Rating: health resort Zheleznovodsk - treatment and rest

The human body is a complex mechanism, the worn part of which can not simply be thrown out and replaced with a new one. That is why to monitor your health is to adjust the operation of this mechanism for a long time. Today, when life requires more and more energy from a person, the main task should be not only quick treatment, but also timely detection and prevention of problems. Rest is what the soul and body need. Remove stress, forget about everyday problems, relax - all these can be provided by specialized institutions. It often happens that having read the information about them, it is difficult to determine which package to purchase. It is in such cases that saves the rating compiled by experts. Zheleznovodsk health resorts are provided with the provided services, profile treatment, comfort of rooms and price policy, but all of them are aimed at achieving one result - to provide their guests with the best pastime with health benefits.

"Oak Grove"

The rating of sanatoria Zheleznovodsk is headed by the "Oak Grove".This sanatorium is located in an oak forest, at an altitude of six hundred meters above sea level. Holidaymakers are offered accommodation in double standard rooms, two and three-room suites. It is possible to single out a lot of peculiarities due to which the sanatorium "Dubovaya Roshcha" receives positive feedback from its guests: it is a modern medical and diagnostic base, highly qualified personnel, and high-quality services and diversified leisure.

rating of the sanatorium of the railways It is represented by four main buildings, which are connected by warm transitions. There is a dining room, a lobby bar, a library, a hairdresser, a SPA center, an indoor freshwater swimming pool, Finnish and therapeutic saunas, a souvenir shop, a laundry, a tour desk, a beauty salon and a water complex."Oak Grove" mainly specializes in the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, nervous, endocrine, urogenital systems. Zheleznovodsk sanatoriums, whose rating is presented in this article, provide an opportunity to solve problems that reduce the quality of life.

"Mashuk Aqua-Therm"

The rating of sanatoriums in Zheleznovodsk for treatment begins with "Mashuk Aqua-Therm", which has been popular with many different categories of population for more than one year and is known for its large landscaped territory, cozy rooms and friendly staff. On the territory of this sanatorium it is possible to receive diagnostics and treatment of diseases in the field of gynecology, urology, metabolism and genitourinary system. sanatoria of the railways rating Also guests can undergo revitalizing SPA procedures, receive help in the fight against obesity. During treatment, Mashuk Akva-Term uses underground mineral water. The well is located right on the territory of the establishment. Pine forest with its healing aromas, comfortable rooms, spring lake, ample opportunities for leisure activities - all this makes Mashuk Aqua-Therm a wonderful place for restoring health and a good rest.


The best sanatoria of Zheleznovodsk, whose rating has long been unchanged, includes Plaza-SPA, a place that even the most demanding holiday-maker will love. It can be safely called an international class sanatorium, because experienced staff, European level of service, excellent rooms, advanced diagnostic facilities, well-developed infrastructure, convenient location make this sanatorium a real godsend for guests. The main objects of treatment are the digestive and genitourinary systems, the gastrointestinal tract. The choice of many falls precisely to this place, which is confirmed by the reviews, which boil down to the fact that Plaza-SPA is a worthy place for rest and rejuvenation of the body.

"Mountain Air"

The "Mountain Air" sanatorium enjoys an excellent reputation, which is located on the slope of Mount Zheleznaya and allows its guests to enjoy the harmony of nature. Days of stay in this place will be remembered by a wonderful atmosphere of tranquility and comfort, an extensive medical-diagnostic base, a high level of service and an extraordinary sense of inspiration among the natural forest park. rating of sanatoria of the Zheleznovodsk In the sanatorium "Mountain Air" it is possible to undergo therapeutic SPA procedures, get help in getting rid of the ailments of the nervous, bile-excreting, digestive and genito-urinary systems, establish metabolism and forget about liver diseases. Zheleznovodsk sanatoriums, the rating of the best of them has replenished this sanatorium, do everything to ensure that their guests have an unforgettable rest and want to return to their walls again.


Sanatoriums of Zheleznovodsk, whose rating is available for review, offer to evaluate the friendliness and hospitality in their best manifestation. Widely opening the doors, the sanatorium "Raphael" meets new guests and offers treatment for diseases of the genitourinary, digestive, endocrine, liver and gastrointestinal tract. rating of sanatoriums of the railways for treatment In this place you can get an unforgettable comfortable rest, inspiration from the beauty of the pristine nature and freedom from the shackles of ailments.