Medications for hemorrhoids in men: modern drugs and folk remedies

Hemorrhoids, commonly called pochechuem, is often considered a shameful disease. As they say, you will not see it yourself, and you will not show it to another. In fact, clumsiness is absolutely inappropriate here: the latest data show that about 85% of the world's population have encountered this problem at least once in their lives. Just now, we'll try to figure out what kind of disease, what affordable and inexpensive drugs for hemorrhoids exist. Men and women have the same illness, but today we will talk about the representatives of the stronger sex.

Mechanism of the development of the disease

Delicate trouble begins with the expansion of the venous plexus in the anal passage. It is at the end of the rectum that the veins form a lot of convolutions and tangles: due to the peculiarities of the organism, the blood moves slowly along them, it can stagnate. As a result, the vessels expand and form painful nodules that do not allow a person to fully live: it is difficult for him to go to the toilet, he can not stand for a long time, you can temporarily forget about the sitting position. In such a situation, various hemorrhoidal suppositories, ointments and other medications that the doctor prescribes help out.

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cures for hemorrhoids in men The main cause of hemorrhoids development is a violation of blood flow in the rectum, as well as a weakness of the Parkx ligament and longitudinal muscle, the main function of which is to keep cavernous bodies. As a result, they "fall out" - the disease is actively progressing. The main factors that cause the development of the disease are a sedentary lifestyle, malnutrition, hard physical labor, difficulty with emptying, infectious diseases, intoxication and hereditary predisposition.

The main symptoms of

Candles for hemorrhoidal nodes will be necessary for a person at the first signs of the disease. By the way, in men they have a wavy character and a certain sequence, so it is impossible to confuse them with another problem or to ignore it. The first symptom of hemorrhoids is a feeling of discomfort in the rectum. It seems to the person that in the anus there is a foreign object. Then there is the formation of nodules, their infringement: the man feels a burning pain. It also indicates an inflammatory process and the appearance of cracks in the anus.

candles from hemorrhoids inexpensive Many say that the main sign of hemorrhoids is bleeding. It appears during feces or immediately after it. Blood drops can be present in stool. In fact, this does not always happen. Many patients have no blood. Others may have an additional symptom - the appearance of eczema around the anus and in the perineum, a burning sensation and itching. If the rash is brushed, it can become foul, which is fraught with complications.

Species of the disease

How to get rid of hemorrhoids, a qualified physician will tell. He will also conduct an examination and determine which form of the disease is present in your case. Depending on the location of the nodes, hemorrhoids are internal, external and combined. The latter species is the most painful and difficult to cure, since the formations are not only inside the intestine, but also around the anus in the form of subcutaneous protuberances. In addition, the disease can be acute and chronic. In the first case, it develops rapidly and causes severe pain, in the second it starts gradually - unpleasant sensations alternate with temporary improvements.

Many men are very shy about their delicate problem and do not rush to go to a proctologist or surgeon, thinking that the ailment will pass by itself. But this is a big mistake - so you can start the disease. If therapy is appointed promptly and at an early stage, it will be more effective. It is interesting, but the peak of the disease falls for 40 years. This age is characterized by the presence of various complications in men. The patient may be diagnosed with prolapse of bowel and other troubles.

Stages of hemorrhoids

These are the original stages that go through hemorrhoids. Medications for hemorrhoids in men are prescribed depending on the stage of delicate disease:

  • The latent phase. It flows almost imperceptibly. There is no pain, there is only a slight itch and burning sensation near the anus. There may be blood - in a small amount during defecation.
  • The second stage of .It is characterized by loss of internal components to the outside when lifting weights, during emptying. Correct themselves.
  • The climax. The dropped nodules can not be returned to their original place. There are severe pains, there is a possibility of bleeding.
  • The phase started. Nodes not only drop out, they pull a part of the rectum behind them. Often feces are secreted involuntarily, they are mixed with a large amount of intestinal mucus.

At the last stage, many complications may develop: thrombosis, paraproctitis and other unpleasant consequences.


Which prescribe candles from hemorrhoids - inexpensive domestic or their import analogues - the doctor decides. Before stopping on these or other means, he conducts a detailed and thorough diagnosis of the body of a man. It is not difficult to do this. First, the doctor examines the anus and conducts palpation of the rectum. Thus, he determines whether there are pathological changes, at what stage and form the disease is. To exclude other pathologies that can accompany hemorrhoids, a rectoscopy is prescribed, a technique that allows you to assess the condition of the intestine at a further distance.

hemorrhoidal candles There is another way - irrigoscopy. The method is very valuable, because with its help it is possible to obtain detailed data on the internal organ of a person, to determine at an early stage all kinds of pathologies. In addition, the patient is recommended to pass the basic tests: urine, feces and blood from the finger. Only after this, a treatment regimen will be developed and specific medications will be prescribed. The course usually lasts from five days to three weeks, depending on the degree of neglect. The main thing is to follow all the doctor's recommendations, even if it seems to you that the ailment has receded.


This is one of the best tools in the fight against the hated disease. Hemorrhoidal candles help to quickly stop bleeding. They relieve pain in the anus, which is especially true for men. In today's market there is a wide range of different suppositories. The most popular are "Relief", which cost 280 rubles. They are excellent in fighting the inflammatory process, kill microbes, help heal wounds and strengthen immunity. Among the more expensive ones, "Proctosidil" with the addition of an antibiotic, "Procto-gliwenol" with lidocaine, "Ultraproect" based on coconut oil and "Ginkor Procto" with plant extracts are distinguished.

Relief ointment You can buy also cheaper candles from hemorrhoids: inexpensive "Anuzol", "Anestezol" or "Betiol".Their price ranges from 40 to 60 rubles. Despite this, they are in no way inferior to expensive analogues: they have the same antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and hemostatic effect. It should be noted and the candles "Natalside": thanks to their natural composition, they are absolutely harmless. They are prescribed even for pregnant women and small children.


Men can use other means. Positive dynamics in the treatment of hemorrhoids are demonstrated by ointments. They have many advantages: high efficiency, convenient use, the ability to apply at any time of the day. Many of them can boast of natural composition. Proctologists recommend paying attention to "Relief" - ointment, which has a large number of positive reviews. A high bar also holds such drugs: "Troxevasin", "Posterizan", "Glivenol", "Proctosan" and "Heparin ointment".All of them are easy to use. The inconvenience arises only because of leakage, which can form on the underwear. The reason is in the fatty basis of the preparations, because of what their components are absorbed not completely.

ointment for hemorrhoids "Relief" - ointment, very helpful in the early stages of hemorrhoidal nodes. In later stages, you can use Bezornil, a drug that perfectly copes with proctitis and other complications arising from the ailment. An unusual solution was the use of ointment from bags under the eyes. As strange as it may sound, it can help with hemorrhoids due to better circulation of blood and an increase in the turgor of hemorrhoidal vessels.


Ointment with hemorrhoids, of course, has a high effectiveness. But men should not forget about the pills that help get rid of the disease. Of the general mass of drugs, proctologists usually select the following drugs:

  1. "Hemoroidin" - natural and safe. It consists of extracts of numerous herbs, whose action is aimed at strengthening the walls of blood vessels. In addition, they eliminate itching, burning and inflammation.
  2. "Litovit-B". Another herbal preparation. He improves the stool, which is very important for hemorrhoids. Thanks to him, the process of defecation is almost painless. Also, the tablets act on capillaries, making them more resilient.
  3. Detralex is one of the most effective pills. Increase the tone of the veins. After a one-time use, blood circulation in the rectum is normalized.

Tablets are very convenient to use. You can take them at any time in a variety of circumstances: at work, in a restaurant or during a movie session.

Surgical operation

Unfortunately, hemorrhoids medications do not always help: men can have all sorts of complications that require prompt surgery. One of the most modern methods is the so-called Longo method. In its basis - resection of the mucous layer of the rectum. That is, using a scalpel, the surgeon cuts off all affected areas. If the hemorrhoids are at an earlier stage, less traumatic interventions are used. For example, ligation - throwing on knots special rings made of latex. They cover the blood supply in painful formations, after which they dry up and fall off on their own.

how to get rid of hemorrhoidal Do not forget about dysarterization - an operation during which the vessels in the anus are bandaged. It takes place under the control of the USP.The technique does not allow to be mistaken: the doctor covers only those blood ways that go to the nodes. They are not filled with blood - education has no chance to develop and progress.

Treatment at home

Natural hemorrhoidal preparations were reserved for us by Mother Nature. Men are advised to take in alcoholic infusion from the bark and kidneys of aspen. The material is better collected in the early spring: until the circulation of juices and nutrients is restored in the trunk. One hundred grams of bark and kidneys are poured with 70% alcohol, insist for two weeks and drink three times a day before eating one teaspoonful. The course usually lasts a month. With this mixture you can make and healing lotions in the anus.

How to cure hemorrhoids, if aspens in your city in the daytime can not be found with fire? In this case, you can use a natural cream made from tobacco, honey, butter and petroleum jelly. All components are mixed in equal proportions. That's just a lot of tobacco is not worth adding - and there are enough pinches. Before applying this ointment necessarily take a bath with potassium permanganate. Then lubricate the nodes and the internal part of the intestine. Therapy lasts about 10 days. Men can also use a decoction of thistles and dill to treat hated hemorrhoids.

Other traditional medicine

Natural remedies for hemorrhoids in men include in their registry and carrot tea. To make it from three vegetables cut the tops and over the night insist it in a liter of boiling water. Decoction drink two or three times a day - a glass for each reception. Simultaneously, a tampon moistened with sea buckthorn oil is inserted into the anus. Therapy lasts about 10 days. By the way, carrot tea can also be used for making baths: they are taken in a sitting position before going to bed.

hemorrhoidal drugs Helps and treats with streptocide. Ten tablets are ground into powder, they are poured into a jar of petrolatum, while adding a few drops of mint oil. If this ointment is regularly applied to the knots while doing special physical exercises, you can get rid of the plague in five days.

Applying traditional medicine, do not forget that self-medication can be dangerous to health. Therefore, coordinate all your actions with the attending physician. Men, take care of your health, be strong, active and vigorous!