Beet Diet - reviews. Beet diet for 7 days. Beet Diet for 3 days

Beet diet, reviews of which are largely positive, is a good addition to any other program of losing weight or light weight loads. Among the advantages of this method of nutrition can be noted the ability of beets to stimulate the removal of excess fat and lower cholesterol level due to the maintenance of a large amount of fiber in the vegetable. Among the positive properties of beet can be noted the following:

  • Effectively cleanse the body in a short time.
  • Reduce appetite.
  • To promote rapid weight loss without negative consequences.

For a quick weight loss this type of diet perfectly suits. It is very simple and does not require large expenses.

Beet Diet: Feedback

Useful properties of the vegetable

Beet is a "storehouse" of nutrients that have a beneficial effect on human health. From it you can cook a variety of delicious and fragrant dishes that do not harm the figure. Therefore, the most popular among the rest is the beet diet. The recipe of any dish from this vegetable is simple enough and does not require much time and money.

  1. This root crop, in principle, like most vegetables, is low in calories, which causes its use in dietary nutrition.
  2. Useful elements contain not only root vegetables, but also greens, in which, among other things, potassium is present in larger doses than in the vegetable itself. This element ensures the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system, the gastrointestinal tract and muscles. In 125 g of boiled beet contains 259 mg of potassium.
  3. This is a rich source of fiber, increasing it in the diet helps to normalize the work of the intestines, reduce appetite, reduce cholesterol in the blood, so a beet diet for 7 days effectively cleanses the body and reduces weight. Necessary daily fiber intake for an adult human aged 25-38.
  4. Folic acid in a vegetable helps blood formation, also participates in the process of producing DNA.Vitamin B9 plays an important role in the formation of the fetus in the womb.
  5. Vitamin A, present in root vegetables, helps strengthen teeth and bones, improves the functioning of the immune system and improves the quality of vision.

Thus, the beet diet( the reviews confirm this) are a great way to not only lose excess pounds, but also to maintain your health, cleanse the body and cheer up.

How does the beet lose weight?

It is an excellent source of a huge amount of betaine, which stimulates the removal of excess fat. Betaine promotes oxidative processes in fat cells, after which the fatty tissue is thinned, hence the positive feedback about the beet diet. In addition, betaine interferes with re-weight gain.

The second most important substance in the vegetable is curcumin. It has a powerful antioxidant effect on the body - the aging process slows down, harmful free radicals are excreted, the fat cells are blocked by blood vessels, eventually they stop growing and die.

Beet Diet for 7 days

One-day unloading of the body

Beet diet for 7 days for some people seems too long. In this case, you can use a one-day dietary restriction - an effective method of unloading the body in a short time. With this method, you can reset from 0.5 to 1.5 kg.

The diet in this case is quite simple:

  • For the whole day, you should consume 250 g of beetroot salad.
  • The meal is carried out every 2-3 hours.
  • Dinner should be held 4 hours before bedtime. An obligatory condition is the use of liquid in a large amount of 1.5-2.5 liters of clean water per day, if desired, you can drink herbal or green tea.

How to prepare a salad?

Prepare a useful and low-calorie dish from vegetables is simple enough - chop fresh carrots, beets and cabbage, mix carefully the salad, lightly mash and leave for a while to isolate the juice. For a more saturated taste, you can season the dish with lemon juice, but you can not use salt.

Seven-Day Beet Diet: Menu

Beet Diet 3 days

Beet diet for 7 days is complex and contains the optimal level of all necessary nutrients for the body. An indispensable condition is the use of a large amount of fluid to stimulate and maintain metabolic processes in the body. If all the conditions are met, the 7-day power supply system will release from 5 kg of weight.

The menu described below is completely balanced. It is approximate, its ingredients, in addition to the root vegetable, can be replaced with other products with a similar nutritional value.

Monday. Breakfast light enough: 150 g grated fresh beets + a glass of still water. For lunch, you can eat salad from boiled beets and carrots in equal quantities + a glass of water. For dinner, 200 grams of lean fish, steamed + a glass of light kefir, are offered.

Tuesday. For breakfast, you can drink a glass of freshly squeezed beet juice or grate the vegetable on a grater, seasoning it with lemon juice. For lunch, you can eat a salad with a small amount of prunes( 5 pcs.).For dinner, prepare a mix of root vegetables and a green apple.

Wednesday. Breakfast should be limited to a portion of unsweet Greek yogurt. For lunch, you can boil 200 g of beef or chicken + 100-150 g of carrots in any form. For dinner, you need to eat a salad of beets, seasoned with a small amount of low-fat sour cream( 2-3 tsp).

Thursday. For breakfast - 200 g of apple-beetroot salad + a glass of water. In the afternoon you can eat a portion of boiled or steam lean fish with a battered boiled beet( 150 g).For dinner, limit the portion of buckwheat porridge( 100 g) with 200 ml of low-fat kefir.

Friday. In the morning - rice porridge on the water( 100 g) + a glass of mineral water. Lunch can be varied with boiled chicken breast( 200 g) and wiped boiled beets. For dinner, you should confine yourself to fermented milk or yogurt.

Saturday. For breakfast - grated raw beets( 100 g) + a glass of water. The dinner consists of salad from white cabbage( 100 g) and water. At dinner, eat boiled chicken breast or beef( 150 g) + grated carrots.

Sunday. For breakfast prepare a mix of 2 medium apples and prunes( 4 pcs) + 1 glass of mineral water. For lunch - a serving of buckwheat porridge( 100 g).For dinner, you can eat chicken breast with boiled root vegetables( 150 g).

Reviews about a beet diet

Beet Diet( 3 days)

It is not known exactly where this diet came from, but it is quite common among US residents. A lot of doctors are familiar with it and confirm that the beet diet, the reviews about which are mostly positive, fully meets the requirements of a healthy diet, while contributing to the active burning of fatty deposits. During the restriction period, a total caloric intake of 1000 ccals per day is allowed, but some rules should be followed during this period:

Beet Diet: Menu

  • Although the beet diet reviews are positive, it may be contraindicated in certain gastrointestinal and cardiovascular diseases,consult with your doctor about the advisability of using it.
  • The required amount of consumed water in its pure form is from 1.5 liters per day.
  • Beet diet( 3 days) requires a systematic food intake, at a specific time, without omissions.
  • During cooking, you should limit yourself to the minimum amount of fat.
  • The diet in this case is designed for 3 days, the remaining 4 days are designed to exit this mode.

3-Day Diet:

Menu Day One

- For breakfast, you can eat half a grapefruit, one toast with peanut butter + coffee without sugar or green tea.

- For lunch, eat 150 g of tuna without oil, one toast + tea, coffee without sugar.

- For dinner you can serve cooked or baked meat( chicken, beef - 30 g), boiled beets 150 g, average green apple and 100 g boiled beans. You can eat fruit ice for dessert.

Beet Diet: Recipe

Day Two

- For breakfast: one boiled egg + half a banana + coffee or green tea without sugar.

- For lunch: boiled broccoli( 125 g), cottage cheese( 70 g), a pair of salted crackers.

- For dinner: broccoli stew, beetroot salad( 125 g), seasoned with lemon juice. For dessert, one small banana and fruit ice.

Day Three

- For breakfast: cheddar cheese( one slice) + 5 salted crackers + one small apple + coffee or green tea without sugar.

- Lunch: boiled egg + one toast.

- Dinner: 125 g of beets + 250 g of stewed or boiled cauliflower + tuna without oil( 150 g) + a slice of melon and fruit ice for dessert.

Excretion of the body from the dietary regimen

Return to the usual diet should be gradual. It is necessary to continue the reception of beet daily, but in smaller quantities. In between the main meals you can have a snack with fruits or nuts. The introduction of other foods in the diet is slow, in small portions. It is preferable to start with fermented milk products and whole grains cereals, after that you can eat vegetables and bread from rye flour. During the first week after the diet, it is desirable to give preference to lean varieties of meat and fish. Avoid flour, sweet foods, smoked and fatty foods.