What are the braces needed for?

Very rarely you can meet a man with even teeth. In general, there are people who have bite disorders. It does not look very nice and can cause many diseases.

With violations of bite need to fight. The most universal way to combat the bite of steel braces. The cost and installation of braces is completely accessible to everyone. These devices are worn not only by adults. They can be used for children who have reached the age of eleven.

How Braces Work

For each tooth an individual part is made. The most important element of the bracket is the arc fixed on it. The optimum pressure is controlled by the groove in the bracket. It depends on the restoration of the normal position of the dentition.

The arc is made of a special alloy, creating a slight pressure. As a result, the bite is completely corrected and becomes perfect. Treatment with the use of braces passes several stages. The shape of the arc is constantly changing, the teeth "remember" their new position. After a while, the bite will completely change and assume the correct shape. Braces can be used for any pathology. First of all, they differ in the type of material. Braces can be divided into several groups:

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• Conventional;

• Aesthetic.

The first type is made of ordinary metal. This is the most common species, so it has a low cost.

For the second type of bracket systems, other materials are used:

• Ceramics;

• Sapphire;

• Plastic.

These models are almost imperceptible on the teeth. Ceramic devices are selected according to the tone of the tooth enamel and do not cause any discomfort in a person.

Brackets are also classified according to the installation method. They are divided into several types:

• Lingual;

• Vestibular.

The installation of the vestibular systems is performed from the outside of the tooth. To make them unnoticeable, special materials are required. Lingual braces are installed on the teeth from the inside. Such a system is not visible at all.

Distinguished braces and their price. The cheapest are considered metal structures. The most expensive was the lingual system, as it is very difficult to manufacture and install.

Aesthetic vestibular braces are in high demand, as their cost is available to almost everyone.

Braces are installed by an orthodontist. He takes into account the existing problems and financial possibilities of the patient. Based on these data, the doctor selects the appropriate bracket system.

How the tooth correction is performed

First a visual inspection is done. If the doctor decides that it is necessary to wear braces, the patient is assigned a classical orthodontic examination consisting of several operations:

• Blind;

• X-ray of the skull;

• A snapshot of the teeth in a panoramic view.

The cast plaster cast helps the doctor to establish an accurate diagnosis, and determine how long it will take to wear braces.

The bracket systems are usually worn for a long time. They are installed for several years.

It is rather difficult to care for teeth when wearing braces. Therefore, the sanitation of the oral cavity is preliminarily carried out. It will protect the person from the appearance of caries and gum disease.

The next stage is the installation of braces and the first arc, the system is activated. The movement of the arches causes the teeth to move in the desired direction, gradually leveling the bite.

The patient is required to visit the orthopedic physician on a regular basis, which will determine if a change or activation of the arc is necessary.

After the expiration of the due date, the installed brackets are removed. In order not to return the teeth to their original position, for a while the patient is put on special retainers. They are removed after a few months. Incorrect bite disappears completely. Teeth become perfectly even.


If you dream of having a beautiful smile, such systems will help you turn dreams into reality. After all, braces can be treated at any age.