Types of simulators for disabled people

Training equipment for disabled people is one way to get a person back to normal life. At present, there are a lot of various devices, the main purpose of which is to help people with disabilities.

Types of

On the point of application:

  1. Training shells that increase the strength of the muscles( upper and lower extremities).
  2. Machines that develop endurance( cardio machines).
  3. All kinds of remedies that restore the lost function of the organ.


  1. Mechanical.
  2. Electric.
  3. With feedback and urgent information.

By usage:

  1. Individual.
  2. Group.

simulators for the disabled

Cardiovascular equipment

Machines of this type are designed to increase endurance. Almost all the muscles of the body work simultaneously. These devices include all bicycles, treadmills, ellipsoids and stoppers. The main direction of their action is the development of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems of the body.

It is important to know that cardio-operations are prohibited for people with he

art disease, overweight( more than 20 kg), breathing problems. That's why before using any projectile it is necessary to consult with a specialist. Currently, in almost any gym, an experienced instructor can develop the right curriculum for a person with disabilities.

Exercise Bikes

A bicycle is a trainer for the disabled for the feet, which allows you to strengthen the muscles of the back and lower limbs. There are mechanical and magnetic training machines. For people with limitations, it is best to choose magnetic models with the ability to regulate the force, as well as pulse trainers. This is important, because the machine itself reacts to changes in the human body, reducing the load.

The pedal simulator for the disabled can be used in the home, subject to regular monitoring of the pulse and force loads.


This kind of loads is quite popular among disabled people, especially when there is no possibility of constant going out for a walk. For some patients, doctors recommend walking more than 2-3 kilometers per day or, conversely, prohibit loads over 2000 meters. In this case, the training machine is perfect for monitoring the distance traveled. It is important to observe the correct pace and speed. For people with disabilities, it is not recommended to choose too high speed - this can have a negative impact on health.

Rowing equipment - hand trainers for the disabled

During training, the main load goes to the upper shoulder girdle and chest, which allows you to develop these areas. Modern machines are equipped with the selection function of the projectile, taking into account the growth and weight of the "rower".Thus, a person with disabilities will receive a load corresponding to his capabilities.

hand trainers for the disabled

Elliptical trainers

These are the newest rehabilitation machines. Their main advantage is the ability to develop coordination of movements, to rest on a mobile platform, to strengthen the muscles of the legs and back. It is important to understand that without insurance for people with limitations, activities on ellipsoids are contra-indicated. Such shells have many contraindications, not only for people with limitations, but for the average person.


This is another kind of pedal simulators for the disabled. Its advantage is in the prostate. More expensive models are equipped with a step counter and a pulse meter, which allows you to control the load.

Devices for restoring the functions of

In some diseases, a complete or partial loss of function of the organ occurs. If the performance of brushes is impaired, you can use the "Amadeo" and "Pablo" devices. These are, rather, rehabilitation complexes that develop large and small muscles of the upper limbs. The huge advantage of these devices for disabled people is that they are robotic. All data is stored in the computer, and the next workout can be started based on the previous load.

"Armeo Spring" and "Paur" - simulators for wheelchair users, which allow you to develop the muscles of the hands and hands. This is a whole computerized rehabilitation complex, which returns the lost function.

The mobile steering wheel for shoulder development is suitable for patients who are able to stay in a vertical position for a long time. Can be used at home, but with insurance.

exercise machines for wheelchair users

Outdoor fitness equipment for the disabled

Unfortunately, in Russia you do not often find on the street places specially equipped for training people with disabilities. Although in modern developed countries, such training complexes in the open air, rather, the pattern.

The simplest in this category is the L-shaped ramp for training. It allows you to get used to the dimensions of the stroller and learn how to carry out maneuvers.

Vertical traction - a street projectile with a special place to install and fix a wheelchair. Allows you to design the upper shoulder girdle.

outdoor fitness equipment for the disabled

A street complex for wheelchair users includes a pendulum, a chest press, a vertical pull, a press bench, a twister, a stepper, rudders, bars, a ski run and even an exercise machine for information and breeding of legs. It should be noted that not only people with disabilities can use this complex, but also people without restrictions. All systems are equipped with the possibility of fixation and the entrance of a wheelchair.

Double bike and "Skier" simulator allow you to develop lower and upper limbs at the same time. These are mechanical devices, therefore one of the drawbacks of such systems is the inability to regulate the force of influence and control cardiovascular activity.

Street machine for the development of fine motor skills of brushes consists of two rotating circles, which must be driven simultaneously with two hands.

pedal simulator for the disabled

There is a street version of the bicycle for the disabled. Thus the person can remain in a carriage and simply twist pedals by legs, having undertaken handles from above.

Bar, bar and step with traction can also be an addition to outdoor training for a person with physical limitations.

Types of children's simulators

KIT - simulators for disabled children in the form of a computer game or a cartoon. One of the advantages of this program is the impact on all areas of the child's physical and psychoemotional development. The program evaluates the level of the load and corrects it. The child is fond of the film and tries to perform all the commands in full, because he is the leading character in the game.

Expander - a ball for the development of a grasping reflex and motor skills. You can use any small toy( which fits in the palm of the child, which is easy to squeeze).

trainers for disabled children

Specialized walkers and jumpers with support for the trunk develop the motor activity of the lower extremities.

Ipotrenazher for strengthening the spine of young children imitates riding a horse. Currently, it is actively used for the rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy.

The Gross system has a set of special supports for performing various exercises.

hand trainers for the disabled

Many companies provide the possibility of installing children's playgrounds for the disabled. This combination of street rehabilitation equipment and attractions. For example, the bars on the movement of the ball, where you can cheerfully develop hands. The height of the structure is designed for an average child in a wheelchair. Simulation of the carousel "Camomile" and the Swedish wall for children with disabilities will help to spend time on the street.


People with disabilities experience constant discomfort in modern life. It is hard to use public transport, go to the movies, shops and exhibitions. When specialized complexes for training muscles appear on the streets of the city, it becomes easier to live. Complexes are focused on the overall development and strengthening of muscle mass. Easy to use and reliable.

As for modern outpatient and home shells, they also showed good results. They helped many disabled people to return to normal life and enjoy social benefits.

Training equipment for disabled people should not be something unusual in our time. All people need development and knowledge of the world. Perhaps, that one more installed street complex in the yard of the house will allow to return to normal life several people.

More and more gyms for disabled people are opened, allowing people to train under the strict guidance of experienced instructors. And in rehabilitation centers, this is done under the supervision of medical workers.