Isobar is a cure for hypertension. Instructions for use

One of the most common problems in the cardiovascular system is arterial hypertension. Basically, this disease comes with age and affects about 60% of the population. Until recently, it was believed that hypertension can not be treated. The doctors could only temporarily ease the condition of their patients. But time does not stand still. Every year new drugs appear that help to return to normal life for those who are subject to persistent elevation of blood pressure.

Over the years, the drug "Izobar" remains an invariable assistant in the fight against hypertension among medical workers and their patients. This medicine is familiar to a huge number of people and is considered quite effective in the struggle for human health.

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Arterial hypertension

Pressure problems often occur as a result of age-related changes in the state of the vessel walls. They become less elastic, dilate worse, and that's why the blood flow on them worsens. As a result, the normal metabolism in the body is disrupted, and this fact can lead to a serious threat to health and life. The body tries to normalize the situation - it makes the heart work harder, thus, blood circulation increases. It begins to force the pressure on the walls of blood vessels - there is an increase in blood pressure. At the very beginning, the jumps occur intermittently and often do not cause a person special anxiety. But over time the situation is aggravated. And high blood pressure can become permanent. Isobar is a tool that will help to cope with this problem.

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The tablet contains 1 tablet, such as triamterene( 150 mg) and methiclothiazide( 5 mg).Isobar is a drug that has a diuretic effect. It neutralizes sodium, but at the same time reduces the removal of potassium. Diuretic helps reduce blood pressure by removing fluid and salts from the body. The components of the drug are rapidly absorbed. Its effect on a person feels in 30-60 minutes. It is fixed and held for a day. The patient is getting better.

How is the drug taken?

It should be remembered that hypertension is a complex disease and requires constant monitoring by a doctor. Therefore, you must strictly adhere to the dosage that the specialist will appoint you. This same rule applies to the drug "Isobar".Instructions for use prescribe a one-time reception of funds, mainly in the morning hours. It should also be noted that the drug can actively interact with other substances, so if you undergo additional medication, be sure to inform your doctor about it. Do not take any third-party drugs without a doctor's prescription. This can lead to serious health consequences.

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Side effect of

"Isobar" is a remedy that can cause side effects. The patient may develop a digestive system disorder, diarrhea. Do not take this medicine to those who have a weak liver - its condition can significantly deteriorate. In cases of prolonged use of the drug in high doses, hypertension may be replaced by hypotension, a decrease in blood pressure. In rare cases, the patient may drop the number of platelets in the blood. But the level of glucose and uric acid can, on the contrary, rise.

With prolonged use of "Isobar", a decrease in the level of potassium and calcium in the blood, there may be acidosis. Sometimes there are rashes on the skin. If you feel a deterioration of well-being, this should be reported immediately to the treating doctor. Some patients can note a change in the color of urine, it acquires a bluish tinge. This manifestation is not dangerous. The use of the drug in this case does not cancel.

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To whom the drug is contraindicated

Tablets against hypertension, as, indeed, other drugs have a number of contraindications. Do not take Isobar to people with hepatic and renal insufficiency. It is contraindicated in those with elevated potassium in the blood. It is not recommended for patients who take drugs with potassium salts additionally. From the use of medicine, it is necessary to refuse future mothers and lactating women. The agent is not prescribed to patients with high sensitivity to its components.

Today we told you about the well-known medicine "Isobar".What it is, how the drug works and what restrictions there are, you now know. It should be remembered that in the treatment of hypertension it is important not only to follow the instructions of a specialist and take medications in a timely manner, but also to adhere to a healthy lifestyle. At high blood pressure it is important to follow a diet, include in your diet more fresh fruits and vegetables and, of course, more to walk in the fresh air and avoid nervous overexertion. Be healthy!