"Duak" - gel from acne. Reviews, instructions, side effects

For sure, every person faced such a skin disease as acne. According to experts, this is an inflammatory disease that is caused by changes in the so-called pilosebatsionnyh structures. douac gel from acne reviews

Usually acne consists of the sebaceous gland and the hair follicle and brings a lot of discomfort to the patient. In connection with this, a huge number of different drugs have been developed that make it possible to get rid of acne. One of them is "Duak"( gel from acne).Reviews about this medicine are presented below.

Packaging and Composition

What does Duak( acne gel) contain? The reviews claim that the composition of the drug includes benzoyl peroxide and clindamycin. Also for the production of the gel the following components were used: carbomer, purified water, disodium lauryl sulfosuccinate, poloxamer, disodium edetate, colloidal silica, water dioxide, glycerin, dimethicone and sodium hydroxide.

On sale this drug can be found in tubes of 15 g.

Features of the

What is remarkable about the Duak( gel from acne) medication? The active substance of this agent( clindamycin) is an antibiotic( lincosamide), which bacteriostatically acts against anaerobic microorganisms and aerobic bacteria( Gram positive).Linking to the 23 S subunit of the ribosome( bacterial), this component helps suppress the early stage of protein synthesis. High concentrations of this ingredient have a bactericidal effect, which is directed against sensitive organisms.

Clindamycin well treats comedones in people with acne. After applying the gel, the percentage of fatty acids( free) on the surface of the skin decreases from 14% to 1%.

What role does benzoyl peroxide play in Duak? Gel from acne, the reviews of which are presented further, thanks to this component has a keratolytic effect, which is directed against comedones. This substance is oxidizing. It has bactericidal activity. reviews about the gel from acne and acne stiefel duak

According to the instructions, benzoyl peroxide is sebostatic. This property allows him to counteract the excessive production of lard( cutaneous), which is associated with acne.

Adding this component to the gel reduces the potential for the emergence of bacteria resistant to clindamycin.

Kinetics of

Is the gel absorbed from the acne "Stieffel Duak"?Gel( customer reviews are mostly positive about this drug) absorbed through the skin in a minimal amount. The presence of benzoyl peroxide in the drug does not affect the absorption of clindamycin. Experts argue that the absorption of the first substance through the skin is possible only after its conversion into benzoic acid.

Indications for the use of the drug

When is recommended to use the drug "Duak"?Gel from acne, reviews of which can leave everyone, is used topically to treat an inflammatory disease like acne.


The drug in question can not be used for hypersensitivity to its substances and lincomycin. Also, this remedy is contraindicated before the age of 12 and during breastfeeding. gel from acne stieffel duak gel buyers reviews

Instruction This product is intended for outdoor application. For adults and children from 12 years of age, the drug is applied to the affected areas of the cover once a day. Before using the gel, the areas of rash are thoroughly cleaned and washed with water. The medication should be applied a small layer before it is completely absorbed.

Continuous treatment with this drug should not exceed 12 consecutive weeks.

Side effects of

In the process of using this drug, the patient may experience such undesirable effects as erythema, dryness, peeling of the skin, exacerbation of the disease and itching at the site of application. Sometimes this drug causes paresthesia and contact dermatitis.

With prolonged use of the drug, resistance may develop, which can lead to the development of superinfection.

Special recommendations

This therapy should be performed with extreme caution in persons with colitis ulcers, atopic dermatitis and enteritis regional.

In case of side effects, the drug should be discontinued.

In some cases, it may take 4-5 weeks of pretreatment to achieve a therapeutic effect.

Avoid contact with the eye, oral cavity, eczematous areas of the skin and mucous membranes.

The product in question is capable of discolouring colored fabrics and hair. Duac gel from acne

Reviews of the gel for acne and acne "Stiefel Duak"

Consumers claim that this drug treats acne well. After its use, all the pimples disappear. A significant disadvantage of the drug in question is the presence of a large number of undesirable phenomena. At occurrence of those from a gel it is better to refuse.