Astigmatic contact lenses: features, varieties and technology of use

Astigmatism is a change in the sphericity of the cornea of ​​the eye, as a result of which two foci appear in the eye. It causes the blurred image to appear. To eliminate this inconvenience, doctors recommend wearing astigmatic contact lenses, since they are much more convenient than ordinary glasses. Completely eliminate the disease can only be through surgical intervention. astigmatic contact lenses

Lens features

For astigmatism in children and adults, astigmatic contact lenses are most often used. What it is? Features of lenses are in the sphere-cylindrical form and increased thickness of the device for improving vision. While conventional lenses are spherical and very thin.

Another feature of them is the unevenness of the curvature. Thus, elimination of the wrong curvature of the lens and the accompanying farsightedness or nearsightedness is provided. Since with astigmatism there is an uneven curvature of the lens, the use of lenses makes it possible to eliminate this defect, improving eyesight and not causing distortion of objects and limitation of fields of vision, which invariably worries when wearing glasses.

Astigmatic contact lenses are what it is

Recently, color astigmatic contact lenses are gaining popularity, reviews of which, mostly positive, are often found on many forums and websites. Correctly picking up the lens, you can ensure yourself complete comfort when using these devices to improve the vision.


The rapid development of eye diseases contributes to the rapid development of optics and the creation of new types of lenses. One-day astigmatic contact lenses are very popular. Their advantage is that they do not need to take care of them daily.

Leading manufacturers provide a large selection of disposable lenses, which are sold from 10 to 180 pieces in one package. Depending on the needs and opportunities, you can choose the optimal quantity by purchasing a small box or a large package.

Optics stores also offer a wide range of color lenses. Their peculiarity consists in changing the color of the iris of the eye. By functionality they do not differ from ordinary transparent ones.

Colored astigmatic contact lenses should be selected by a physician. This will allow you to get a good result from the first purchase and feel comfortable when wearing them. When choosing a doctor takes into account the axis of the cylinder and the basic curvature of the lens. These indicators will provide comfort in use.

Features of application of contact lenses

It is necessary to get used to the use of lenses. For the first time, a slight discomfort is possible, which eventually passes. Before you wear the lens, you need to wash your hands thoroughly, so that there are no villi at the fingertips. This will ensure comfortable dressing and taking them off. how to wear astigmatic contact lenses

Remove the lens better with a special tweezers. If there is no such device, you need to get it very gently with your finger.

Please note! If you have long nails, you can damage the lens with just one careless movement. Therefore, you must be very careful and careful when using.

Having delivered the lens, it should be inspected for wrinkles, cracks or other defects.

How to wear astigmatic contact lenses?

To quickly and correctly apply the lens, you need to pull the lower eyelid and fix it with your finger in this position. Then, on the finger or tweezers, you need to bring it closer to the eye and lightly touch the sclera of the eye under the cornea. With the right touch, the lens will fix itself on the eyeball in the optimal position. Before closing the eye, you need to look to the right and left and blink a little. This will allow the lens to occupy the correct position to prevent discomfort.

astigmatic contact lenses reviews

Astigmatic contact lenses do not differ in the technology of donning from conventional ones. The difference is only in functionality, because each species is aimed at eliminating visual defects, so that a person feels confident and comfortable.