Diet for cirrhosis: menus and dishes. Diet №5: what can, what can not

Cirrhosis is a serious pathology of the liver. Abuse of alcoholic beverages, untreated hepatitis are the main causes of the disease. With such a disease as cirrhosis, healthy liver cells begin to die, the body ceases to cope with the performance of its basic functions. This leads to the beginning of the processes of destruction. Naturally, this state has a strong impact on human health. diet with liver cirrhosis menus and dishes

Is it possible to prevent

? It is possible to avoid the development of the disease. Features of liver cirrhosis are studied by many specialists around the world. As a result of painstaking work, drugs appeared that could fight the onset of destructive processes. In addition, many doctors prescribe a diet for cirrhosis. The menu and dishes of such a diet are selected individually. The effectiveness of such preventive measures has long been proven and tested. Compliance with simple rules of nutrition in conjunction with the use of certain medications allows you to gradually restore the tissues of the affected organ, as well as prevent the development of the disease.

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Do not forget that the liver is a kind of filter. If there are any failures in the body, there are irregularities in the work of the body. Diets with liver cirrhosis make it possible to stabilize the digestive system. Correctly selected products restore the tissues of the organ, while normalizing the metabolic processes.

Diet for liver cirrhosis

Diet 5 is prescribed for certain diseases of the body. In this case, all foods that can harm the liver are excluded from the diet. In this case, they are simply replaced by more useful ones that are not capable of irritating the organs of the digestive system. In addition, some foods can affect the liver parenchyma. This food is also recommended to be excluded from the diet.

What is a diet for cirrhosis of the liver? Menu and dishes should be selected in accordance with all rules. Products should not only not irritate the digestive system, but also be nutritious. With such a diet, the load on the digestive system should be minimal. Do not overload the intestines and stomach. With such a diet, the amount of food, which contains more carbohydrates and proteins, increases. As for fats, their quantity is reduced by about 5 table that you can not

Rules of the

diet So, what is the diet of the 5 table? What can I do? What is not allowed? Such a diet should appoint a doctor. Only a qualified specialist can correctly adjust the diet of the patient. With this diet, almost everything is taken into account: fluid intake, cooking method, as well as food processing, a set of basic ingredients for meals, calorie content and so on. Do not forget that cirrhosis of the liver occurs in every person in different ways. Therefore, when appointing a diet, the doctor pays attention to the stage, form and type of the disease. However, there are general rules:

  1. Diet for cirrhosis in women and men should not only be balanced, but also fractional. On the day of the patient should eat from 2500 to 3000 calories. In this case, portions should be small.
  2. During the day, you should drink at least 1.5 liters of liquid.
  3. It is necessary to monitor the use of salt. Diet with biliary cirrhosis or alcoholic alcohol allows the use of 2 teaspoons of such an additive throughout the day.
  4. Hard, hard products must be grinded or grinded before use.
  5. Do not eat hot or cold food. Products must be warm.
  6. Forget the frying pans. Fried foods with cirrhosis are strictly prohibited. From the diet the patient should exclude the dishes baked in a microwave, and also on a brazier.
  7. Cooking should only be for a couple. It is allowed to bake in the oven, as well as cooking. Stewed foods should not be consumed more than 2 times during 7 days.
  8. There should be unloading days. During the day the patient should eat only fruits, dairy products, vegetable soups. The main thing is that the dishes were allowed by the diet. number of diet with cirrhosis of the liver

Diet 5 table: what can, what can not be

So, what is allowed to eat when cirrhosis:

  1. Flour products: wheat stale bread, made from flour only of the highest grade, biscuits uneatable, inconvenient pastry with a filling of boiled fish or meat, apples, cottage cheese.
  2. Soups: dairy with pasta, vegetable, cereals, cooked on vegetable broth, fruit soups, vegetarian borsch and soup. When preparing such dishes, it is forbidden to roast vegetables and flour. They can only be dried.
  3. Dishes from fish: boiled, lean, steam fish, served in pieces or in the form of cutlets.
  4. Meat: skimmed or low-fat poultry, poultry without skin, young lamb, meat pork, beef, turkey, chicken, rabbit. All these products should be prepared in the form of souffle, knel or steam cutlets. Allowed the use of dairy sausages.
  5. Eggs: baked or steam protein omelets.
  6. Vegetables can be eaten in stewed, boiled and raw form, sauerkraut non-acidic cabbage, puree from green peas, onion boiled.
  7. Products from milk: sour-milk products, low-fat, fresh curd, low-fat and mild cheese, milk.
  8. Snacks: lettuce, prepared from fresh vegetables and seasoned with vegetable oil, caviar roe, fish pouring or stuffed, low-fat soaked herring, salad from boiled fish or meat, lean ham.
  9. Desserts: sweet soft berries and fruits in grated and raw kind, dried fruits, jujube, mousse, jelly, honey, sugar, marshmallow, pastille, jam.
  10. Drinks: jelly, compote, decoction of rose hips, vegetable, as well as fruit juices, tea. Sauce: vegetable, sour cream, sweet fruit, sour cream.
  11. Fats: vegetable based oil, as well as creamy in dishes or in kind. diets with liver cirrhosis

What is it worth to give up

What does the diet for cirrhosis prohibit? The menu and dishes for such a disease should be thought through to the smallest detail. There are a number of prohibited products:

  1. Rye and fresh bread, puff and pastry, fried pies.
  2. Bean soup, green cabbage soup, okroshka, fish broth, mushroom or meat broth.
  3. Meat fat, liver, goose, duck, sausage, smoked products, brains, kidneys, canned food. Canned fish, salted, smoked and fried fish.
  4. Cream, sour cream, fatty and sour curd, fermented, sharp and salty cheese.
  5. Boiled and roasted eggs. Turnip, pickled vegetables, mushrooms, garlic, green onion, radish, radish, sorrel, spinach, beans.
  6. Caviar, smoked meat, canned food, fatty as well as hot snacks. Sour fruit, ice cream, cream and chocolate products. Pepper, horseradish, mustard.
  7. Alcohol, chilled drinks, cocoa and coffee black. Cooking fat, lard mutton, beef, pork.

All of the above products with cirrhosis are strictly prohibited. Their regular use can negatively affect not only the work of the body, but also the condition of the patient as a whole. diet with biliary cirrhosis

Diet for cirrhosis of the liver: menu for the week

To dietary nutrition will have to get used gradually. With such a diet, the patient does not deprive himself of variety. With the right approach, nutrition can bring not only benefits, but also satisfaction. Here is an approximate menu.


  1. Breakfast: green tea, dried fruits with oatmeal porridge, sweet cottage cheese.
  2. Second breakfast: honey and apple baked.
  3. Lunch: compote, vegetables with rice, chicken breast, soup on vegetable broth with pearl barley.
  4. Snack: fruity jelly, steamed omelette.
  5. Dinner: white baked fish, boiled rice, berry juice or compote.


  1. Breakfast: tea, boiled pasta, boiled meat.
  2. Second breakfast: milk, cottage cheese.
  3. Lunch: jelly, cabbage rolls with turkey, potato soup.
  4. Snack: apple.
  5. Dinner: mineral water, low-fat cheese, rice porridge.


  1. Breakfast: tea, oatmeal.
  2. Second breakfast: casserole from potatoes and cheese, green tea.
  3. Lunch: compote, carrots stew, boiled meat, soup with vermicelli.
  4. Snack: tea, oatmeal cookies.
  5. Dinner: unloading.


  1. Breakfast: tea with milk, semolina porridge.
  2. Second breakfast: soft fruit.
  3. Lunch: fruit jelly, boiled rice, lean fish, vegetable soup.
  4. Snack: tea, crackers.
  5. Dinner: broth from hips, boiled fish.


  1. Breakfast: tea, rice porridge, steamed omelette.
  2. Second breakfast: cottage cheese with lean sour cream.
  3. Lunch: compote, boiled meat, potato puree, borsch vegetarian.
  4. Snack: jelly, biscuits unsweetened.
  5. Dinner: mineral water, boiled carrots, pasta.


  1. Breakfast: tea, fish for a couple lean, potatoes.
  2. Second breakfast: kefir low-fat, apple or pear.
  3. Lunch: compote, pasta, steam cutlets, cabbage soup on vegetable broth.
  4. Snack: cookies, kefir low-fat.
  5. Dinner: mineral water, chicken breast, syrniki.


  1. Breakfast: tea, buckwheat porridge, steam cutlet.
  2. Second breakfast: apple-carrot puree.
  3. Lunch: compote, apple baked, cottage cheese pudding, potato mashed potatoes.
  4. Snack: berry jelly.
  5. Dinner: mineral water still, rice or semolina porridge. diet with alcoholic liver cirrhosis

If there is ascites and swelling

What is the diet number for cirrhosis of the liver, if the patient has severe swelling and ascites? In this condition, a large amount of fluid in the abdomen is accumulated in a person. In this case, certain restrictions are required. First of all, the amount of salt consumed is reduced to 2 grams per day, and the use of liquid is limited.

It should be borne in mind that in the body of a patient with this condition, the amount of potassium decreases. The situation is aggravated when taking diuretics. What should be the diet for cirrhosis of the liver? The menu and dishes should be enriched with potassium. Products should be chosen very carefully. The patient should use prunes, figs, raisins, fruits and vegetables in fresh form.

Nutrition for a disease accompanied by constipation

So, what kind of diet is prescribed for cirrhosis accompanied by constipation? In such situations, the doctor can recommend the use of raw beets and carrots. In addition, the patient should include in his diet products such as milk, honey, kefir, apricots and prunes.

If the disease is accompanied by diarrhea, then a diet adjustment is also required. The above products from the diet should be excluded.

If the patient is in serious condition

If the patient is in serious condition, then he is given a diet, at which it is allowed to eat easily digestible foods containing vitamins and carbohydrates. In addition, a large amount of liquid is prescribed, but not carbonated.

It should be noted that patients in serious condition should be served in small portions. Thus it is necessary to observe the regime. Eating should be every two hours. It is best to give the patient fresh berries and fruits, as well as vegetable juices.

It is recommended to use not strong, but sweet tea with a slice of lemon, infusion from hips, various jelly, compotes, berry and fruit juices. It is also possible for a certain variety of rations to be jam and honey.

With the improvement of the patient's condition it is allowed to consume fresh cottage cheese, milk, ground soups, cream-based oil. Gradually, the diet can be expanded. diet for liver cirrhosis menus for a week

The most important thing is the discipline

The diet for alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver requires strict adherence to all rules. Otherwise, the therapy will not work. To observe discipline and dietary food is very difficult, because the products practically do not contain salt. The daily norm of this additive for a patient is no more than 2 hours of salt spoons, and in some cases not more than 2 grams. This diet is not easy for many.

If you can not limit the use of salt, experts offer a compromise solution. In such situations, it is necessary to reduce the number of products that include sodium. After all, it is this substance that keeps the liquid in the human body. There are cases when the salt must be eliminated completely, for example, with cirrhosis of the liver, which is accompanied by ascites.

Is it possible to replace the salt

It should be noted that 1 gram of sodium is about 2.5 grams of salt, cooked. This exceeds the dietary norm of the substance per day.1 gram of this component can keep in the human body from 200 to 250 milliliters of fluid.

To improve the taste of dishes allowed to include in the diet of tomato or lemon juice, saltless mustard, as well as a small amount of vinegar. However, such exceptions are applicable for uncomplicated cirrhosis of the liver.

In conclusion

Compliance with diet number 5 with cirrhosis of the liver can significantly improve the patient's condition. Of course, using a special diet to cure the disease is impossible. However, this will eliminate the development of complications. It is worth remembering that you can not independently prescribe yourself a diet. This should be done by a qualified specialist, since there is a risk of worsening of the course of cirrhosis of the liver.