Children's polyclinic in Shavrova: photo and reviews

Children's polyclinic in Shavrova is a structural part of the city polyclinic № 14. It includes 3 adult departments, 4 children's and dentistry. Each of them is a full-fledged complex that provides a range of services. However, today we will examine in detail what the children's polyclinic on Shavrova is.

General description

Here every day take small patients. Treatment is carried out by qualified district pediatricians. In addition, there is a full staff of narrowly specialized specialists. So, parents have the opportunity to get all the necessary help right next to the house. The children's polyclinic at Shavrova offers the possibility of receiving, in addition to basic( free) care, additional services:

  • physiotherapy;
  • laboratory and radiation diagnostics;
  • massage and a whole series of toll procedures.

Do not forget that most professionals take strictly according to the record. This rule, which is already used to regular customers of the children's polyclinic at Shavrova. With the schedule of doctors can be found on the site.


Memo for parents

To avoid long waiting reception, it is recommended to strictly adhere to your record. There are a number of points to be aware of:

  • The outpatient card should be kept permanently in the registry, as it is a document of the clinic.
  • Doctors-pediatricians take a 4-hour reception per day by appointment, and one hour per day is given to patients with high fever and other urgent problems.

All current questions( referral to tests) are resolved directly on the day of reception, without additional recording.

at a pediatrician

How to sign up for an

reception Today, the children's polyclinic №75 at Shavrova is a modern institution that keeps pace with the times. So today you can enroll in several ways, avoiding the need to crowd around the registry from early morning:

  • Call on the phone. Recording is carried out for a maximum of two weeks in advance.
  • Sign up with an online service.
  • On the official portal.
  • In the registry.

That is, even without leaving home and without spending several hours on the phone in the hope of calling, you can take a coupon. Today it is a service that is available in most major cities.

Self-recording mode

The children's polyclinic at Shavrova was recently added to the number of medical institutions that participate in this project. The city authorities have developed a specialized site, which has all the city's hospitals, doctors schedule and time of reception. All that is required of the patient is to go to the site and choose the appropriate institution.

After that, the following menu is displayed:

  • take the number;
  • list of taken numbers;
  • write a sentence;
  • view the response to the offer.

Having selected the tab "take a number", you get to the menu, where there are the names of all specialists. It remains to select and print. Reviews emphasize that this innovation greatly simplified the task of writing to specialists. If before you had to call several times to the clinic to get an appointment with a surgeon or an ophthalmologist, now all these issues can be solved in one evening, after going to work after the site.


Operating mode

Children's polyclinic №75 at Shavrova accepts small patients from 08:00 to 20:00.Parents' comments indicate that specialists pass the site after 15:00.You should not wait until then. If you see that the condition worsens, then you need to call an ambulance.

On duty and festive, duty doctors work without fail. Calls are serviced from 08:00 to 15:00.The children's polyclinic of the Primorsky district on Shavrova is not a new institution, and many residents of nearby houses are familiar with his doctors.

At the same time, the reviews are both very good and very bad. I want to note a large number of words of gratitude to pediatrician Herman Nikolayevich Gavrilin, who serves the 14th site. Parents note not only high professionalism, but also humanity, attentiveness and politeness, which is so lacking in our time.

Registration of children

Diagram of visiting patients

For newborn babies, assigned to this out-patient department, there is a schedule. The pediatrician must follow the child's condition without fail, visiting him every week. If there is cause for concern, parents can separately call the registry and invite a district pediatrician. Calling a doctor from the children's polyclinic at Shavrova can be done at any time. Usually if you have time before lunch, the district doctor will service the same day, if the call is received late in the evening, then wait for a specialist tomorrow.

Vaccination for

More recently, parents have all refused to take preventive vaccinations. Despite the fact that no one took away this right from them, today more and more parents start to listen to the opinion of doctors. And most pediatricians say that vaccinations need to be done. The vaccination room works in the following mode:

  • On weekdays( except Wednesday) - from 09:00 to 19:00.
  • Wednesday is a shortened day, until 14:00.

Providing free medicines

Like most other outpatient centers, it gives preferential prescriptions and a children's polyclinic 114 to Shavrova. However, not all parents know that they can not spend money on drugs, but simply get them in the direction of the district police. Consider when you can ask for a free prescription:

  • if the child is under 3 years old;
  • if the child is not more than 6 years old and he is from a large family.

The list of medicines that are subject to a free issue is on the company's website, as well as at the exhibition stand near the registry. Judging by the reviews, free recipes often have to wait for several months. And if the parents do not remind the doctor about this, he will completely forget. But this applies not only to this polyclinic, but rather, it is a general trend.


Paid services

On the basis of the clinic you can receive treatment according to the extended scheme. First of all, the services include physiotherapy. For babies, visits to salt rooms, as well as massage and electrophoresis, are often prescribed. If you live near a polyclinic, it is very convenient for the child to undergo various procedures.

Reviews suggest that the cost of services is relatively low, especially if you first go to a paid clinic and compare. At the same time, the quality of the services provided here is on the level. And the patients are taken by experienced doctors, each of whom has a vast experience of working with children.

Paid services are provided exclusively in the direction of the district pediatrician. An obligatory condition is preliminary telephone recording. Time of reception - from morning to lunch, three times a week. There are no holidays on weekends and holidays, so plan your visit in advance.


Instead of conclusion

Children's polyclinic on Shavrova is difficult to call good or bad. There are different doctors working here, opinions about which are very different. Many residents of the district have grown up under their supervision. Today the team of the polyclinic consists of experienced specialists who have been treating children for many years. In addition, young doctors also come, whose lack of experience is compensated by a great desire and desire to help.

What are the disadvantages of parents? More often than not, these are complaints not to the qualifications of doctors, but complaints about inattentive or incorrect attitude. All these cases are considered individually, and the treating specialist must be warned.