Syrup of black elderberry: composition, indications, medicinal properties and contraindications

In our time, pharmacies have a large number of drugs, which are increasingly being used by people. But before these institutions were not, and the ailments were treated with the help of folk remedies. For example, the useful properties of blackberry syrup are known for a long time. About this and talk in this article. blackberry syrup

Plant description

Elderberry belongs to the adox family( previously - the honeysuckle family).It grows on bushes or trees. The height of the latter sometimes reaches 11 meters. The plant begins to blossom in May. Rhizome in elderberry is harvested in autumn, and leaves and bark in August. Fruits are reduced several times during drying. syrup of black elderberry at what diseases

In black elder, unlike red, contains a very small amount of toxic substances. Therefore, it can be used for medical purposes and for the treatment of a number of diseases.

What are the useful properties of the plant?

Some parts of black elderberry have positive qualities, but in modern medicine, only fruits and inflorescences are most often used.

After collection, they are cut off with a brush and dried in a dark room. In this case, the room should be well ventilated so that the fruit does not begin to rot. blackberry medicinal properties and contraindications

Flowers of black elder in its composition contain a large amount of tannins and essential oils.

Mature fruits of the plant acquire a dark purple color. After collection, they are dried in the sun or indoors, and then transferred to special tissue bags. To dry the elderberry is not spoiled, it should be shaken periodically. The shelf life of the product is about half a year.

The fruits of the plant contain all known and useful vitamin C, as well as carotene. They have a positive effect on the walls of blood vessels, significantly strengthening them. In addition, the elderberry contains amino acids and tannins.

Elderberry black: medicinal properties and contraindications

This plant has a sedative, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and restorative effect on the human body. In folk medicine, both flowers and elderberries are used.

For diseases of the bladder and kidneys, the plant is used as an anti-inflammatory agent. Also, with a strong cough and bronchial asthma, broths and tinctures made of black elder are good. elder syrup black application

In the form of compresses, the plant is used in the treatment of joint arthrosis. At the initial stages of the development of cancer, it is customary to use decoctions of elderberry as an additional therapy.

If you are tortured by constipation, tinctures from this plant will help. They act as a laxative. Girls and women who would like to get rid of extra pounds, it is recommended to use phytotea with elderberry.

In addition, the plant helps normalize the level of insulin in the blood of a person. Therefore black elderly well will help to cope with diabetes.

In the field of cosmetology, decoctions from plants are widely used. They help get rid of all kinds of pigmentation and acne.

Before starting reception, you should familiarize yourself with the medicinal properties and contraindications of black elderberry. Incorrect use of dues and decoctions can lead to complications, as it is a very poisonous plant. Therefore, you should treat it with extreme caution.

For example, with inept use of leaves and roots, it is possible to harm a person's health, as they cause nausea and dizziness. More details about the contraindications of this plant will be discussed in the next section.

Harm of black elderberry

Broths, tinctures and elderberry syrups are not recommended for ulcers and duodenal ulcers. syrup of black elderberry отзывы

It is strictly forbidden to give elderly medicine to children under 12 years of age. Do not take broths of pregnant and lactating women.

Also, people who have an individual intolerance to plant components are not encouraged to eat foods from it, since the allergic reaction is unpredictable. If signs of this disease appear, you should immediately consult a specialist and take an antihistamine.

Forms of black elderberry

preparations As a rule, phytotea from a plant is produced in separate bags, which are packed in boxes. The weight of each of them is about 2 g.

Black elder syrup in the pharmacy is sold in special bottles, the volume of which is 100 ml.

The price range varies from 40 to 90 rubles. The cost of the product depends on the volume of the drug.

Blackberry syrup: application of

For prevention, this remedy is taken one dessert spoon three times a day for a month. Then take a break for two weeks, after which it can already be eaten again. black elder syrup in the pharmacy

In what diseases is syrup of black elderberry recommended? It turns out that this agent very well contributes to improving immunity. It includes iodine. In addition, the syrup helps increase the level of hemoglobin and improve the elasticity of small vessels. If the blood circulation is normalized, then the existing health problems in humans will disappear.

Elderberry syrup allows you to fight breast tumors, treat inflammation of the lymph nodes and help stop uterine bleeding. This tool is recommended to use for people who have problems with vision and impaired cerebral circulation. It allows to improve the state of the nervous system and strengthens the immune system.

Thus, it can be concluded that the syrup is a real healing drink for human blood vessels. A remedy from this plant regulates hormonal activity and cleanses the blood. Its use helps to cope with diseases such as angina and pneumonia, gout and cystitis.

The composition of the syrup of black elderberry is very diverse. In it there is quercetin, which is one of the most valuable flavonoids, as well as iodine and other useful substances. The remedy consists of a sugar-buzovnik. There are no preservatives or GMOs in it. Therefore, it can be used by small children.

Black elder syrup has not only laxative, but bactericidal action, and also calms nerves.

Symptoms of overdose in the treatment with elderberries

If you do not comply with the dosage when using elderberry medicines, you can get poisoned. The following symptoms indicate a possible overdose:

  • severe headache;
  • dizziness;
  • dry mouth;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • increased body temperature;
  • diarrhea.

All these signs indicate the intoxication of the human body. To help the patient need to consult a specialist or at home wash the stomach. It is also recommended to induce vomiting in the patient. Then you need to take some sorbent. It helps to cleanse the body of harmful substances and toxins. Consultation with a specialist is required.

If severe poisoning is required urgent hospitalization of the patient. In the hospital, they will certainly receive proper treatment.

Be sure to follow the instructions for use and follow the dosage when using the drug to prevent possible poisoning.

How to cook a decoction and infusion from a plant?

These products are made from elder flowers. It will take one large spoonful of dry grass and a glass of boiling water. All the contents are placed in a saucepan and boiled for 5 minutes. Then the broth is insisted for about 20 minutes, and then filtered. syrup of black elderberry composition

For the decoction, which helps against dermatitis, you need 4 tablespoons of elderberry flowers and 500 ml of boiling water. Mix the ingredients, cover the infusion with a thick cloth and let it brew for 60 minutes. On the day of everything, half a glass of broth is drunk in small portions.

Infusions of elderberry are used for burns and pustular diseases. In a cup of water, add one dessert spoon of the ground fruits and boil for 20 minutes. Then they insist for about an hour.

How to cook elder syrup at home?

To do this, you need 1 kg of berries and half a liter of boiled water. The contents are put on the fire and cooked for 30 minutes. Then give him a little rest and squeeze the juice. After that sugar is added to the future syrup( about 1 kg).The resulting syrup of black elderberry should be stored in the refrigerator.

This preparation can be prepared without heat treatment. In this case, more useful substances will remain.

Reviews about syrup from black elderberry are very positive. Most users note its high efficiency. At the same time, a number of people say that they did not feel the action of the drug.

Thus, it can be said that syrup from black elderberry is a useful product containing a large number of vitamins and other valuable substances.