Tutti Classic Colored Lenses: reviews

Colored Tutti Classic lenses from South Korean company Beskon are popular with residents of Russia. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of the product based on feedback. Let's talk about safety rules when using lenses.

Technology of creating Tutti Classic

Quarterly lenses are made of high-quality hydrogel. The company Beskon specifically for the series Tutti uses a unique technology - Cast-Molding. If you translate word for word into Russian - "casting".This method of creating lenses makes it possible to obtain a thin hemisphere and maintain oxygen permeability. The paint is applied during the creation of the contact lens, due to this approach there is no additional layer on the surface of the product, and the paint itself is better than air.

Product description

The "Tutti Classic" lens is able not only to change the color of pupils, but also corrects eyesight in people diagnosed with myopia. The optical power range of the sphere is large enough, from 0 to -10 D. tutti classic color lenses

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Tuttu Classic color contact lenses are made in 6 different colors: purple, turquoise, blue, gray, brown, green. The picture is made in the form of a dot matrix. This design maximizes the eyes to the natural look and minimizes the fuzzy vision of objects. At the edge of the iris, there is a dark line in the tone of the base color, which makes the eyes more expressive.

Tutti Classic color lenses are able to cover the natural color of the eyes, both to the pupils of light pupils, and to brown-eyed people.

The package includes: a pair of lenses, instructions, storage container. Special solution and drops are bought separately( they are necessary for the care of lenses and eyes).

Customer Reviews

Contact Lenses Tutti Classic customer reviews collect both positive and negative. Let's start with the qualities that buyers like. The first thing that excites people who first want to buy colored lenses is how they will sit and not bring discomfort. According to reviews, Tutti Classic color lenses are comfortable enough for wear all day long. The second issue of importance concerns the color of the lenses: will the desired color be obtained, or will the surrounding people shy away from a single glance. Of course, one can not generalize the impressions of all people about color. After all, the natural shades of the eyes are large. In addition, someone likes that in the center can be seen a natural color. In most cases, such comments are left by those who change the color non-cardinally. For example, when gray-eyed people choose blue lenses. contact lenses tutti classic customer reviews

Of positive reviews, especially those that praise the lenses for their ability to increase the size of the eyes. This is due to the increase in the pupil. But there is one more secret. The thing is that the color in the lens is distributed in such a way that the main hue is framed by a dark rim. It turns out very impressive and expressive look.

With all the positive qualities and terms of socks - three months - Tutti Classic color lenses are also available to a wide range of customers. The price per pair is about 800 rubles. In addition, there is a storage container in the package.

Some reviews about color contact lenses Bescon Tutti Classic are also negative. Someone did not approve this product because of the physiology of the eye. You can find statements regarding an obvious marriage, when one lens is not able to fix in the right position. reviews about color contact lenses bescon tutti classic

As usual, all the reviews are mixed. Much depends on the aesthetic taste and physiology of each person's eyes. In any case, if you want to wear a lens, you should contact an ophthalmologist. Do not forget that there are contraindications for wearing any kinds of lenses.

Safety and care for lenses

Any contact lenses can cause damage to health and eyesight if misused or improperly handled.

The first thing to remember all people wearing daylight lenses - do not forget to shoot them for the night. You can damage your eyes, because daytime lenses are denser than 24-hour lenses, and oxygen is poorer. If you believe the reviews, there were cases when after a dream lenses penetrated the upper eyelid. Without going to the doctor this problem can not be solved independently. tutti classic color contact lenses

The second rule concerns a solution for lenses. You need to change it after each removal of lenses. Otherwise, on the surface of the product will appear protein deposits, which irritate the pupils.

Tutti Classic color contact lenses are for silicone-hydrogel optics. This should be taken into account when choosing a solution for care. It is also recommended that the composition of the liquid is hyaluronic acid.