What is a blood lancet for children?

Usually, blood is taken by puncturing the finger. Children who take the test several times, remember that this is a painful procedure. Therefore, it is difficult to persuade them to donate blood. Medical technology develops, material can be taken without causing pain to the child. To make such procedure it is possible by means of the device which is called as a lancet. This is a very convenient device.


Lancet for blood sampling in children is made of plastic. It's a small device. Through it, material is taken for general examination and determination of sugar level. The lancet for blood sampling in children is made in such a way that a small patient does not notice the needle. It is hidden in the case of the device. The needle has a special shape, it is triangular. The material from which it is made is medical steel.

blood lancet for children

There are two versions of the needle exit from the material take-off device. Namely, the children's scarifier can be equipped with an automatic needle, or the lab technician will need to press a special button. If a device with an automatic release of the needle is used, it is opened when the cap contacts the patient's skin. In normal condition, the needle is not accessible to the child. As it is under the cap. This is a very important point, as it ensures the safety of the child.

Advantages of

The main advantages of using a lancet for blood sampling:

scarifier for children

  1. The main advantage is that the child does not hurt at all in the process. This effect is achieved due to the fact that pressure is not applied to the finger. When a puncture is made by a person, he can push the patient's finger hard. It is from this that pain arises. When using a lancet, this pressure is not applied.
  2. Do not doubt the sterility of this tool. Since it is in a sealed package. Before it is packaged, the manufacturer makes the treatment by gamma radiation.
  3. If you use the child's scarifier, then the procedure will take very little time.
  4. When a child gives blood in the usual way, he experiences stress. This can affect the accuracy of the analysis. The fact that the nervous state affects the blood counts.
  5. If you need to measure the amount of sugar in the blood, then this device can be done at home. To do this, you need a glucometer.

Why is this method of taking a material painless?

The most positive thing is that the child does not see the sharp tool that gets punctured. In addition, the needle, which is built into the lancet to draw blood from the finger, is very thin. Therefore, the puncture itself does not cause painful sensations.

Lancets for capillary blood sampling

Since the wound is very small, it quickly heals. Parents are very worried about their child. Surrender of this type of analysis by means of a lancet delivers less negative emotions to the child, and this is very important. The piercing also does not cause any special pain.


How is the blood sampling procedure carried out using a lancet?

  1. The lancet scarifier has a protective cap, it must be removed before starting the procedure.
  2. Next, tightly attach the device to the patient's finger.
  3. After that, you should softly press the finger of a small patient and draw blood for analysis.

You should know that the lancet can only be used once. After its application it is necessary to make recycling. The mechanism of the device is made in such a way that after completion of the procedure the needle goes inward and its extraction outwards is impossible. This is done specifically to exclude the possibility of infection. Another positive feature of this device is that the blood does not interact with the external environment. This provides more accurate results of the study of the material.

blood collection lancet

To determine the sugar level, a lancet is used to draw blood of another type. It is made in such a way that it can be inserted into the glucometer.


It should be noted that after application, the lancets for capillary blood sampling must be disposed of, that is, thrown into the garbage. This measure is necessary in order to ensure the safety of the health of those people who are in close proximity to the patient. Because through the blood, another person can get infected with an infection.

Lancet for blood sampling in children must be disinfected before disposal. It should be processed in an autoclave. After this procedure for sterilizing this type of equipment, it can be sent to the garbage.

Which manufacturers of lancets should be preferred?

There are several manufacturers of this type of blood collection tools. Below are some of them:

  1. Medlance. This disposable lancet is produced by a Polish company. There are several variations in the performance of these instruments. They differ in the color and size of the needle.
  2. Qlance. Here the manufacturer is China. Just as in the previous case, the division by color occurs. And everyone has his own needle size.
  3. MR.These lancets are also produced by a Chinese manufacturer.

disposable lancet

There are also other companies. As a rule, they all produce devices of different colors. There may also be variations in the size of the needle. The smaller the child, the scarifier with the smaller needle should be used.

A small conclusion

Now you know what a lancet is for taking blood from children. We described in the article how to use this device, as well as its advantages.