Cigarettes without nicotine - a life buoy for smokers

A smoker with experience knows perfectly well that there are 2 dependencies on smoking - this is psychological and physical. Psychological - dependence on the process of smoking. Physical - it's a dependence on nicotine or tobacco, which the human body quickly gets used to. Cigarettes without nicotine have been developed to help smokers overcome these two dependencies.

The most important advantage of an electronic cigarette from a conventional cigarette is the absence of tobacco, a substance that has 4000 different components that do not affect health. Many people ask themselves "what is electronic cigarette?"or just looking for a place where you can buy cigarettes without nicotine. This is evidenced by the demand for products over the past few years. And this means that cigarettes without nicotine are gaining popularity.

The appearance of electronic cigarettes

The reaction after the appearance of electronic cigarettes was one - it is a relief. A lot of people were happy about this invention. At last there were such cigarettes that you can smoke without any harm to your health or others, and also without an unpleasant smell. Unfortunately, the euphoria began to subside.

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More and more you can see information that smoking electronic cigarettes is harmful. In general, all inventions are enveloped in various myths, and this is quite natural. If you pay attention to all these myths and prejudices, then nothing will remain for people, how to move to an ecologically clean area, and still hang in the air. Do not breathe and do not eat anything.

Harm or benefit?

Yes, if we compare the smoking of electronic cigarettes with the absence of cigarettes in principle, then obviously it is harmful. This is quite natural. If you compare an electronic cigarette with a normal cigarette, then the degree of harm is generally the same. But you can buy a non-nicotine cartridge for an electric cigarette. What harm can there be from an electric cigarette? Perhaps the case in the vegetable glycerine, which is part of the substance for these cigarettes? No. Because in the quantities in which vegetable glycerin will be inhaled when smoking, it can not cause harm to health. By the way, studies confirm this. The use of an electric cigarette is still available. In it from all harmful substances there is only nicotine( although it may not be).In a normal cigarette - almost the entire periodic table. In any case, cigarettes without nicotine are less harmful than normal cigarettes. Of course, there will always be new confirmations and refutations - this can not be avoided.

Electronic cigarettes without nicotine

This is the latest development of scientists. The electronic cigarette is based on a non-nicotine substance. It consists of such components: water, food color, flavor and so on. Liquids without nicotine and with it have no taste differences. Now you can smoke, breathe pleasant steam and do not get any harm. A person will feel a significant improvement in his state of health and will be proud of the fact that he managed to emerge victorious in this complex struggle. An electronic cigarette without nicotine will give you the opportunity to enjoy the pleasure of smoking, and also to preserve your health, not only your own, but also your close people. Such cigarettes are completely safe for passive smokers. Electronic cigarettes emit steam, which disappears after a few seconds and leaves no trace. This is a big plus, because in the future you can not give up your habit, but enjoy the process of smoking and be calm for your health. You can buy an electronic cigarette without nicotine in virtually any tobacco product store. You will be pleasantly surprised by the variety of tastes and will not leave an indifferent person!

Comments from consumers

Cigarettes without nicotine, the reviews on which are mixed, cause quite heated arguments. Most of them are negative. The main drawback is that electric cigarettes are not real. No tactile sensations, as after the usual. Plastic, from which cigarettes are made, do not like much in the mouth. It is necessary to get used to such a cigarette for several days, and maybe more. Some people have an allergy to substances that contains an electronic cigarette without nicotine, user reviews confirm this. Examples include flavors or propylene glycol.