treatment, photo", do not forget that often offered options, in fact, not worth the cost. Chatterboxes are home analogs of expensive drugs, their components are available in popular means. Dermatologists recommend the following recipe: 5 g of levomycetin, 5 ml of salicylic acid, 50 ml of boric acid and the same amount of medical alcohol. Do not overdry and apply only to acne affected areas! A simple and effective way to cure acne on the back and reduce their number on the face: crush 10 tablets of analgin, add a little alcohol and a couple drops of iodine, mix, leave to stand for two days. It is desirable to put the talkers in the evening. Analgin can be replaced with streptocide, add camphor alcohol.

Advice for prevention

Teenage acne in girls on forehead treatment Neglecting simple rules often underestimates the expected results. For the treatment to be most effective, you need to keep clean. Encourage the girl to take the habit of changing the pillow case a couple of times a week, drink 1.5-2 liters of water a day, use a personal face towel, patiently follow the instructions for skin care that will bear fruit. In no case can not squeeze out acne, touch them, enter unnecessary bacteria. To instill in a teenage girl the love for oneself is not so simple, but the main thing is to always support her in an effort to be beautiful and healthy.