Spiral gymnastics - excellent health and youth for many years

The basis for excellent health is a good sleep, a full meal, proper breathing, a way of thinking and movement. To the great regret, today some people are very busy to engage in fitness, others are simply contraindicated in any physical activity. Spiral gymnastics is a wonderful alternative. This effective and soft exercise complex, available to everyone, was developed about 10 years ago. It is widely spread throughout the world. Gymnastics is used for treatment, prevention and just for healing. spiral gymnastics

Main principles of

Spiral gymnastics is a complex of exercises, short and fairly well balanced, which allow to strengthen health, restore energy, disrupted in connection with the wrong way of life. These special movements, made in a certain order, are able to create a miracle.

The movements of the spiral gymnastics are very logical and simple, they are constructed clearly on the regularities occurring in nature. For example, changing the seasons, time of day, etc. For this set of exercises, the system, gradualness and consistency is very important. The effect is not on any specific muscles, but on a spiral energy system. Performing gymnastics in symmetrical directions. For example, if you can not turn in a certain direction, then in the opposite direction the turn will be therapeutic. In this way, the whole organism can be diagnosed. In other words, with the help of symmetrical movements it is possible to determine painful places in the body. Spiral gymnastics has no contraindications. It is necessary to simply observe safety precautions, do not twist so that the result is negative, very painful.

spiral exercises

Complex of exercises

The complex consists of only 64 movements. These are various exercises on stretching, squeezing, twisting with balancing and circular motions. Spending just 3 minutes a day spiral gymnastics, many achieve extraordinary results. Even if you do not get a chance to spin your whole body, you can make 64 movements only on certain parts of your body( feet, hands, belly, hips, etc.).The effect can be achieved even by performing with one finger all 64 movements, because there are points on it that are responsible for a particular organ.

When we do the exercises, we watch all eyes, which means we do gymnastics for the eyes. Walking in the park, you can combine walking with twisting. But all movements should help to pick up the instructor.

spiral gymnastics reviews


Today, many people are keen on spiral gymnastics, the reviews are only positive. Better began to digest vitamins, the percentage of fat decreases. With the help of exercises, the internal organs massage is performed, the figure is corrected, the back becomes smoother, the scoliosis passes, and all sorts of problems with the spine.

Spiral gymnastics helps with pregnancy. In parallel with the complex of movements, pregnant women are offered to dance, smile a lot, make harmonious movements in the form of eight. All this brings great benefit not only to the woman, but every small cell of the child, gives the opportunity to get a full-fledged health.

Spiral gymnastics is not only movement, it's breathing with a smile, a positive mood and a way of thinking. And then the effect of gymnastics will be even brighter.