How to take streptocide with sore throat

To relieve the pain in the throat is often used not only pharmacy products, but also drugs of alternative medicine. However, streptocide is very popular. With pain in the throat, this proven tool is often used. Dosage for a child or an adult is prescribed by a doctor, paying attention not only to the age of the patient, but also to the severity of the inflammation. The drug helps to quickly get rid of discomfort. After all, the streptocide has an anti-inflammatory effect and is capable of killing pathogenic microorganisms. streptocide with sore throat

When the drug is prescribed

Streptocid helps with sore throat. But this is not all positive qualities of the drug. This drug is prescribed and with such troubles as:

  1. Burns.
  2. Purulent wounds.
  3. Various intestinal infections.
  4. Children's stomatitis and mouth ulcers.
  5. All possible bacterial forms of tonsillitis.
  6. Pain sensations in the throat caused by pathogenic microorganisms. streptocide with sore throat to children

Methods of application

In medical practice, a streptocid is used in case of sore throat, which arises from inflammation of the tonsils. This drug is most effective in the early stages of sore throat. Streptocide can be used in several ways. As a rule, the drug either dissolves in the mouth, or they are sprinkled with inflamed tonsils.

Often, the drug is prescribed for oral administration. In this case, not only tablets but also powder are used. The main advantage of the drug is the relatively low cost and good tolerability of patients.

How much should I take

A streptocid with sore throat, which is positive feedback, is assigned individually by specialists. They also determine the dosage, after a thorough examination and an accurate diagnosis. In addition, the doctor should indicate the duration of such therapy. Before registering a streptocid, a specialist should conduct a test for the sensitivity of the microflora, which is the main cause of the disease, to the drug. streptocide with sore throat reviews

As a rule, prescribe a streptocid with a sore throat of 0.5-1 gram for adults. The number of receptions per day is 5 to 6 times. A single maximum dose of a drug for an adult should not exceed two grams, and a daily dose of 7 grams. Topical application usually use 10% ointment or 5% liniment.

Of course, you can use streptocide with a sore throat in a child. In this case, the dosage of the drug depends on the age of the patient. Therefore streptotsid with sore throat children to give independently without consulting a doctor can not. After all, the drug has contraindications and side effects. If the dosage is incorrect, you can only aggravate the child's condition.

Who should not take the drug

Streptocid with sore throat should not be taken to those who:

  1. Various kidney diseases.
  2. Dysfunction of the liver.
  3. Deviations in the work of the cardiovascular system.

Side effects of

A streptocid is a drug that has an anti-inflammatory effect. The drug perfectly copes with unpleasant sensations in the throat. However, like any medicine, the streptocide has side effects, among which:

  1. Headaches.
  2. Dizziness.
  3. Nausea.

In case of any unpleasant symptom, it is necessary to abandon such therapy and tell the doctor. In this case, he must offer alternative treatment. streptocides for sore throat in a child

How to take streptocid

with angina. With sore throat, this drug can be used only in the early stages of the disease. To do this, take a pill of the drug and gently rub it. The resulting powder can be mixed with honey. Ready-made composition should be taken several times a day with angina. It is advisable to use the drug in the evening before going to bed and in the morning. After a day, the patient's condition will improve significantly. This is evidenced by the opinions of patients.

It should be noted that some aerosols contain a component such as streptocide. With pain in the throat, such remedies are most effective. However, before using such drugs, it is worth consulting specialists.

Can I replace streptocide

Of course, for the treatment of angina, a single dose of the drug is not enough. To overcome the ailment, you should follow some rules:

  1. Bed rest.
  2. Proper nutrition. During therapy, you should not eat too hot or hard food. This will only aggravate the condition of the patient.
  3. Abundant drink. This will relieve the body of toxins.

If necessary, you can replace streptocid folk remedies. With sore throat, you can gargle with a solution of salt and iodine, as well as infusion of propolis.

If the patient has purulent angina, then the drug can be replaced with juice. To make it, you need a lemon and grapefruit. Of these fruits must be prepared juice. You need to drink in the morning for several days. In this composition, there is a lot of vitamin C. However, remember that self-medication with angina may not be effective and the patient's condition will only worsen.