What should I choose if I need to insert a tooth?

Modern dentistry offers more and more loyal approaches to treatment with the use of the latest equipment and painless methods. However, nevertheless the most part of people, recollecting about the Soviet drills and anaesthetising materials, long time can not dare on a campaign to the doctor. As a consequence, patients lose a tooth that can be cured, and even then they delay with a visit to the doctor, although this is extremely important. To insert a tooth is necessary so that the neighboring teeth do not collapse, because the gum is soft, and without proper support, they loosen and lean. Moreover, the tooth that is located on the opposite jaw begins to grow, as it ceases to wear off and undergo pressure.

This can lead to serious problems. That is why the tooth should be inserted as soon as possible after its loss. However, there are many materials and methods for replacing the dentition. If you need dentures, which are better to choose? This question concerns not only the preferences and quality, but also the material well-being of the patient. The most expensive material is ceramics. Modern manufacturing conditions allow you to make such dentures that are better suited to your dentition and will serve you for about 15 years. Fully metal versions are more durable, cost less, but they do not look aesthetically on the front teeth. The average option in terms of material is cermet. The prosthesis itself consists of metal, and from the visible side it is closed with ceramic veneer.

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If the teeth of the back row are destroyed or missing( molars or molars), then prosthetics can be performed using any materials and types of the prosthesis itself. The front teeth require a more careful approach. Often it is the front teeth that are destroyed after emergency situations, for example, when striking during a fight or car crash, when falling, etc. But tooth decay does not bypass these teeth, although molars are more susceptible to it. Crowns on the front teeth are placed only ceramic or cermet. The color of the ceramics is selected according to the shade of the remaining teeth and, with the right and high quality prosthetics, the differences will not be completely visible from the side. However, it should be noted that it is necessary to saw tooth with such materials more. But still the crowns on the front teeth will save not only your smile, but also the opportunity to bite off the food.

Before inserting a tooth, it is necessary to consult a physician, sinceit may be necessary to have procedures for treating gums or other teeth from carious destruction, i. e.it will be necessary to sanitize the oral cavity, so that in case of prosthetics it is not possible to get an infectious infection.

The technology of implantation is quite often used now. This type of prosthetics is most adapted to the natural attachment and positioning of the teeth. Its essence lies in the location of a special screw in the gum, which is then attached to a full ceramic tooth. The service is quite expensive, but you can not only insert a tooth, but also replace several lost teeth that are next to you, without using the neighboring ones( as with a bridge prosthesis).

The problem of dental implantation can be weak or painful gums that are not able to hold the pin( screw), or intolerance of the medical metal, sufficiently reliably. The latter is often enough, so you should definitely test for an allergic reaction before such a complicated and expensive procedure. A significant advantage of implantation can be considered that after the destruction or damage of such a prosthesis it can easily be replaced with a new one.

And yet the choice is yours: crowns, implantation or a bridge. We wish you to be always healthy and with a beautiful smile!