Tablets from stress and nerves: a list, reviews

Irritability, anxiety, fear, insomnia, experiences - with such phenomena every person faces. And sometimes, referring to a doctor with complaints of a headache or discomfort in the heart, you can hear: "It's nervous."And indeed it is. It's not for nothing that they say that all diseases are from nerves. Regardless of the status and type of activity, all people are under stress. To cope with such conditions help drugs. But how to choose the right pills for stress and nerves? To make it easier to make a choice, consider the most effective tools that have proven themselves.

pills for stress and nerves

Drug "Valerian Extract"

These are the most famous tablets from stress and nerves. They have been used since time immemorial. Therefore, it can be argued that this drug has been tested for time.

The drug has a sedative effect. At the same time, it exerts a mild effect on the body. The medicine perfectly fights with insomnia and helps to fall asleep. Medication is recommended for patients who have increased excitability, chronic stress.

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However, remember: the medicine "Valerian Extract" should not be taken for a long time. Because with such therapy it can provoke drowsiness and lethargy.

This drug is not recommended for use by people who are engaged in hazardous production. Do not take medicine for drivers. This remedy is not assigned to children younger than 3 years old.

pills from stress and nerves list

Medications on the basis of motherwort

Many people prefer phytopreparations. After all, their effectiveness is checked by our ancestors. This choice is supported by doctors. Because these drugs are well tolerated by the human body. In comparison with synthetic counterparts, they rarely cause negative reactions.

However, taking such pills from stress and nerves, one should take into account one nuance. Phytopreparations differ in the cumulative effect. In other words, their effect will appear in 1-2 weeks after the start of treatment.

The tablets were excellent:

  • "Motherwort extract";
  • "Motherwort-P";
  • "Motherwort Forte".

They have a good soothing effect. The main component is able to reduce pressure, reduce tachycardia. These funds are prescribed to people with neurasthenia, neurosis, high excitability.

If you compare drugs on the basis of Leonurus with drugs, the main component of which is valerian, then the first 3-4 times more effective than the second.

pills for stress and nerves afobazol

These medications are contraindicated:

  • during pregnancy;
  • for children under 12 years;
  • in case of individual sensitivity;
  • people with low blood pressure;
  • for cholelithiasis.

Drug "Persen"

This product also applies to phytopreparations. After a tablet of stress and nerves "Persen" contain plant components. As well as other drugs that are part of this group, almost do not have contraindications.

The medication contains a mixture of valerian, mint and lemon balm. This remedy is recommended to be taken with irritability, increased excitability, anxiety. The drug is able to normalize sleep. In addition, the tablet has a slight hypotensive effect.

Do not resort to therapy with Persen:

  • under reduced pressure;
  • cholangitis;
  • of cholelithiasis;
  • pregnancy;
  • baby feeding.

pills from stress and nerves of anxiety depression

Novo-Passit drug

This medicine contains 7 plant extracts and guaifenesin is an excellent anti-anxiety agent. Such pills from stress and nerves effectively fight with irritability, fatigue. They are able to cope with the mild stage of insomnia. The drug is recommended for admission to people who for a long time are in a state of emotional stress( the so-called manager's syndrome).

The drug is capable of provoking side effects. Sometimes patients experience dizziness. Some people experience reduced concentration of attention.

The main contraindications for taking Novo-Passit tablets are:

  • age to 12 years;
  • muscle weakness;
  • pregnancy.

Only according to the doctor's prescription can you take medicine for patients who are diagnosed with:

  • ailments of the digestive tract;
  • brain injury;
  • epilepsy.

tablets from stress and nerves tenoten

Medication "Tenoten"

The medicine is a representative of homeopathic remedies. A distinctive feature of such drugs is the content in them of ultra-small doses of active substances. The therapeutic effect is gradually increasing. Due to its low concentration, the drug has a minimum of side effects.

In addition, the homeopathic remedy, unlike the above medicines of vegetable origin, does not cause drowsiness during the day and does not affect the concentration of attention. However, the course of therapy with such drugs is long, usually about 3 months.

Tablets from stress and nerves "Tenoten" normalize the patient's psychoemotional background. They provide an increase in stress resistance, stimulate efficiency. In addition, they significantly improve mental activity.

The drug is not recommended for pregnant women and people who are sensitive to its components.

Drug "Afobazol"

The modern drug, which allows to stop anxiety and fears, has no analogues. After all, most anti-stress medications depress the central nervous system. Tablets from stress and nerves "Afobazol" do not exert such influence. The medicine stimulates the natural mechanism of the functioning of the nervous system. Thanks to this effect, the body finds the strength to withstand stress.

The medication perfectly removes the nervous tension, it stops the anxiety syndrome. These are excellent pills for stress and nerves, anxiety, depression.

pills for stress and nerves

They are effective for a variety of manifestations of ailments:

  • nervousness;
  • worry;
  • sensation of anxiety;
  • presence of negative thoughts;
  • of deep concern;
  • excessive irritability;
  • causeless fears;
  • inability to relax;
  • severe sleep disorders;
  • baseless premonitions of trouble.

It is not recommended to administer the medicine to people under the age of 18 years. Contraindicated medication for pregnant and lactating mothers. People who do not tolerate lactose should also refrain from using this medication.

During treatment with Afobazol, manufacturers advise against taking alcohol-containing drinks.

In addition to the above mentioned tools, other equally effective pills for stress and nerves can be used.

List of drugs

Many effective medicines have been developed, ranging from harmless plant, homeopathic remedies and ending with "heavy artillery".As a rule, the last medicines are given according to prescriptions. This helps to protect the population from the abuse of strong medicines and, consequently, from negative consequences.

pills from stress and nerves reviews

Drugs that are effective enough to get rid of the effects of stress and depression are:

  • "Glycine";
  • "Notta";
  • "Magne-B6";
  • Adonis-Brom;
  • Grandaxin;
  • "Magnetrans";
  • "Phenazepam";
  • "Magnelis-B6";
  • "Fenibut";
  • "Clonazepam".

Reviews of people

Now consider the opinions of patients. What do they recommend taking pills for stress and nerves?

Reviews of people are quite diverse. Some patients claim that medications on the basis of the motherwort have a good effect on the body, but it is weak enough.

The drug "Persen" is popular. People testify to the excellent soothing effect of this drug.

No less effective is the drug "Novo-Passit".But unfortunately, this tool has contraindications. Therefore, it is not always possible to use it.

There are many reviews about Afobazol tablets. In general, people position this drug as an excellent tool that can relieve the negative symptoms of depression. However, there are also conflicting opinions. Some people argue that the pills, which were taken for their own purpose, worsened the condition.

In analyzing the reviews, the conclusion suggests the following. To drugs from stress have the most favorable effect and do not harm your health, you should take them only on the advice of a specialist.